Gregory Lee’s Mother Drafts Buddhist Letter Regarding Shirley Yeung’s Criticisms of The Lee Family

In an interview yesterday, Gregory Lee’s (李泳豪) mother, Shih Ming (施明), sighed that she felt helpless against Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) accusations against the Lee family. According to Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, Shih Ming, who had all along viewed Shirley as her prospective daughter-in-law, felt wronged and helpless regarding Shirley’s accusations that Shih Ming had treated her as transparent and made her feel unwelcome. As a devout Buddhist, Shih Ming decided to draft a letter of four word Buddhist teachings to Shirley to relieve the knot in her heart and to give her ex-prospective “daughter-in-law” a last piece of advice.

During the interview, Shih Ming expressed that she had known Shirley for nine years and treated Shirley like her own daughter. Shih Ming said that she can live with her own conscience and did not let Heaven and Earth down (对得起天地良心).

Shih Ming continued, “I dote and treat even the dogs in my home really well, not least to say in regards to a human? Shirley kept saying that she’ was close to her dogs however, on the day that she left, she did not even care one bit about them. Shirley did not even drop by to visit them and there was not even a single text message or call from her, indicating that she wanted the dogs back. Despite that, we have, as usual, been actively taking care of her dogs.”

Shih Ming’s Letter of Enlightenment to Shirley

The following is Shih Ming’s letter of Buddhist teachings as a form of final advice to Shirley:

Shirley-jie, How are you?

Shirley, How are you? For your own good,

Please sit properly, Use your heart and listen properly.

Plenty of money, few money,  As long as there’s enough to feed, it is good enough.

Looking ugly or pretty, as long as the heart is “pretty”, it is good enough.

Being old or young, as long as the health is excellent, it is good enough.

Poor family, rich family, as long as there’s harmony, it is good enough.

The spirit of getting along as husband and wife, as long as there’s mutual respect, it is good enough.

Husband returning home late, as long as he cares for the family, it is good enough.

Wife being naggy, as long as she’s a devoteful wife, it is good enough.

A child, has to be taught from young,

Whether it’s a professor or a tea pouring attendant,

As long as the heart is ugly and evil, Good to no good,

Who’s right or who’s wrong, As long as heaven knows, it’s good enough.

Instead of pressing on, putting it down will be the best.

With a good heart and good actions, life will then change for the better.

While writing this letter, Shih Ming was so distraught that she accidentally wrote Shirley’s Chinese name incorrectly, writing “思其” instead of “思琦.”

The newspaper also extracted this paragraph from Shih Ming’s letter, “As long as the heart is ugly and evil, Good to no good, Who’s right or who’s wrong, As long as heaven knows, it’s good enough.” and analyzed it as Shih Ming seemingly hinting something in her usage of these words.

Ah K: For those who are interested to view the original letter (which is written in Chinese), kindly refer to the the link above please!

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    1. You think who will win the most coverage award this year? This or Nic’s?

      1. Funn,
        I’ll say Nic and Cecilia’s news will have most coverage. There are too many tangents of their divorce to cover, due to the ramifications of divorce and impact on kids. Just interviewing Patrick, Deborah, and Jennifer will extend the life of the articles. Apparently, Cecilia’s family is now starting to talk. Also, there appears to be a lot of inside sources familiar with their family situation and talk to the press.

        Unless Shirley is pregnant after all, news coverage should die down in another week. She’s not responding to questions regarding the Lee family anymore.

        P.S. The latest tangent is that Cecilia may release an autobiography, with the assistance of her new mega-billionaire, godfather. If the book is released, she may discuss the juicy details of her marriage to Nic Tse!

      2. I think Nic’s story will the most coverage due to the star power level of both Nic and Ceci.

      3. Rofl isn’t that means Cecilia will take advantage of the situation to make money and diss Nic? Kill 2 birds with one stone?

  1. I found it ironic that Shih Ming wrote a Buddhist letter, which seemed a passive approach, in contrast to Augustine’s very verbal and angry approach. Shih Ming and Augustine even went to the same interview together and were photographed in Augustine’s interview photos.

    I think Shih Ming’s advice in letting go and not letting anger rule a person also applies to Augustine’s recent behavior too. However, did she use her Buddhist theories on him?

