Grace Wong in Car Accident on Father’s Day

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Grace Wong in Car Accident on Father’s Day

Grace Wong (王君馨) spent Father’s Day in the hospital. On their way to meet with Grace’s father to celebrate the holiday, Grace and her husband had a car accident. The couple was rushed by an ambulance to a hospital for immediate care. Afterwards, Grace posted on her Instagram, “Glad we’re still alive.”

Grace and her husband, Daniel, took a taxi to meet with their family for dinner at a restaurant. Suddenly, the taxi driver stepped on the pedal abruptly while on the highway. The car behind was caught by surprise and crashed into the taxi’s rear bumper.

The sudden collision threw Grace and Daniel off guard. Grace strained her chest, neck, and back, while Daniel hurt his neck and head. Fortunately, their injuries were minor and did not leave any serious conditions.

However, Grace and Daniel still checked into the emergency room to make sure. Grace said, “Within one hour, we got the doctor’s report and left our statements. We received our anti-inflammatory ointments and left. The doctor said our bones and nerves were fine; we just pulled our muscles. After proper rest, we’ll be fine. We were a big frightened after the car accident. But we’re calmer now and happy that we’re still alive.”

Unable to celebrate with her father due to the accident, Grace promised to make up for it another time.

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  1. cutie777 says:

    Poor thing.. hopefully they’re recovering soon.

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  2. bubbletea says:

    Thank heavens Grace and her husband are alright. Too bad she missed spending time with her dad on fathers day. However, I’m sure her dad is happy that his daughter and son-in-law are alive and walked away from the accident with minor injuries.

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  3. piggybjorn says:

    Wish both of you recovering soon. Bubbletea is correct, your daddy must be very grateful and happy enough that his children are alright

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