Gregory Lee’s Family Condemns Shirley Yeung As a Liar and Free-Loader

Appearing on The Scoop <東張西望>, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) failed to clearly explain the break-up situation with ex-boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪). With her face flooded with tears, Shirley’s responses in the interview were full of inconsistencies and failed to gain the sympathy of the audience. Expressing her interest to become a mother, Shirley allegedly took a nine-month leave of absence from TVB and did not explain where she will be going during the time frame.

Augustine Lee Blasts Shirley Yeung as a Free-Loader

Reporters were unable to reach Gregory for comment regarding the contents of Shirley’s interview. According to an inside source, Gregory watched Shirley’s television interview and his face was drenched in tears. When the paparazzi awaited in front of the Lee family’s apartment, they spotted Gregory’s elder twin brother, Augustine Lee (李泳漢), who was taking Gregory and Shirley’s dog for a walk.

When asked if Gregory knew about Shirley’s television interview, Augustine scolded, “Yes he knew. His mood was the same as the rest of the family: heart-broken. After the broadcast of Shirley’s interview, many friends called and felt injustice for Gregory. Since they were together for almost ten years, we do not understand why Shirley did not tell the truth and be fair to Gregory. Why did she continue to lie?”

Augustine indicated that he possessed evidence that Gregory was telling the truth. “I want to say that ‘paper does not cover fire.’ Everyone has eyes to see. I have evidence [that Gregory was telling the truth]. Whether the evidence is released is dependent upon Heaven’s will. Shirley told my brother that there was a third party and she was pregnant, thus asking for a break-up. I hope she is responsible for her own actions.  She asked for the split. When she came across problems, she blamed my brother [alluding that Shirley hinted that Gregory gave the inside scoop to the paparazzi, thus escalating media interest even prior to her public break-up announcement]. I am heartbroken that my brother was betrayed by the woman he loved. How come Gregory was blamed? She should come forth to acknowledge that she is pregnant with another man’s baby and not lie further!”

Allegedly, Shirley’s mother was dissatisfied that Shirley was more successful than Gregory. Augustine said angrily, “We live in Kowloon Tong, which is not an embarrassment. During the nine years that Shirley lived with us, Gregory took care of every aspect of her living arrangements. There was even a maid for Shirley to command. However, this may not satisfy her. An airplane and yacht are not forms of caring. I hope she can differentiate.”

When asked whether Shirley contributed to the living expenses while living with the Lee family, Augustine said with ridicule, “Not even a penny! All these years, she never even bought a moon cake for us!” Augustine swore that he spoke only the truth. “I am saving face for her. However, each time she continues to hurt my brother. I am only saying this because I want to clear Gregory’s name.”

Shirley’s new lover, Andy Ng, professed that someone was distorting the truth. Augustine said irritatedly, “The truth came out very early. What other truth is there? If he is a real man, he will come forward and talk about it. There is no need to shoot arrows in the dark. He wanted a woman to come forward. If he is a man, why did not not handle the situation himself? In the past, Gregory came forward and helped Shirley; many people saw that!” Augustine indicated that Gregory was extremely heart-broken and accompanied by his family, who were afraid he would commit a rash act [commit suicide].

Lee Ka Ding: “Shirley Asked My Son to Pick Up Feces and Urine!”

Hinting in The Scoop interview that Gregory may have been unable to take care of her, Shirley let go of their nine-year relationship. Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), was extremely angered by the contents of Shirley’s interview. Mr. Lee said, “She said they mutually agreed to break-up in February to March time frame. That’s [expletive] nonsense! She came to my house to play with the dog at that time and eat dinner together. During Gregory’s birthday in May, Shirley was there too! I dare say that they did not break-up at the time. On June 26th, she visited Gregory on the filming set to eat supper. She said he paid the bill. The next night, she came again. If they mutually agreed to break-up, why would I have dinner with them? Am I [expletive] crazy?”

Regarding Shirley’s free-flowing tears in her television interview, Mr. Lee scolded, “What is she best at? It’s crying, scolding, and ‘hanging herself.’ Didn’t she already find someone to take care of her? [In the interview], she said she wanted to find another man; so that would make three men in total? That’s total [expletive] rubbish!”

Mr. Lee cursed vehemently and said Gregory did not give the paparazzi the inside scoop regarding the break-up to the media prior to Shirley’s public announcement. Mr. Lee said, “If my son gave the inside scoop, I will fall and die on the street! I can swear one-hundred percent that Gregory did not give the scoop. They did not break-up at that point yet!”

While dating, Gregory and Shirley kept several dogs. Although Shirley declared that she loved the dogs as her own children, she did not take them with her after moving from the Lee’s apartment. Mr. Lee said, “She will definitely not want the dogs. All along, only Gregory took care of them. Gregory was responsible in picking up the dogs’ feces and urine Shirley only played with the dogs and never took care of them. Of course she wanted to keep one hundred dogs, since it only involved playing. However, I scolded Shirley, ‘My foolish son is taking care of the dogs for you!'”

Mr. Lee: “I Will Not Allow Gregory to Raise Shirley’s Baby!”

Regarding Shirley’s two-timing behavior, Mr. Lee said, “Fairness is evident in each person’s heart. I always tell Gregory, ‘Since she is framing you in such a manner, when the truth is exposed, she is the one without face!'”

In an earlier interview, Gregory claimed that he was willing to marry Shirley and raise her baby if she were to return to his side. Mr. Lee said, “If the baby was conceived prior to Shirley meeting Gregory and she is now dating my son, with a clear explanation, then I can accept it. However, the truth is not this way.  I can not accept it. If Gregory were to insist, I will not be happy and feel uncomfortable inside.”

Helping Gregory Stand On His Feet Again

Mr. Lee estimated that Gregory will need one year to fully recover from the break-up. Mr. Lee said, “This was Gregory’s first time dating. He was very immersed in the relationship and even planned on marriage. Unfortunately, this incident occurred. Of course, he received a big shock. I have to help him stand up again. Everyday, I urge him to let go. I do not allow him to drive to prevent any mishaps.” Regarding Shirley’s intention to take a nine-month leave of absence, Mr. Lee said, “Whatever she wants to do is none of my [expletive] business!”

Shih Ming: “Not Interested in Anything About Shirley”

Shirley claimed that both her parents and Gregory’s family knew that they had broken-up in her initial public announcement. Gregory’s mother, Shih Ming ((施明), claimed that she did not know they had broken-up. Only the involved parties knew the truth. Shih Ming supported her beloved son, Gregory, and was most concerned that his thoughts will wander negatively.

Shih Ming indicated that she especially paid careful attention to Gregory’s mood over the last several days. “I give him more time to get over this hardship. At this time, he needs people’s comfort and caring. I will try my best efforts to do so.” Regarding Shirley as a daughter-in-law in the past, Shih Ming indicated that she was disheartened about the recent developments. “I have stopped watching and reading the news. I don’t want to know anything about her. I am only concerned about Gregory’s emotional state and hope that he can resume normalcy again.”

