Pregnant Shirley Yeung to Marry Andy Ng; Gregory Lee Sends Blessings

“Miss Hong Kong from the Housing Projects” Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) and Andy Ng’s (吳帥) love has always been a paradox. The pair was rumored to have broken up earlier, but according to reliable sources, Shirley was nearly three months pregnant with Andy Ng’s baby. Shirley planned to get married in June 2012, delivering the baby and herself at the same time to Andy!

Since dumping ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), in June 2011, Shirley dated former Hong Kong team diver, Andy Ng.  Shirley was even willing to bear extreme criticism from Gregory’s family for being a cheater in love. The worst rumor was that Andy Ng was not super-rich, contrary to initial speculations about his financial background.  Due to Andy often spending time in China and Shirley in Hong Kong, the long-distance relationship resulted in further rumors that their relationship was at risk.

After Shirley unilaterally broke up with Gregory Lee, it was rumored that Shirley had requested a 9-month vacation from TVB. It was a fact that since attending a promotional event in September, Shirley has stayed away from the public eye. Professing that she will even film rape scenes to push her opportunities further, Shirley has disappeared from all public events, sparking the rise of pregnancy rumors! According to a reliable source, Shirley was pregnant with Andy’s child and their wedding will take place next year!

Officially Gregory Lee’s girlfriend at the beginning of 2011, Shirley’s heart may however, have belonged to Andy Ng at that time. To save her image, she retained that secret inside her heart. Since the secret has been exposed now, Shirley decided to bear Andy’s child and get married next year. Loving Shirley deeply, Andy did not want her to be an unmarried pregnant mother for too long, thus deciding to get married in June or July 2012 after the birth of their child. Andy will become a father and then a groom!

Although Shirley was resting due to her pregnancy, she and Andy Ng lived separately. To hold a respectable wedding, Andy intended to hold celebrations in both China and Hong Kong. The couple will obtain their marriage registration in Hong Kong and hold a lavish banquet in Andy’s hometown. Since Shirley was unwilling to hold a lavish wedding in Hong Kong, the number of invited guests will remain small. Perhaps Shirley’s ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee, will definitely be absent at the time?

There was a high possibility that Shirley will retire from acting after her marriage and focus on caring for her child. It was rumored that Shirley had left for the United States to rest during her pregnancy, while other claims noted that she had moved to a secret residence in Hong Kong, rarely stepping outside. The reporter was unable to contact Shirley via her cell phone and resorted to text messaging her via the whatsapp application. Shirley asked anxiously what news the reporter had received. When the reporter asked how her relationship with Andy was, Shirley wrote, “Thank you for your concern. I have no response!” Shirley was still unwilling to reveal her private matters.

Gregory Lee Sent His Blessings

Regarding news that Shirley was pregnant and intended to get married, Gregory Lee was surprised, “Where did you hear about such news?” Although Gregory had loved Shirley deeply, he generously sent his blessings. “I am a bit surprised! I cannot react in time.” (Are you unhappy?) “My mood is okay. If this were the truth, then I have no other choice except to accept it!” (Will you contact Shirley?) “We have not been in contact with each other. Earlier, she said that she will take back the dogs, which did not happen. That’s not a problem! I will take care of the dogs!” (Will you send your blessings?) “I wish the best for her!”

Gregory’s father, Lee Ka Ding (李家鼎), had scolded Shirley bitterly when the pair initially broke up. Speaking with the reporter last night, Lee Ka Ding’s anger had toned down dramatically. “Six months have passed since the incident. I cannot be bother by her anymore. If she were to have a child and get married, then I hope that she will be well, happy, not so stubborn and have a healthy child.” (You are no longer angry?) “We are not enemies!” (Gregory is not dating yet?) “Once bitten by a snake, you will be afraid to come out of the grass for three years!”

In the past, Shirley posted numerous pretty photos of herself. However, since the end of October, Shirley discontinued this habit. Instead, she posted numerous photos of her favorite foods, such as pancakes, crab, cheesecake, ice cream, and sour dishes such as tomato and beef. These photos may be an indication that Shirley possessed a good appetite during her pregnancy.

