Grace Chan Envisions a Future With Kevin Cheng

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Grace Chan Envisions a Future With Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) are not letting their 21-year age difference block their way to love and happiness. The two started secretly dating after filming Blue Veins <殭>, and their relationship has since been flourishing. The 24-year-old Miss Hong Kong winner fell for Kevin’s patience and charisma as he constantly provided her with acting tips.

Grace happily gushed, “I really like his straightforward personality and his ability to form quick judgments. For example, should I get ice cream or a popsicle stick? He’s great at helping me make decisions! I really need someone like that, since I tend to be indecisive. He’s also a very caring man, and would slowly teach me how to act out certain scenes. When I’m afraid that my poor acting would affect others, he would comfort me and tell me that no one would blame me.”

In terms of their large age difference, in which the media refers to as a “parent-child relationship”, Grace expressed, “I don’t think there’s any distance between us. One of my psychology professors once told us that opposites attract, but I didn’t believe him at the time. Now, I finally realized that it’s true. When someone tells me something I don’t know about, my curiosity increases. Kevin has a lot more experience, and he knows a lot about things I don’t. Each day, it adds a tinge of freshness to our relationship.”

When it comes to love, Grace is definitely not fooling around or only devoted to a short-term relationship. She believes it is important that she is able to envision a future with her boyfriend. “It should be long-term, because why else would I want to date? Relationships shouldn’t be toyed with. I saw my friends argue and break up with their partners due to tiny matters, and I wonder why they can’t just try to understand each other and reconcile.”

Grace added that jealousy has powerful negative effects in a relationship, and she has witnessed couples around her break up due to such reasons. Therefore, she believes it is extremely important to have faith in Kevin. Grace expressed, “I see that he is extremely professional towards his career. So what if he chats with other girls? We both have friends of opposite genders. I can also better understand his personality by observing his interactions with other people. I know he is not the playboy type, and I definitely trust him!”

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  • 14 comments to Grace Chan Envisions a Future With Kevin Cheng

    1. kangaroo says:

      I somehow like this couple

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    2. says:

      Gosh, can’t imagine dating someone 10 years older let alone 24? What she describe can be any senior helping a junior colleague but hey I u.s the guy wants a young woman if he still has kids but her? Hope the infatuation / idol worship / daddy complex doesn’t happen.

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    3. freedalas says:

      I am so glad that this great looking couple relationship is flourishing. Put to the rest all the moronic comments about their age difference being a hindrance. Kevin and Grace – the two of you are indeed an inspiration. Just the opposite of Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li with their fake love that hinges only on materialism.

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      • coralie replied:

        @freedalas what’s your problem? Are you jealous of WCL or Leanne Li? You’re saying as long as the couple look matched, then it’s a great couple. What if Grace has daddy issues? What if Kevin is a pedophile? They’re both looking for what they want but there are still issues with why they want what they want. Maybe LL is looking for a hubbie that knows how to take care of her and WCL is looking for a sweet, good looking wife. They also got what they wanted in each other, just that there are issues with how ppl see them. Bottom line, nobody cares if they look mismatched cus they get what they want with each other.

        I personally don’t like this GC and KC couple because I know how wretched it is for a couple to flourish with this great age disparity. When she’s 50, still an active older age, he’ll be 70+. By then a guy will have loads of health issues that the younger party may not want to deal with. And it’ll just make working out a relationship that much harder. Look at Marco Ng and his wife and you have your prime example.

        Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
        • rika replied:

          @coralie Just like the Japanese singer, Takahashi George and his wife whom he has a 24 years age gap. She left him because he became too possessive. It is not strange if the older party feels the need to exert control because the younger one still has options if she wants to leave.

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        • coralie replied:

          @rika exactly. I know guys who get really insecure with their younger wives the older they get. Unless they happen to be filthy rich, the chances of their women finding someone else is higher.

          Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
        • anon replied:

          @coralie @freedalas

          Why do you even bother wasting your time with freedalas? It’s evident her views are flawed, and she’s too stubborn to even notice it. Let her live out her miserable life. It doesn’t affect us at all.

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    4. prettyjen says:

      @coralie: my Dad is 20 years older than my Mom. She takes a very good care of him. The reason: she loves him. My Aunt is the same age as my Uncle ad she’s very tired of taking of my sick Uncle because she herself needs someone to be taken care of. It doesn’t matter if she’s much younger than him. The most important thing in a relationship is: love, trust,respect, communication and commitment.

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      • coralie replied:

        @prettyjen you’re right prettyjen. It’s about the individuals involved in the relationship and how much they can tolerate each other despite setbacks. However I can personally tell you that marrying a man that much older isn’t an ideal situation. And just like how economical problems can make and break a relationship, that’s how I feel also about the age difference. It’s not as if every guy is donnie yen and is still active after a certain age and can take care of himself. Therefore the bulk of caretaking falls on the wife…and not many can deal with it. Just cause it works out between your parents, doesn’t mean it’s the rule.

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    5. janet72 says:

      KC is in his 40s…has played the field long enough. Grace is in her prime. if this couple has children, grace will not only have to look after the kids and her aged husband in 10 years time.

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    6. shimmerstars says:

      I dont see this relationship lasting for that long ! Grace is still young and new to the entertainment industry and is learning alot from Kevin. Kevin however has been in the industry way longer, and its evident he is looking for someone way younger to be with, but are they marriage material – i dont think so.

      In terms of Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li. They have been together for long time, not much age gap but they have their religion, faith and trust that has created such a strong bond. They are definitely what you call ” opposite attracts”.

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    7. alien says:

      It is actually true that age gap does create a barrier for the relationship or might not work in the long run… Like many said, the younger one might end up being a caregiver when the older partner ages. However, if both are willing to compromise and make the relationship work I don’t see the problem. Dating someone with similar age does not means that it would all goes smoothly or prevents them from being a caregiver… Let’s say would you rather date someone who is 30 years older than you and it’s true love or someone who is around the same age as you whom you can survive with but the feelings are mild? I’m not objecting about age gap challenges but well if the older partner is more mature and understanding perhaps it’s better than two children dating and getting married and get divorce because of “personality difference”.

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    8. ruomin02 says:

      i love them together 🙂

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    9. perfexto says:

      Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng! I would say this couple is just gonna end up miserable. It’s somewhat gonna last at least one year. Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow would be the best couple…….

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