Regarding rumors that Shirley took nine months leave of absence from TVB, Virginia Lok (樂易玲)  said, “Shirley did not take vacation from the company.”

Excerpt from and Appledaily

Jayne: The above translated article were excerpts from Orientaldaily and Appledaily and only included pertinent information to reduce repetition of already known facts. Just wanted to provide the reaction of Gregory’s family to Shirley’s interview, since Gregory did not respond to reporters’ calls.

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  1. So is she or is she not on leave? WHo else didn’t get the memo from Shirley?

    I can now understand the old man’s curses and anger. However uncouth to say all that the way he said it, I can understand his anger. If your son is accused as a big time lying weakling, of course as a father he will be that angry. I am just surprised Augustine is that emotional BUT I suspect the interview on TV will not be that dramatic. It may sound angry and all but I suspect he may have said it in a less dramatic way. They all seemed to be in shock as well. Perfectly understandable.

    But to say she didn;’t even buy them a mooncake is too much. Didn’t in the past they all said how good she is as a “daughter” to them? Or something like that?

    Again anger makes someone say silly things but in between those silly things are the truth. I think they’re all very very very hurt by her actions and then her words. Anyway what a close knit family. Good to know entire family is rallying behind Gregory.

    Now, what about Shirley? Surely she has friends who will defend her?

    1. I think they see her as one of their own, a family, and to have a family back stab the person you care about, such betrayal, again I can understand their anger. Now I am wondering what expletive did he use? Must watch this! Is this on TV?? Especially Augustine’s angry words?

      And my god, what big head he has!

    2. I dont think any of Shirleys friends will give a direct reply and standing by or supporting Shirleys behaviours, as this may mean picking sides and resultings in more arguments between the Lee family vs e-circle friends.

      I also found the ‘not even buying a mooncake’ comment a bit TOO harsh, really shows when one is angry , anything can come out of their mouth..

      1. Maybe she really didn;t even buy a mooncake? I hope shirley kept receipts

      2. Shirley’s always been known for being really frugal, so it’s not shocking if she really hasn’t bought the family a mooncake.

      3. You can’t really blame Augustine for commenting that Shirley “not even buying a moon cake”, he is saying that just to show his twin moral support. He is hurting just as bad to witness how Shirley is toying with his brother’s emotions at this stage.

      4. I believe them,,, coz my cousin, she save every penny she has,,, she live in my house for 3 months, and guess what? she don’t even buy a candy for my kids,,,

        she said she will move to her boyfriend’s apartment,,, she pay nothing,,, not even her own phone bill

      5. I think being frugal can be a good but also a bad thing as well… I think it is best to be somewhere in between. My cousin’s wife is really frugal too, but if she needs to give money or spend it, she will…

    3. I saw the interviews of his Lee Ka Ding & Augustine. Lee Ka Ding was really angry. Augustine was unhappy but still composed. Throughout the interview, he referred Shirley as Yeung Sze Ki which shows the unhappiness.

      The media is now painting Shirley as a materialistic woman who wants aeroplanes and yacht and doesn’t do anything whilst staying with them for the past 9 years.

      However, not buying a mooncake for the past 9 years is kinda weird, even a frugal person will try and show respect to future in laws by pleasing them.

      And a box of mooncakes from 5 star hotels aren’t that expensive anyway, I’m sure if she could buy so many dogs, mooncakes are cheaper.

      1. Who said she bought the dogs. Probably Gregory bought them for her to play.

    4. This clip show part of the interview with Augustine, but, not all. I do not know Augustine’s response is from many interviews join together or from the same interview but the interview was cut short in the clip. He soundsangry in the interview but not explosive. Still soft-spoken, but, you can sense his anger towards Shirley.

  2. yes she must stop lying,this girl really good act cry, remember karma will be come.

    1. yes, crying is just an act. How could we forget that she’s an actor? hahah After the break up news, I have no respect for her. I feel bad for Gregory.

  3. Well i guess it will make it easier for greg to let go, knowing her true colors. Why would you want to be with a woman who lies like a dog?

  4. Looking at Mr. Lee’s explosive and blunt behaviour, no wonder Shirley had to end her relationship with Gregory with the media. Shirley knows if she choose to break up wtih Gregory in person, she might ended up being scolded aggressively by his dad and probably humiliated by his parents too.

    I honestly dislike the comment from the elder Lee and Augustine, bad mouthing someone who dumped his son and brother over the media. They probably felt humiliated because Shirley did it infront of the public. Again, I may sound like I’m taking on Shirley’s side but if you think in her shoes carefully, dating someone like Gregory who’s still protected by his dad who is a senior in TVB with an explosive manner and Gregory was like someone who can give her a “future” in term of financially and security. To me, Gregory seems like a child in a man diguise which I personally have no issue with people like that but clearly Shirley should knwo the best of what type of person Gregory is.

    1. “Gregory is like someone who CAN’T give “future” to her in term of Financially and Security.”

    2. The old man was cussing a lot, true but I understand their anger. Why should they be gentle to a woman who not only publicly dumped his son/brother, but her purported new lover rubbed salt into wound as well with his weakling comments?

      1. If Shirley is innocent and what they said is not true about her, she can easily hold a press conference to deny. She can also easily deny her pregnancy, and even deny she with Andy Ng. Why she need to keep all the quiet for, all this quiet will not help her. But since she keep quiet then everyone have the rights to guess what ever they want about her.

      2. I agree with you Funn. I also understand how angry and mad his father and brother are. With his dad’s temper, how can he avoid not cussing and acting the way he does. Why should his dad and brother be nice and gentle to her after all that has been done??

      3. @LeilaFan,
        Totally agree with you. I have noticed through the years that in some cases, IF someone remains silent over such extreme “rumours” like being pregnant, it is actually true. The more she keeps quiet, the more people can guess and speculate and jump to conclusions. If the truth does come out eventually that she was indeed pregnant and has been with Andy all along, then I wonder how she can face the media and public???

    3. I can understand why his family members are so unhappy, apart from having to deal with a heartbroken son/brother, they are being betrayed by someone who has been with them for the past 9 years. A girl they looked upon as their future DIL/SIL, a family member. Who wouldn’t be angry?

      I believe they understand when there aren’t any feelings, people break up but to break up in this way and playing victim doesn’t seem right since Shirley contradicts what she says.

      If she really thought that breaking up with him with the media is better than in private, I’ll say she brainless. It’s worse than sending a sms/email/disappearing act.

    4. Well, Shirley didn’t only dump Greg publicly, but she cheated on him and lied about it. Andy Ng is a douche, and him rubbing salt on Greg’s wounds only exacerbates the pain the family is already suffering. What does she see in Andy? He’s obviously a douche.