The reporter contacted Andy Ng’s good friend, Yu Yue (俞越), who was tight-lipped about whether Andy and Shirley will get married in June 2012. Yu Yue said, “I do not know! Please do not ask me!” Asked whether Shirley was pregnant, Yu Yue said, “I really do not know. If I know, I would tell you.” Asked about earlier breakup rumors, Yu Yue said, “Although they live separately, but from what I know, they are still together and definitely did not break up!”


Compiled from Oriental Daily

Jayne: Shirley has indeed disappeared from the public eye. There may be chance that she is pregnant. If that were the case, then the wedding may happen earlier than June 2012.

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  1. hahaha so the rumors were true! Why did she bother denying it if she knew her tummy would grow bigger? -_- Anyway, congrats to Shirley and Andy!

    1. The rumour wasn’t true? Because it happened in Aug-Sep time and now is Dec and she is only nearly 3 months. She is peggy after the breakup with Gregory and date with Andy.

      1. Hi Fox

        Not to squabble over details, but there could still be a chance that the rumors were true, suppose:

        Aug: She had sex with Andy. Normally you won’t know whether you are pregnant after you had sex, i.e. when conceived a baby.

        Sep: She misses her period and suspects she may be pregnant. Goes for a medical check up. Confirms she is pregnant.

        Dec: Considering now is only early Dec, she would have been pregnant from Sep to Nov(2-3 months), cos you start counting the age of the pregnancy from the month you first missed your period.

        Since she is pregnant for only 3 plus months, coming to 4 months, it is safe to announce her pregnancy now (according to Chinese beliefs), so she did.

        The article said she will marry in June 2012 and perhaps give birth around that time or earlier.

        9 months pregnancy: Sep – May/ June. She can say her baby is growing very well and big so she delivered early to avoid complications in delivery later if the baby gets too big, i.e. late May or early June.

        You know what I mean. The time period is too close to tell whether she was already pregnant with Andy’s child during the rumors period. 1-2 months… And if she conceived in Sep, not Aug, the time period fits in even more nicely to deliver in May/ June.

        Not saying that she is definately pregnant during the rumors, but I am just saying it is open… and not conclusive.

      2. @Canto: The rumour that she is peggy 2 months in Aug, then to Dec it must be 5 months, not nearly 3 months.

        You can’t check out that you are peggy or not until the 5th week.

      3. @fox I agree with canto. She could have been pregnant since the rumors. Of course she would say she’s only 3 mos along now and not 5 mos. Why would she admit the truth? She’s been oriven to be a cheater and liar. She wants people to believe she’s only 3 mos to save that little bit of face she has left. She will prob deliver 9-10months in march/april 2012 from when she broke up with
        Gregory in June 2011. She will have a little rest before the alleged wedding in June/July 2012. She most likely won’t deliver a baby in the hospital and drive over to the restaurant for a banquet. Mom needs to do a sitting month and baby prob won’t be shown around till after it fulfills the full month. I don’t like what Shirley did but I agree that the baby is innocent but I’m a firm believer in karma. Hopefully this Andy fellow won’t dump her later.

      4. 3 months and 5 months is huge difference. See when she gives birth.

      5. When she gives birth, the whole world will know when she gets peggy. Peggy isn’t something we can adjust the time, lol.

        Plus that up to now, her tummy is still flat and there is no sign of a 5 months peggy.

        Then, we still can give Shirley the doubt that she said the truth: She gets peggy with Andy after the breakup with Gregory.

        I don’t think Shirley did something too bad, she only has a wrong way of announcing the breakup. But I know the Gregory team will pop up. Karma? Andy will dump her? ‘d better not wish that.

      6. @ Fox

        “Plus that up to now, her tummy is still flat and there is no sign of a 5 months peggy.”

        Do you have any recent picture of her? The pictures accompanying this news article are old pictures.

