Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng Spoof “The World of the Married”

In 2016, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kevin Cheng‘s (鄭嘉穎) romance blossomed on the set of TVB drama Blue Veins <殭>, and since then, the public has watched their relationship grow. From their time as boyfriend and girlfriend to when they became husband and wife, and eventually the parents of two boys – Rafael (鄭承悦) and Yannick (鄭承亮) – the couple has generously flaunted their love publicly. In the past, they have attended many promotional events together, and recently, they collaborated on their first joint commercial, spoofing Korean drama The World of the Married for a shampoo ad.

The pair of lovers both shared the ad on their respective Instagram accounts, and in the commercial, Kevin introduces a shampoo to Grace after she discovers that she’s losing hair. Putting a humorous spin on it, the two parodied Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon, the actors who played a couple in popular Korean drama The World of the Married. Grace and Kevin reenacted several bits, including an iconic scene where Grace had to reveal her long legs in a bathrobe while Kevin held up one of them.

Grace wrote, “I was wondering if anyone watched the popular drama The World of the Married? The most memorable scene was when the woman found a piece of hair on the man that did not belong to her! But our version is not the same. When I was carrying our first child, I was losing hair, which made me very worried (I bet a lot of mothers can understand)! But after having experience, I learned more about hair protection with my second child! From looking at my husband’s expression, you should know that losing hair is nothing to be scared of!”

To play along with the promotion of the shampoo, Kevin responded, “Don’t be scared, my wife! Losing hair? I have a solution!”

Many netizens were very excited to see the couple film a commercial together. Some commented, “Mr. and Mrs. Cheng should film dramas together” and “So sweet! It would be so amazing to see you both film the Hong Kong version of The World of the Married.”

Alongside their fans, many of their friends from the industry also complimented the final production. Selena Lee (李施嬅) jokingly commented on Kevin’s post, “It looks like you are trying to make her drink [the shampoo]!”

Check out the ad below:

Source: SkyPost

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  1. Wow! KC is getting older or what and the makeup didn’t help him much here. I guess when you have a much younger wife it’s slightly more noticeable too. ahhaa lol….

    1. @tiffany
      I bet she only entered the circle to get to Kevin who is her idol. She dreamed of marrying him and her wish came true. That does not happen often at all. That is why she never cared to try to improve her acting. She entered the circle for the attention and all that other stuff. She never had the passion, skills or ability to act well.

  2. Grace can’t even gett spoofing right. Can’t even manage to do a cheeseburger job beside her husband, who happens to be a decent enough actor.

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