      1. She did. Remember the announcement at the event which took everyone by surprise?

      2. How do we know Shirley cheated on George? Everyone, including myself are only peeping into the window and watching and reading what is fed to us…..The more I read about this drama the more I”m “Team Shirley”. I understand George is heartbroken and hurt by the breakup but for goodness sake, the relationship is over why carry on like Shirley is the only eligible female left on earth. George is piss weak in my eyes.

      3. Sammie, if Shirley indeed pregnant then she cheat on Greg, because at the time she still in a long term relationship with Greg and soon married Greg.
        Sammie, let just say your boyfriend about to married you, then you find out that he got another woman pregnant. Then it is cheating.
        Ofcourse, we don’t know if Shirley pregnant or not, time will tell us that. There report say she plans to take 9 months leave from TVB, time will also tell us if she leave 9 months or not.

      4. LeilaFan you made some very valid points. 🙂 If I was so unlucky to have my boyfriend give me the flick before we are too be married,(tough wood) I would be mad as hell of course but what is the point of airing my dirty laundries in public, playing the victim, dragging my family into the circus? If someone doesn’t want you, no matter what people say or do, they will not be coming back. It is foolish to be so desperate. My mother always told me the best revenge to an ex is to find happiness with someone else. An another from my wise mummy, “a person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. There is more fishes in the sea, if someone dumps you, there is always another person waiting somewhere.

      5. He seems to be recovering and it’s normal for him to feel sad when he gets betrayed like that.

        This makes me wonder if we can really trust the person that you trust most. Also you think that you have found true love only to get a big slap in the face LOL

      6. There’s a thin line between love and hate. The more you love them the more you will hate them for hurting you as you would have moved the sky and earth for them.

        Go Gregory!

      7. Yup, time will tell some(maybe not all)truth…Then we will all know if Shirley did cheat and if she is pregnant or not. About this Andy guy, I think there is some truth to it… I feel that if any “rumour” reoccurs too much then there is a higher chance of it being true…

      8. I also wanted to add that unless the rumour is way too ridiculous to be true…

    5. Mr. Lee is simply being himself. Nothing wrong with that. As as outsider, I also feel the pain that Gregory is going through. If I am Greg’s sister, I would do the same for hurting my brother. I am not going to hide my true feelings toward a liar nor the media. I think having another guy’s baby is more shameful than speaking the truth about a cheap w****, right?

    6. umm that’s exactly right she brought the media frenzy by announcing her breakup so if you watch her interview she says reporters were already following her umm ok doesnt make sense if you think about it…she should have just kept her mouth shut and have her baby in china where her new man is
      and shirley is a very smart girl

  5. Augustine said angrily, “We live in Kowloon Tong, which is not an embarrassment. During the nine years that Shirley lived with us, Gregory took care of every aspect of her living arrangements. There was even a maid for Shirley to command. However, this may not satisfy her. An airplane and yacht are not forms of caring. I hope she can differentiate.” ——– I support you Augustine, Shirley lucky woman, at least she have a maid for her to command. Hahahaha!!!!!!! My husband have to be the maid role, cooking, and washing and cleaning the house, since we so poor to get a maid, LOL!!!!!!!

    1. I wonder what Shirley did if she did not do anything around the house? Do you help your husband with the housework LeilaFan?? I think that husband and wife should share the chores if you both work. If the wife stayed home then she should do it.

      1. Me and my husband we both work. I am a lousy cook, and he cooks much better than me so he always cook. He cleans the house and wash clothes, because he feels that he can do a better job than me. My husband is a picky man, he thinks he do the best job in the housework, he wants things around the house his way. So vaccum, clean toilet, cooking, washing he all do.
        He did all this stuff for his family when he young, from taking care his brothers and help cook for his parents. So I guess his habbit has not change even when he grown and married.
        I want to help him do housework, but my husband habbits use to have everything around the house his ways. He said I not do it good enough, I don’t want to argue with him, so I just let him do everything around the house. BUt I have to go to work to help pay the bills, and play with my son.
        Rich men can hire a maid, or even have airplane to take you around. We poor, so the money to hire maid we have to use it to pay bills instead.
        I don’t know if you believe in fate, but I do. Sometimes it fate who you married. Sure we all have our prince charming dreams, but reality is harsh, dreams are dreams, not everyone can have what they dream.

  6. Among the three family members, imo the mum Shih Ming has the best response 😉

  7. luckly ray breakup with her, if not will be pain feeling.

  8. After seeing that Andy Ng picture (waiting to confirm if this is really Andy Ng) but if he really is, then I don’t know what Shirley see in him beside money.
    Even the way he looks at Shirley is pervert and disrepect way. Also seem like the type of husband who will boss their woman around, maybe he thinks his money can order women around.
    But money is not everything, I really hope he treats Shirley well.
    Reposting the link here:
    Waiting to confirm if this guy is Andy, I really hope not, terrible looking.

    1. looks is no an issue for gold-diggers “cash is king”. What i don’t understand is that a rich guy won’t find himself someone better than Shirley. Sure there are lots of much better looking girls out there since he knows that she most likely is only with him for his money.

      1. Maybe he likes challenge since Shirley have a long term relationship with Greg. Smart gold digger will try to get the rich man to married her, at least when she divorce she get half of his asset. Hopefully there no prenuptial or ele she could end up with no money from him.
        If you see this guy picture from the link above then he looks lazy, cocky, aggorant, not even show any respect for Shirley. As a woman like Shirley, I really hope he treats her well and stay faithful to her.
        We all have our bottom line when it come to money, and if I have to choose married a man like Andy Ng, I rather go back to the old days and work like a dog in Xian, at least I have my dignity with me at night when I sleep.

      2. @exoidus,

        Although Shirley isn’t beautiful, I’ve always thought she was very cute. I dare say she’s probably one, if not, the cutest MHK winner. But that Andy dude isn’t handsome either and he got more than he deserved already.

      3. @ LeiaFan: If this guy is Andy, maybe he isn’t a good looking guy but he doesn’t have tail or green skin or else. His action in the picture is quite normal? Don’t need to exaggerated like “I rather go back to the old days and work like a dog in Xian”.

        What’s up if the guy isn’t Andy?

      4. Fox, I was not exaggerated, it is how I feel. This picture of Andy seem cocky, aggorant, pervert, lazy by the way he sit, he acts like he is king. Ofcourse I was just go by the pictures.
        I said, I go back to Xian and work like a dog. I did NOT call Andy a dog, there is a big difference here. If that is how I feel then that is how I feel. We all have our viewpoints and opinions.

      5. @christelle

        well she is getting older so her cuteness will fade away so if that Andy guy is attracted to her cuteness then he will def. dump her.