      1. Augustine is her son and a Lee. Of course she will excuse Augustine as protecting Lee’s family name

    1. I feel like this is all an act to make their family seem like “the better person”….lol @ the mis-spelling shirley’s name? Suspicious….

  2. All Shirley did was announced to the world that she and gregory had separated. She may have miscalculated and used a wrong strategy by lying to Gregory about the reasons for the separation. Gregory reacted by being a cry baby and his family of 4 came out to attack and discredit 1 woman. Is this necessary? ‘who’s right or who’s wrong. As long as heaven knows, it’s good enough’. Why then did a family of 4 continues to ‘talk’ in public. Shirley may have done wrong or lied but why is this family determine to destroy her career? My advice to the Lee family is to be magnanimous and stop all this petty personal issues. As for Gregory be a man and move on

  3. Hey Fellow Commentators, Shirley has responded! But she gave a very dismal response, so please don’t expect much.

    Original article: “”

    “Shirley Yeung keeps her mouth shut, refuses to debate with the Lee family; Gregory quits car racing competition in a bid to heal his broken heart”

    According to Hong Kong Media Reports, after Shirley broke up with Gregory, she took no time in acknowledging ex-national diver, Andy Ng (吴帅), as her new boyfriend and even revealed that she could not get along with the Lee family. 

    This led to a tongue lash of war with Gregory’s brother, Augustine Lee. Augustine was insistent that the way Shirley treated Gregory was like as if he was her nanny and that Shirley even told their mother, Shih Ming, to “eat shit”.

    Yesterday, 10 July 2011, Shirley, who was filming at Yuen Long, refused to comment in reply while Augustine said, “I only spoke the truth.”

    After Shirley Yeung one-sidedly revealed a breakup with her boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee, there were rumors about her pregnancy with third party, Andy Ng.

    The reporters soon unearthed that Andy was actually Hong Kong’s ex-national diving team member, 吴帅, and while Shirley has admitted about this new relationship, she also divulged that she had lied about being pregnant to make sure that Gregory would give up on her. Shirley also professed that she couldn’t get along with Gregory’s family and that Gregory’s elder brother, Augustine Lee, often hit Gregory.

    As a result, using this newspaper as a medium, Augustine strongly shot down Shirley’s accusations as an entire pack of lies and even disclosed that Shirley made his brother, Gregory, massage her feet. Augustine also exposed that Shirley told their mother to “eat shit”, chased away the maid through her scoldings, placed raw fruit in the clothes cupboard and etc of such selfish acts. Both parties have thus triggered explosive arguments on each side. 

    “Lee family persistent that they only spoke the truth”

    Yesterday, 10 July 2011, at approximately 5pm, Shirley was at an animal veterinary hospital in Yuen Long, shooting a TVB program, <>, with Patrick Tang.

    With regards to Augustine’s implores that she returned justice to the Lee family and welcomed a direct confrontation with her, Shirley had no response to it. 

    However, upon reporters mentioning what Augustine had said about her telling Gregory’s mother to “eat shit, Shirley stopped in her tracks and said, “I only wish to say, whatever it is, the breakup is already an unchangeable fact. Only Gregory and I knew whichever matter the best. I won’t respond to what others have to say.”

    Even up till nightfall when she changed into another set of black colored clothes and left, Shirley still refused to comment. 

    Yesterday, 10 July 2011, Augustine Lee, on the other hand, expressed over the phone,  “Actually right from the start till down to this end, I only spoke the absolute truth, my brother is already in a poor state, don’t wish for anyone to twist facts, hurt my family, for example, the newspaper that set a trap and misled me into saying that Shirley’s unborn baby could be Gregory’s and that if that was the case, there was no need to break up and just get married. All that was utter rubbish.”

    “Turned down competing to mend a broken heart”

    Gregory Lee, who has been caught in the middle of his elder brother and Shirley Yeung’s tongue-lashing war, said, “I don’t wish to comment, thank my family very much for their support however I also feel heart-ache.”

    According to sources, Gregory initially had plans to participate in the car racing in Shanghai however his boss was worried that his emotional state was unstable and hence delayed plans to the next month instead. Gregory will still, as per normal, perform car drifting skills in Huizhou, Guangdong this coming Saturday.