      7. I agree with Canto…. But time will tell all truth…. Lets just all wait and see…

      8. Look back for old news and found out that I claimed the time wrongly. The SG scandal happened in the end of June, beginning of July (not Aug-Sep as I said). Then even if she had sex/conceived in June/July before the breakup, the peggy is 5 months now. If she conceived a baby before 2 months that like the rumour, she is going to give birth now (7 months already).

      9. Technically pregnancies can last up to 40 weeks. So one can be pregnant for 10 months or more than 9 months? The rumors can still be true if she became pregnant in june/july and gives birth in march/april?

      10. Normally it’s 9 months and 10 days, can be considered as 40 weeks.

  2. Congrats to Shirley, despite what she’ve done to Gregory, the baby is innocent.. Hopefully she’ll find happiness with Andy.

  3. The rumours are true but timing is wrong. So I suppose she wasn’t pregnant before, and now she is.

  4. She is with Gregory for around 10 years but no pregnant, but with Andy for 1 year and she is going to have a baby with him.

    1. Either Andy is “too good” (ok, good in wat you can know) or Gregory is “too bad” (bad in the same term with “good” mentioned above, not saying of blah blah Gregory is loyal etc.)

      Or Gregory really dun wanna have a kid as Shirley stated.

  5. I agree with Funn.

    The pregnancy must be intentional. She was with Gregory for so long and nothing bore fruit. I wonder why pregnancy before marriage happens so often in the news? I thought the Hong Kong people were conservative…at least that what it looks like in the TVB shows hahaha Well, I guess if the society weren’t conservative then news like this would not be gossip fodder.

  6. “Perhaps Shirley’s ex-boyfriend, Gregory Lee, will definitely be absent at the time?”

    Such a ridiculous comment/question.

    1. Yea, many are aiming for a dragon but I personally don’t see what the big deal is with having a dragon…

  7. Finally pregnant. Congrats Shirley and Andy. Now Shirley’s wish becomes true. Consider her age, it’s good time.

  8. So rumours are true!! Time will tell when she deliver the baby

  9. LOL, i thought Andy was a “pirate” and now she is pregnant. Good for Greg. as she is surely out of his life for good!

  10. One thing for sure, I actually admired her for not aborting the baby esp after finding out that Andy is not from rich.

  11. Not sure if it’s true, hope Andy treats her
    good because he seems kind of slimy.

  12. I’m confuse, LOL!! One time she said she pregnant, then she said she just used the excuse to dump Gregory, then she not pregnant. Then there people said that she wear extremely tight clothes when singing meaning she not pregnant, and now she is pregnant? Is this news official? I don’t know what to believe anymore, I wait to see her pregnancy stomach photos.

  13. Anyone has the photo of andy ng? I’m honestly curious how he looks that’s all

  14. if she is pregnant then congrats to her. hey its a 9 years relationship. if you’re not marrying that girl then of course she will think about leaving. i’m almost to my 7 years. if im not getting marry anytime soon i might have to think to leave too. gosh….i’m glad that she’s eating…she’s skin cover bones. she’s so cute. love her.

    1. Agree with you. A guy can marry someone 15 yrs younger & no one will comment too much, if it’s the other way round it’ll be a big deal. So, wasting 9 years of your youth with some bloke who keep giving excuses not to marry you is prolly not smart. If it’s Greg who dumps her & suddenly marry another, then all her youth & beauty is wasted.
      I actually think Shirley is good enough to stick by Greg for so long even though he’s not that popular/earning so much.

    2. Ya lor, the Lee family doesn’t look decent sort and the elder lee is jus a big kalafair and the mother looks sinister and gregory is jus another mama’s boy and the other son, my gosh, wat is he good for? They must be trying to milk Shirley of her hard earned money to finance their purchase of a grand home when they seemed ill afford to own, wat with a maid too. So putting one and one, we should sympathize with Shirley for her decision to break off from the good for nothing bf. Wise decision indeed.

  15. didnt they broke up before, her and andy, why marry and have kid?

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