      6. @Exoidus,
        I think that cuteness is more than just looks which is why in a sense being cute is in some ways above being pretty. Being pretty more or less pertains to looks more while being cute can include personality and other factors rather than just looks. People even said that my 100 year old grandma was cute due to the way that she acted.
        I totally agree with you that if that Andy guy is only attracted to her physical looks(even though she isn’t that great),then he will dump her as her looks will fade with time. If he does dump her, then that is karma…I wonder if she will ever find someone that loved her like Greg did??? I guess some people just don’t know what to enjoy and cherish what they have until it is gone…

      7. @HTS

        I guess you are right about cuteness. Maybe that Andy guy fell for her personality or just the challenge of having someone in a relationship.

        If Greg. takes her back when she gets dumped then his father will die LOL

      8. I don’t find her cute or pretty…she has hole on the left side of her cheek!

      9. I never thought isabelle leong was pretty… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      10. @P, its a dimple 🙂 lol. Some even do plastic surgery to get a dimple!

      11. @LeilaFan: Then wat’s up if the guy isn’t Andy?

    2. Is that really Andy or not?? How do you for sure that it is him??? We already thought that that other guy was Andy and he wasn’t. If that is him, then I guess all he has is status and money since he doesn’t seem to have the looks either. In terms of personality, I think we all sort of have an idea…

  9. Begining to dislike Shirley.. Anyway.. she does protray to me a materialistic person in her movies. To me.. just face the truth & dont blame others. If she wants to end it, then just move on & go. Don’t drag other ppl into the water. What benefit does she get ? I hope her so called new found lover can consider all these before accepting her.. And words for Greg : Forget abt her.. not worth crying for someone like tat.. You should deserve a better girl. Many girls likes a ” cheong ching ” guy..

    1. I agree with you.
      For Greg: “Time will heals everything, you don’t need to dwell over this, she is not worth it. There many girls out there I sure who would love to married you. Look at China, most the men in China are labor workers and they poor but they still have wife. Look at all the “nong min gong” workers in China, still have wife. You are an actor, there other women out there for you. You did your best, provide Shirley a “maid” for her to command, also pick up dog poo for her while she play with the dog, you are a good boyfriend. My husband don’t even have enough money to hired me a maid, but I’m still with him. My white American friend date her boyfriend whom is a “struggle writer” and guess what, she plans to spend the rest of her life with him. So with what you have, there many women out there for you.”

  10. well her career at TVB is over and she will now become a fulltime housewife and raise the baby. just a matter of time before that andy guy will leave her for someone much more attractive.

    1. Rofl agree with you. Her career and image already flopped and now she can only be a housewife to Andy and maybe wait until Andy find a new prettier girlfriend of some other guy

      1. i haven’t seen her in any series this year before the whole breakup incident. Do you know why she’s frozen?

      2. She is frozen because of the relationship with Gregory.

  11. I normally don’t take sides at all. I don’t believe what the tabloids write, so I never really believed Nick or Cecilia, Bernice or Moses. But this time, I believe Gregory. Seeing his crying face seriously breaks my heart. Can you see how puffy his face gets after crying. You can’t fake that without real emotions. In contrast, Shirley’s crying in the video makes me cringe. It’s just so evident who’s the wrong one here. I guess this is why the Hong Kong audience takes Gregory’s side, because Shirley’s story is just so flawed. I hope he gets over it. It will be so hard though. First love? And 9 years at that. Like his brother says, I just hope he doesn’t think of committing suicide. Throwing his life away for a woman who doesn’t treasure him is not worth it.

    I don’t understand why Shirley would choose money over such a devoted guy. Maybe one day we’ll finally know the truth.

  12. To Greg: It’s good to let go asap. One day when you’ll know that letting go of the “pain” is the best choice. Men like you is hard to find nowadays. Keep it up,be patience and I’m sure you can overcome it 🙂

  13. Frankly, I’m now curious of Andy. He is hidden in the dark, only provides something on weibo (anyone have link to his weibo?) and leave everything go Gregory and Shirley.

    Then, I’m thinking if Andy is truly the new bf of Shirley and the father of her kid (if it’s true) or not.

    Hmm, the Lee family’s comment towards Shirley is harsher and harsher.

    1. I also wonder about this “Andy” guy… Does he even exist??? I wonder why he is not man enough to come forward to confirm anything??

  14. I trust Lee Ka Ding’s words. He seems to be a very straightforward man. But, I have reservations on whether he did say those words. This article is from Oriental Daily and Apple Daily after all. Not the most reputable dailies.

    If Shirley never even buy then a mooncake in all the 9 years dating Gregory and have Greg took care of all her dogs, why did Lee Ka Ding say she’s a good daughter in-law last time?

    Btw, here’s Gregory’s response to the interview (check out the video). He seems to have calmed down and not as emo as before.

    The article also said Andy Ng is an ex-national diver and there’s a side view picture of him. Eh, not a rich businessman anymore?

    1. Andy’s personal info is making me feel more and more curious. Who is really Andy?

    2. Uhm I guess that: When everything is good, the view will be good. It turned bad, the view also turned bad.

    3. Kidd, thanks for the video link. What’s with those animated re-enactments though? LOL. As harsh as the dad’s words are, I do believe he is telling the truth. He probably didn’t need to give too much details, but I understand their anger.

      1. Thanks for the link kidd! But I can’t play it somehow… I agree that his dad may sound really mad and all, but I do believe that he is telling the truth. He seems like someone very frank and straight forward. I can also understand his family’s anger towards Gregory…

      2. I meant to say his family’s anger towards “Shirley”.

  15. Maybe he was diver before, now stop and he have business.

    1. And maybe he said she is good daughter in law because he see how much his son loves Shirley, at the time they still together so ofcourse Greg’s father won’t say bad things about her.

  16. Greg. dad is very fiere how come Greg. himself is such a soft person? maybe because his dad has such a strong personality. Would be funny if Greg. was more like his dad and bithslap Shirley for cheating on him LOL

    1. It is love, love make people blind. Now seem like money will make people blind, LOL!
      Greg twin brother seem to be stronger, he really speak out about what going on during the time Shirley stay with them.
      If I was Shirley I be very happy, have a husband pick up dog poo for me, hire me a maid to command, let me live in the house for free, take me to eat for free, free, free, free!
      Let just say that Shirley married Greg, I sure Greg won’t let she suffer, I sure their kids will go to decent school and have decent life.
      Sure he cannot buy her an airplane, so are 3/4 of the world population cannot buy their wife airplane and guess what, they still accept fate and continue live life.

      1. People have become more reality oriented i.e. love is important but money is even more important.

        The funny thing is that she found out after so long. I would respect her if she just told us the truth that she dumped Greg. because he wasn’t earning enough or have enough ambition to get rich. So when a rich dude knock on her door she planned to get him knock her up to bind him hehe.

        History have told us that gold-diggers that marry only for money will be dumped eventually.