    1. I think Gregory’s brother should just shut his trap now, he has been commenting too much on this, he said like as if he was actually the one dating Shirley and not Gregory! :O

      And Shirley was right to refuse any comment now as it remains a fact that she had let him down (in breaking up with him, in leading him on in this relationship when problems surfaced, in straying her heart and in lying to be pregnant in order to have a clear breakup with him) and she had hurt him even further when she exposed the alleged domestic violence in the Lee family.

      At the very least she could do is to stop commenting and letting media reporters make a field day out of her comments to hurt Gregory any further.

  4. I dont think Gregory has been a cry baby. It was 9 years and he was a part of this relationship.

    Was there a need for her to announce to the world that they had separated?

    1. “Was there a need for her to announce to the world that they had separated?”

      Yes, there is a need to because theirs is a very public relationship. Remember what happen to Bernice? She cannot start a new relationship with her new guy if she did not make it clear to the public that her relationship with Greg has ended because they will say she cheated on Greg when paparazzi catch her with her new boyfriend.

      1. I guess I kinda see your point. I think what bugs me about the whole declaration is that it just seemed so insensitive. But then I guess break ups can and often do get ugly.

      2. Break ups are ugly. However the uglier ones are those when the intendee never got the memo of the break up. Luckily this is not the ugliest break up which involves someone jumping off buildings or someone being stabbed.

    2. Yes. She’s a celebrity and it’s better to announce it than to let the reporters find out eventually, which will turn out ugly. Just like how the bernice and moses rumours dragged on for so long when in fact they were already broken up….

      1. Moses and bernice were playing with the rumour too even after breakup to mutually gain money but when scandal erupted it’s time to be selfish and protect oneself image by any means necessary even if need to act

  5. Ah K, sorry I repost the QQ news of Shirley that you translate in asianfanatics. I did stated, credits that you translate and thank you to you.
    Should have ask you first, sorry. Since I am a “newbie” (under 40 post, not consider a member) so I cannot Edit or delete my post. If you mind I don’t know how to delete it, lol! I hope you don’t mind, I did credits to you. Thanks.

    1. Ah K, Well what I did was, I reply to someone comments and in my “reply” I contain the QQ news that you translate of Shirley to my reply. I’m a newbie there, I cannot make any new thread or delete or edit my post.
      I did stated it from you and credits you. Hope you ok, if not, wait till I reach 40 posts and I will delete it. xiexie

  6. @LeilaFan:

    I mind!!! Haha no lahs, no problem, I don’t mind, thanks for thinking worthy of my translation work though 😀

    Actually it’s okay if you don’t credit me too, I certainly won’t mind! 😀

    1. xiexie, you so nice. I was reply to someone, and I post the QQ link of the news, but then I think the person I reply to don’t know Chinese, so I paste your translation in there. (Ofcourse I credit you and thanks to you). You are nice girl Ah K.
      I like your translation, your English is good. So you think about maybe be a translator for this site? Hehe.

      1. @LeilaFan:

        Sure sure, no problem at all, don’t worry! 😀

        Why erm thank you! However, I’m still a student who is still learning everyday hence I think, as compared to regular translators like Jayne and Miss China, my English is still far from being perfect and needs to be honed further :”D

        Thank you, I think that you must be a nice girl too! 😀

  7. I think Shih Ming’s Buddhist scripture is very passive aggressive. In her scripture, she is indirectly saying that Shirley is greedy for money, has a bad heart, is a bad person… Religion shouldn’t be used a weapon to hurt someone.

    1. I know, addressing Shirley as “si kei jeh” reveals sarcasm in her opening line.

      I wonder if the mom was reciting Buddhist teachings when Shirley told her to “eat sh#t” in Augustine’s supposed story. I can totally picture that scene playing out in a tvb drama.

      1. I thought it was weird she addressed shirley as “si kei jeh” too, cuz shirley prefers being called si keh mui, and dislikes when someone calls her “jeh”… I guess Shih Ming is tryin to imply shirley is bossy or whatsoever.