      2. Love should be more important. Luckily now there is prenuptial agreement, tell those gold digger to sign it, if she truely loves you and not money, she will sign the prenupt. Here in USA so many prenupt are sign each yer.
        Well this Andy guy still hiding, not publicly announce Shirley his girlfriend or wife yet. So this is Shirley lost, if she pregnant, I really hope Andy married her.
        Andy, Andy where are you? Be a man and step out accept it or deny it.
        Some fans are still cannot believe this and think it a publicity stunt. I think it got TOO far to be a publicity stunt.

      3. Love should be more important than money, but in today’s world, money seems to be more important than anything. It is so sad that our world is becoming so materialistic. Even when I listen to the religious sermons given by the monks on video, I have noticed that they don’t mention much about doing good deeds and being a good person,but they repeat over and over again to make donations to them… Goodness, even people that claim to give up wealth and other worldy pleasures seem to embrace money and power more than we all do…What has our world become??

      4. @LeilaFan: Do you feel tired with “here in USA this and that”? Please rmb that Shirley and Gregory are living in HK, not US.

      5. Fox, this is a online discussion. We are here discussion our viewpoints and opinions. If you do not like to read what I write, you can just skip it.
        Just like there others members in here who share stories of their family, brothers, sisters, etc.. and if you do not like it, just skip it. And to answer your question, No I don’t feel tire.
        There a link here post of the Shirley in Mingpao 2226 today!
        You can read it, in there have pictures and talks about Andy.
        What if this guy is not Andy, well I will answer your question when the “what if” answer become true that the guy is NOT Andy.

      6. Then you bash this guy (not Andy) for what? To call him lazy or crocky or arrogant or else, but he isn’t Andy?

        Because here is an open discussion, I don’t ignore what you said. However, in USA this and that dun work to Shirley and Gregory because they are not in US, just that.

      7. Fox, how do you know he is not Andy? You don’t know, I don’t know. Right now no confirmation yet.
        I don’t bash him, I just said what I feel based on the picture of him sitting on the chair. That was all, I saw a picture of a seem to be lazy man sitting on a chair, so I say he seem lazy.
        Hong Kong and USA have freedom of speech. I did not curse, I did not threatening, I simply said what I feel from seeing his pictures. So yes, from the photo, he seem lazy, cocky, aggogant.
        Even if that photo is not Andy, I still say the same things based on the picture I see.
        There other members in here who say that guy in the picture is lazy too, why don’t you go ask them. You just have a problem with me because my viewpoints are not same as yours. But this is an online dicussion, no need to get upset at what stranger post, you don’t like it, just ignore it.

      8. I misread you in “What if this guy is not Andy, well I will answer your question when the “what if” answer become true that the guy is NOT Andy.” that you said the guy isn’t Andy. That’s why I answer you that don’t bash the guy because he isn’t Andy.

        However, it dun affect a fact that you judge a person by the look only. Do you feel it’s kinda unfair to the man? He is Andy or not, he shouldn’t be bashed like this just because of a picture where he did a very normal action: Sit in a chair. I blv that you can find a thousand of men who sis like this. Don’t tell me that your husband always sits in the chair in a ready-to-go gesture.

        I told you about your overaction of “USA this that” because you can’t force US life to HK life. Both have different lifestyle. They are in HK, so if you want to consider their thinking and lifestyle, you should think of Asian lifestyle more than the US life.

        And upset? Lol, why I have to be upset?

        I don’t mind your opinion is different to mine, I just want you to re-consider twice when you are talking about the lifestyle. Everywhere is different.

      9. My husband doesn’t sit like that.
        Yes, you right everywhere lifestyle is different. Even in HK, most of the population don’t make $30,000 HKD a month like Gregory, and they still married with kids.
        Shirley, she is a movie star, so ofcourse she have her high class needs more than normal citizens, this is understandable.
        As for Andy, doesn’t matter who he is. I just wish he would married Shirley and treats her good. Because all this scandal hurts Shirley image alot, and if he loves her then take responsibility, since he does play a part in this Shirley’s break up situation.
        And as for the pregnancy, sure she deny it, but who knows, there others actresses who deny their pregnant at the begining anyways. This only time will tell us, and how well Andy treats her, time will tell us too.
        I don’t judge anyone on looks, becasue I, myself is not even beautiful, LOL!! I just say based on the photos, he “seem” be to lazy. Ofcouse he lazy or not, good or bad, only people know him in real life knows that. As for Shirley, she made her choice and admit he is her BF, if she make a right choice and he treats her with respect then good for Shirley. If Andy not treats her good, then she only have herself to blame, since it her life, her choice.
        Notice I write with “If” and “seem” in my statement. So it is not an insult. In life, we can choices for ourself only, we cannot make choices for anyone. We can comments and say how we feel, but at the end it Shirley life, her life, her choice.

    2. Greg’s brother sounds fierce like his dad. Maybe Greg is a soft person following his mum?

      1. I have noticed that even with looks, his brother looks more like his dad while I think he looks more like his mom. In terms of personality, it seems that way too…

    3. Because his dad and bro aren’t the one who love(d) Shirley?

  17. Seriously the Lee family needs to move on and get over themselves. Their son was dumped by a woman who did not wish to be in the relationship anymore. It does not matter if the father huffs and puffs, Shirley isn’t going to run back to Georgie boy. FFS, the Lee family is starting to piss me off. Relationships come and go, why is the family whinging, THE RELATIONSHIP IS OVER AND SHIRLEY IS SMART ENOUGH TO GET OUT.. I’m a so over this damn drama. George Lee should grow some balls and move on.

    1. The Lee family,they are just response back to what Shirley on her interview with TVB.
      Shirley is smart? LOL!!!!!!! If she is pregnant with Andy and this Andy guy have not even step out to confirm she is his girlfriend yet, this Andy guy not even confirm he will married her. I wonder how smart is Shirley?
      A smart women want to married a rich man, she should make sure he married her first, that is a smart woman.
      Certainly she is not smart now handling this break up situation. The more Shirley not deny, it only keep people guessing.

      1. The pregnancy is all speculations. Hmmm, in western countries, having a baby with a rich man is a meal ticket for any gold diggers. Remember Jackie Chan’s former girlfriend who had his daughter? Famous, rich Americans and Australian sportsmen are a magnets to gold diggers. (I’m ABC, Australian Born Chinese by the way so living in the best of both worlds, the East and the West) …. Anyway, I think when a relationship ends it ends. The way the Lee family is carrying on is embarrassing. Their son got dumped, yes he’s hurt but things happen and they should just move on. If Shirley had done George wrong, maybe karma will bite her on the bum but until them, the Lee family should just shushhh up. 🙂

      2. Get pregnant is not the key to get a rich man. In fact the top 10 gold digger Hong Kong actress actually married the millionair/billionair first then have children. Michelle Reise are well know to be the gold digger, but she didn’t have children with any of them, until she married her rich current husband.
        If Shirley is really pregnant, then she not a very smart gold digger, as in the way she do things with her actions.
        Hong Kong have freedom of speech, Shirley can interview by TVB, then the Lee’s family have the rights to do their own interview too. Don’t be so protective of Shirley, it only make it seem like she have something to hide.

      3. Nah I’m not being protective of Shirley, not even a fan of hers, she isn’t what I call pretty and don’t get me started on her acting. 🙁 The only reason I’m vocal on here, is that I do believe a person has rights to end a relationship if their heart or mind isn’t there. There is always two sides to the story. Everyone on here is either jumping on the George wagon or Shirley bashing. As far as I’m concerned, their drama dominates this website so there is not much I can do but read and comment. Wish we were talking about the hot Korean actor who is currently in Hong Kong or someone remotely pretty then this boring break up.

      4. @ Sammie

        I’m curious. Do you purposely rename Gregory for some reason or you really mistaken his name? I notice that you called Gregory ‘George’ in all you comment.

      5. Gregory/Greg sounds so old fashion..I can work more with George as in Georgie boy. 🙂 Pathetic yes, but it is the only that keeps me amused apart from getting bored reading about them..

      6. @ Sammie

        You do have a choice not to read them if you are bored.

      7. @Sammie, The Lee family does not want Shirley back… they merely want her to give a clear explanation to Gregory and to not make lies about what really happened.

    2. I think they are just responding to the interview given by Shirley and I don’t find anything wrong with that. Also, this drama is still not over yet because everyone is still wondering if Shirley is pregnant or not. IF she is, some of the things that she said were lies…

    1. Thank you so much, I cannot understand Cantonese well enough, but I can read the subtitle. I certainly believe the Greg’s father and Greg’s brother.

    2. Kidd,
      Thanks for the Appledaily link. I cannot believe Apledaily even made an animation of the “break-up” scenario and maid situation!

      1. I noticed they drew a very-looking Filipina maid. How are they so sure that the maid is of that ethnicity?

    3. Wow, thanks for the video kidd. My Cantonese isn’t so great but I can still read the subtitles… I think many of the maids in HK are from the Phillipines so they just assume that she is Filipino.

  18. I am not siding on either one but from the news and videos, can see that Shirley is hiding a lot of things and she is faking the crying and tears in the interview. I understand why Gregory’s dad and brother were so angry. Who wouldn’t be angry and want to voice out when someone who not only hurt your loved one/s so badly but also betrayed and telling lies. I would do the same too to speak out for my family member if they were being hurt this way. Who wouldn’t do so if their own family members are being hurt this way? Who wouldn’t be angry? It’s not about whether Mr Lee has explosive or blunt behavior or not that is why Shirley is leaving Gregory. If this is one of the reason Shirley is leaving, then she should have left many years ago and not waited until after 9 years of being together. It is about the way Shirley handles the whole break up. If she wants to break up, that’s fine but not cheating the person she is with and if she already did it, then she needs to at least tell Gregory the truth. Gregory definitely deserves a truthful explanation from Shirley. Not that i am siding Gregory, again, can see from her interview at scoop that she is not genuine. If she has another guy and is pregnant, then just tell the truth and not coming out to public and say no when being asked and saying she has broken up few months back already.
    Shirley is not married and yes, she has a choice to choose who she wants if she realises the person she was with (Gregory) is not suitable for her anymore but not in this manner or ways. People always have a choice of how they do things and still get to the point but choosing this way is definitely hurtful and irresponsible. It’s not only very hurtful but definitely will create a bad impact to Gregory’s love life in the future. It not only takes Gregory a year to recover but maybe even a few years. It’s not about weak or not, if the person really love another person and is being betrayed, it’s not easy at all but i hope Gregory can move on.
    It is so sad to know things are happening this way for both of them. I used to like Shirley because i think she is a nice girl and not snobbish but now i feel disappointed with the way she handles the break up. It makes people think of her in a different way now. What she said earlier when she announced her break up and what she said in the interview doesn’t match. If what the media said is true about Shirley being pregnant and Andy boast on weibo showing victory, i also think the same that this Andy is not realiable and a high possibility of him betraying Shirley in the future especially he knows Shirley publicly dumped her ex bf. It will be a pity for Shirley at that time. No matter what, i hope Gregory and Shirley can move on with their own life and both will get true happiness of their own again.

  19. I agree that a person has every right to end a relationship when love has died. I don’t think of Shirley because of her breaking up with Gregory. I just think the way she went about it was terrible; i.e. going out with someone else behind his back, getting pregnant even. What kind of a woman is she??? Then insult the public by her stupid crying and tears. Oh please Shirley Yeung, give us a break!!! We are not that dumb you know and we can see through you. Next time you find someone richer, try and not dump Andy in the same way and humiliate him like you did with poor Gregory. Not that you give a damn of course. All you care about is yourself. I was never a fan of yours but sorry to say that I find you absolutely disgusting in your actions. As I said before, what goes around comes around. If it happens to you, then you b…. well deserve it and more!!!!

    1. Please stop insulting Shirley. You dont even know the real story. Shirley pregnant? Andy exist? Andy rich? Shirley cheat? So you really think you know everything? C’mon. get a life.

      1. And you know the real story and so insults Gregory? This is our life.

      2. We’ll know about the baby after 9 months and that is if she doesnt abort the child

      3. I think that IF she is pregnant and gets an abortion, that would be twice as bad for her… It is true that none of us know the whole story, so it is not wrong of any of us to guess and speculate.

        I don’t think anyone is really blaming Shirley for ending the relationship with Greg. But it’s the fact that she may have cheated on him and may have gotten pregnant with another guy before ending their relationship is what everyone is criticizing her about. IF she broke up with him first and then dated Andy, then that is more acceptable. Also, the way that she ended this relationship is a big no no as well… She could have done it a lot more gracefully which she sadly did not…

      4. if she is pregnant she won’t get an abortion since that’s her ticket to maybe marry a rich fella.

        She is not what i consider any close to by beautiful, been exposed as a gold digger, 33 yrs old and without being pregnant Andy fella will find himself a 20 yr old in mainland.

      5. OH yea, that is true… If she was pregnant, then she may keep the baby so that she can be with that Andy guy.

        I never thought of Shirley as being beautiful either.She is sort of cute, but that’s it. My mom would always become all shocked when I told her that she actually won the MS HK pageant. She would also say that SHirley face ages quickly so she will become old in a short period of time.I agree and I also think Shirley has a face that ages very fast.

      6. she could be a fake…which might explain why sonija kwok and charmaine sheh didn’t like her back then while filming a series.

      7. Really?? Charmaine and Sonja did not like Shirley back then?? I did not know that… I guess they must have their reasons not to. However, just because they did not like her doesn’t mean that she is a bad person. Some people can be really nice people, but it’s just that you are not compatible with them and can’t get along with them for various reasons.

      8. @HTS: How you suggest her to do? What’s up if Gregory keeps denial?

  20. I believe Greg’s dad. He sounds too angry to make things up and I heard this is his normal personality too. Shirley really is terrible. Not only cheating but go on air pretending as if she’s innocent!