      2. Seems like the “buddhist” thing to do would be to send the note to Shirley personally. This just doesn’t seem genuine. Honestly, I think the Lee family has said enough, they’ve clarified all that they need to. Shirley has explained all that she needs to. Unless there is new evidence, then both people need to move on. Or else, this is gonna turn Jerry Springer :/

      3. I thought Louise Lee was “Sze Kei Jeh” while Shirley was “Sze Kei Mui.” I didn’t know it was because Shirley didn’t wanted to be called “jeh”. Being called “Ah Jeh” is considered being respected by others, not necessarily mean bossy.

      4. si kei jeh might be sarcasm by Shih Ming to hint that Shirley is a princessy attitude.

        The whole Buddhist scripture might be sarcasm to Shirley

  8. My first impression of this article: Shih Ming is just one strange woman. Even Lee Ka Ding and Augustine loud and impulsive lashing at Shirley made sense though it wasn’t classy. Perhaps Shih Ming is a devout Buddhist (but still), but her move to write Shirley such a letter makes me not to know what type of reaction to give her.

    1. Why is this letter out to the public, wasn’t it for shirley only? I still think it’s all an act to get everyone against shirley and pity for the family.

      1. “Why is this letter out to the public, wasn’t it for shirley only?”

        ROFL nice question! but maybe the Lee family don’t want to contact Shirley personally and thought of using the media as middleman?

  9. When are we going to see some physical fighting?

    This is getting better and better, better then TVB current drama airings!


    1. Physical fighting too troublesome and will involve law suits. Their weapon now are their mouths and for someone this Buddhist scripture.

      1. @Vivien:

        “…and for someone this Buddhist scripture”

        Although I’m a Buddhist too but I have to say this is hilarious! Lol! 😀

      2. this is really her weapon to fight. After keep quiet for so long she suddenly burst out with some Buddhist scripture!

  10. Don’t want to judge but from my perspective looking at Shih ming’s face, she seems like a mean person, aggressive person in general. Looks like a witch, no offence.

    1. LOL, agree with you on this. To me, she looks like someone who loves to manipulate everything plus human too!

  11. The more Gregory’s family talks, the more I believe Shirley’s side of things. This buddhist letter seems kinda hypocritical. It just seems like she’s showing off this letter so she seems innocent since she practices Buddhism, yet she’s still trash talking Shirley.

    The whole situation reminds me of a tvb drama. haha

    1. AGree with you on this. I don’t really believe Shih Meng and Augustine now, atleast not at this moment.

  12. This is a very spiritual letter but ..

    Shirley : “Madam, I am a Christian”

    Ok, effect lost!

  13. why can]t everybody stop carrying on the saga…especially gregory’s family..what are they trying to get out of it

    1. You have a point there Gwen. At the start it was understandable for the Lee family to let rip into Shirley because their poor precious Mister G was heartbroken. But after the second outburst by the brother and now followed by the mother’s action, their behaviour is starting to look very suss. Are they that upset that Mister G is going to be their sole bread provider and their future “daughter in law” lovely crocodile skin wallet has been closed forever? Unless Mister G starts having great TV roles or gets lucky with a his business adventure, he isn’t going to be able to land another Miss Hong Kong or financially secure new girlfriend. Yes,yes, I am now Gooo Team Shirley heheeeee. 😛

  14. From what I see of Shih Ming and Augustine’s act so far I think it actually make sense for someone so weak and crybaby like Gregory to be bullied.

  15. go mother, but since the family also dont really like her, means well his family dont even trust to girl either.

  16. Saw Shih Ming in ‘Men of Justice’ as a judge. 😀

  17. Gregory Lee’s mother and brother are lying on Shirley Cheung. Shirley should just be glad that she has gotten away from this family. After nine years, it’s evident that there was no future with Gregory Lee. Let him take himself and his family and find some other unsuspecting, naive female.

  18. I’m sorry but Shirley is not as innocent as she seems. You don’t just live with someone for nine years then go announce to the world that left him. I know this girl who moved in with her bf’s house when she was 20, omg! Never clean up after herself, never cook, even leaves her dirty understate, thongs for the bf’s mother to pick up and wash, yet when the bf’s mother had enough of this after two years, she finally ask them to leave. And the girl bad mouth her and called her names behind her back. There are lots of these so called princesses nowadays. The look innocent but they are not.

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