    1. I agree with you. She is so fake. No more the innocent person we used to know. I think her career is gone.

  21. i forgot to congrats Shirley for taking the spotlight away from Cecilia and Nic.

    1. In all HK entertainment news, Ceci/Nic are still hogging the top headlines and Greg/Shirley follows behind..

    1. correction…Except for Wayne Lai, appeared on the witness stand

      1. @Larry:

        Yupp, quite disappointing cause I wanted to see Shirley’s alleged baby bump lol!

        And what a rare coincidence cause I translated this article a while ago too! ((;

        Have sent my translation of the Stephen Chan’s corruption trial to your email inbox, do check k! 🙂

      2. Hm.. IF Shirley hides from the public completely for the next few months, then it will become even more suspicious and supports the rumour that she is pregnant. Time will tell…

    1. Shirley was planning to get knocked up all this time and when her pregnancy was confirmed she dumped Greg. without a second thought.

      She is what I call a manipulative gold-digger!!

      1. @Exoidus,
        Well many keep on saying that she isn’t a gold digger since she stayed with him for 9 years… If she was a gold digger, she would have left him years ago.. But then again, none of us know for sure since none of us know her personally…

      2. that’s just my opinion. Maybe she wanted to play safe i.e. looking for another big fish while staying with Greg. in case she can’t find another since she is not young for a woman.

        And why not stay with Gregor in the meantime. She don’t need to pay any expenses and being treated like a queen.

      3. Yea, I know what you mean and after all that has happened, many would get the impression that she is a gold digger…

      4. @HeTieShou & @exoidus:

        In the article link, it was suggested that Shirley’s mom, Mrs Yeung, had always disapproved of Gregory even looking down on him, just because he earned lesser than Shirley and it appears that she had always been encouraging Shirley to marry someone richer because she seemed extremely satisfied with Andy.

        This is evident in the photo (Shirley’s mom was smiling at Andy) a netizen accidentally took of Shirley, her mom and Andy in a shop back when they secretly visited Andy in Nanjing during April.

        According to the article, Shirley had to withstand constant pressures from her mom about dating “beneath her” hence when she met Andy…I guess that explains why she went from miser to alleged gold-digger?

      5. I think it is very hard for anyone to not crack under this pressure of being nagged at for 9 years but this afterall concerns Shirley’s future, as a mother, it is understandable for Mrs Yeung to only want the best for Shirley but if Mrs Yeung really loves her child, she should have not intervened and let Shirley decide on her own as it involves Shirley’s happiness and future.

      6. I think it is very hard for anyone to not crack under this pressure of being nagged at for 9 years but this afterall concerns Shirley’s future, as a mother, it is understandable for Mrs Yeung to only want the best for Shirley but if Mrs Yeung really loves her child, she should not have intervened and let Shirley decide on her own as it involves Shirley’s happiness and future.

      7. Some parents are like that they think that money = hapiness. Those are usually older people with little or no education at all and her mom seems to fit that bill.

      8. My mom in her 60 and my father in his 70. My mom and dad both are labor workers and they stick together all their life.. My mom always teach me how to be independent and not depend on anyone, she said as women we should have a job, at least when men left us, we still can survive on our owns. As for men, she always teach me find a man who loves you and treats you with respect. Money lost can be made again. Not all rich men can guarantee rich forever, many goes on bankruptcy. And certainly getting pregnant with a rich man does NOT equal to they married you, maybe all you can get is child support, Haha!! And these days if a rich man smart to ask you to sign prenuptial agreement, you will not get his half asset when he died, LOL!!!!!!!!

    2. Oh goodness, this seems like a TV series that is airing on TV… It seems to have a new story and twist… I wonder what will come out next week or the next day?? I think the media is trying to milk as money milk out of the cow as possible while they can…

      Is that really Andy?? I wonder who this Andy guy really is or does he really exist?? The next thing we know, another twist comes out that he is someone made up and didn’t exist at all… Goodness…I am getting really tired from hearing all of these twists and turns… Really reminds me of those Gu Long novels…

    3. @Ah K,
      Thanks and I got lazy to click on to the link.. I guess I need to click on it to read the news myself… I have heard about how Shirley’s mom looked down on Gregory. That is so wrong of her mom and it seems like her mom is the money hungry one. I can understand that she wants the best for her daughter. However, does marrying a richer guy ensure that Shirley will be happier?? Money cannot buy happiness. I honestly wonder if Shirley will ever be able to find someone that loves her as much as Gregory did??

  22. IF Shirley did live with them without paying anything, then that is very wrong of her…I wonder why Greg’s father said all of those good things about her in the past then??? Surely, she must have bought something or did something for Greg’s parents…

    1. Yeah we don’t know if he is being completely objective here. in the interview it was almost a confession or implication that she already have found another guy and that she was pregnant i.e. “im not young and want to have kids”

      Andy guy must be stupid if he has a girlfriend then why get involved with someone like Shirley that will betray her bf. Worst thing why didn’t he use protection or maybe she told him she was on birth control but was actually framing him???

      1. Oh yea, that is true… I think that even though Shirley did not say straight out that she is pregnant, but sort of implied it…We will all see.. ALso, for her to take 9 months of leave from TVB sounds really concidental too…

      2. Isn’t it funny that Shirley is able to get pregnant so fast after going out with Andy for a short time? (That is if she is really pregant). I wonder if she planned all this because she finally able to catch a rich boy in accordance to her mom’s wishful thinking. Shirley’s case reminds me of E. Hurly getting pregnant by S.Bing hoping that he will marry her. Guess what? He didn’t end up marrying her because he doesn’t love her enough. All he wants is a good old affair. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Shirley. Can’t wait to hear the end result!

      3. according to another report, shirley has been secretly dating her new lover for 2 yrs already

      4. i think im gonna agree with exoidus here, i too am believing Shirley had a plan all along. i dont think she is “confused” as she says, she’s very clear what she wants, and that is to bait and hook big fish, reel in her catch by pregnancy before another fisher(Andy’s steady gf) does.

        actually TVB did their best for Shirley, she still had steady good roles even when she dated, it was because her acting didn’t wow that her career didnt take off like others. with or without Greggory, Shirley lacked the acting skills to go far. she would be broke from the living expenses in HK if she didnt stay with him, she knows her career will not last forever just like many, so might as well keep Greggory just in case it something fails. Shirley didnt mind staying with him because she’ll get a personal maid and slaveboy to cater to her needs.

    1. and who’s to say Nic and Ceci news is still hogging headlines? Look at how they become background to Shirley scandal now 😛

    2. I hope this get translated. This is a lengthy interview by Shirley and reveals more than the Scoop interview

  23. Shirley will probably come out two months later and say that she is pregnant, except that she got pregnant after her break-up w/ Gregory.

    1. Yeah probably and that baby will be born at the 7th month and not on the normally 9th LOL

  24. Hmm, I have a confusion. Who is the first one who said Shirley is pregnant?

    1. Apparently Shirley herself made up lies to make Greg give up on her.

      And then Andy further rubs salt in the wound by taunting the ‘pregnancy’ over the weibo.

      Stupid girl.

  25. So you meant Shirley make up lies that she is “pregnant” so Greg can give up on her? LOL!!!! Well she not very smart to make up lies about her “pregnancy” because it only make her image flop more bad.
    Nobody know if this pregnancy is true yet. Times will tell us.

  26. As an outsider one should study the sequence of actions logically before jumping to conclusion…. the following questions should be asked and maybe you can find a logical answer:

    1) As a Miss HK winner…her career path seems un inspiring so the conlusion is either she is not a schemer to get things her way, or she is naive in this industry hence she cannot make it..
    2) she has been frozen out in TVB due to her relationship with Greg, if she is such a gold digger, why should she want that? comparatively to Chung Ka Yen and others who opt for career over relationship … Greg is not the most successful guy around and all shie wants is money why make such a move? she’s hot enough to get any rich business tycoon.
    3) Lee family obviously doesn’t have good teachings else why one son can be not working? depending on another who isn’t even a graduate? a family like such has limited credentials to criticize others as they obviously has internal problems but saying others is bad will shift the attention away from their own flaws.
    4) If people says shirley should have just walked away without making problems for others…. see the sequence of events … she did walk away and choose to keep silent but the lee family felt shamed including Greg so they took the media and general public to be their judge… what kind of family would want such things to be openly discussed in public? except them because they felt ashamed as his son has been dumped. if he’s son was the dumper, would they react this way? typical family unitedness … it’s normal definitely but their way of going public to demand explanation from Shirley doesn’t make it any better for his son…
    5) my assessment is shirley is typically naive girl, if she is a good digger, she is stupid to wait for 9 years to realize Greg has no gold, I think love overwhelms her thoughts so she followed him for this long. Don’t understand why lee family criticize her for not contributing to the household where she is only 1 person Vs the family of 4…. if my girlfriend comes to stay with me and my family I would ask her to pay? then what happens after marriage? this is clear that lee family has no teaches of taking care of your family but they just wanna leach on whoever has money. When she finally realized that she is not going to spend the rest of her life with him… she chose to move out but typically because of her naiveness, she broke up in a way that may not be most appropriate but then I don’t know if there is any other way better.. The media speculations cause much of this and of course she is a girl naturally she wouldn’t dare go up against lee family especially the old lee is almost a gangster so her actions are justified in this sense… I think all should give them a break and let them move on. if a 9 year old relationship breaks down… how could it be just fault on one side? stay objective….

  27. telling unnecessary lies to break up…how lame is that? Sometimes the person who intends to break up thinks that by telling a lie will allow the other party to accept the break up easier but that’s not going to work.
    Just be honest Shirley. Every week she has something different to say. Now she admits to revealing the truth, next week she will admit to another truth?
    This whole break up is a mess. I’d say both are in the wrong…

    1. Mich,
      Shirley sent a text message saying that she was pregnant with another man’s baby and that the right thing to do was to marry the man. She said she still loved Gregory but can no longer be with him since she chose to hold on to the baby. She did not chose to tell him that she no longer loved Gregory and has moved on.

      IMO, if you do not tell the other person that you no longer love him, it is very difficult to split especially if the other person wanted the relationship to continue. Shirley said she was too mindful in not hurting Gregory during the break-up process, afraid he would commit suicide etc. Did she believe that by her saying she still loved him, that would make him continue his life? That would give him the courage to face things ahead? However, wouldn’t the “admission” of her cheating and subsequent “pregnancy” hurt him on another deeper level? Seriously, this would hurt him less than saying that she no longer loved him?

  28. Whats Shirley doing is right, Gregory needs to grow up. his family is entirely involved too much with their lovelife.. they needed some air… ladies, imagine you are spent your 9 years living together with a man who has no plan for the future and still very independent, what will you do…

    1. Well according to her he has no plans. Since she wants a breakup, that will be her excuse. According to him he has been saving for marriage, and since he wants reconciliation that will be his excuse.

  29. Funn,
    well now he had to say that, you can see how Shirley has been very patient with him in those 9 years, for us-women (in our late 20s) 9 years is not a short time.
    it is a ridiculous when Gregory said he knew nothing about Shirley announcement about the breakup, this proving how heartless he was when he was living with Shirley if he really cares about her, he should know whether his partner is happy or not… I am not saying who is right or wrong, but with his heartless Shirley will end up leaving him, if it was me I would do too…
    What he should do now, as a man he should do something that protect Shirley even they are breaking up, i am very disgusting to see he cried and angry on this dilema… he is too childish on this adulthood matter…. Grow up Gregory…..

    1. Shirley was stupid to use that sort of excuse. However childish Gregory was, he wasn’t cruel. She basically had a 1 year affair unless she denied that too. Anyway your assumption is she spoke the absolute truth. My assumption is he also spoke the absolute truth. The thing is there are men who don’t know their partners are unhappy, there is no such thing as should have, could have, would have. Not saying he is 100% right, but at least do break off cleanly before starting on another relationship. He has got his heart trampled on. Let him cry.

      1. Hi Funn, are you the same poster with the name Funn Lim? 🙂
        I feel that she not breaking up with him since February as she claims she did. Because from the birthday Photos of Gregory he embrace her, put arms around her and the ways they interact, Gregory seem still very happy. Also, she did came back to Greg house and sleep overnight there.
        We all know Greg is very emotional man, if he indeed know since February she wants to dump him, I doubt he can keep his cool and happiness like that in his birthday party.
        This Shirley’s scandal getting boring, LOL!! What’s done is done, hope this Andy guy treats her well in the future.
        And Funn, hope you had a nice weekend. Sunday night here in USA, tomorow is Monday, another week of work ahead. Wish you pleasant week at work too.

  30. Oh dear me, I’ve definitely upset this Yan person saying that I shouldn’t insult Shirley. I will not apologise for expressing my views and if you don’t like it, thats hard luck!!!

  31. High five Pineapple, I agree with you!! You don’t need to apoligize to anyone, we all entitle to our opinions.
    I’m also team Greg.
    This is the internet, no need to get upset with difference opinions.
    Worried about real life, in life, at work there are times you will experience different viewpoints and you just have to live with it. If one’s get upset over the internet posting, I wonder how they reacts in real life situation when things don’t go their way.

  32. Thumbs up LeilaFan for you – great that someone feels the same way. I don’t really intend to “insult” Shirley Yeung at all. Afterall, she has done nothing to me personally but I really dislike her for what she has done. I must admit I have never liked her acting at all and strangely enough in the country where I live in, most of the Chinese I have come across all think very little of her. Now, that is definitely not my influence. Maybe with some people you just don’t like and she is one of them.

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