Shirley Yeung Denies Buying Property to Build Love Nest

The day before yesterday, there was a report that Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) together with her mother and a woman who was suspected to be a real estate agent, went to a residence at Kowloon area to view property units, appearing as if she was keen to enter the property market.

Yesterday, while attending an event, Shirley clarified that she was only visiting a friend that fateful night, “The woman whom you saw wasn’t a real estate agent. We only went to visit a friend.” (Reporter: They opened the lock of the recreation center for you too?) “My friend who stayed there had the residency pass required so we could go in and out at any time.” (You were spotted looking at the real estate property advertisement while on the streets?) “We were only waiting for some drinks.”

After Shirley announced her break up with Gregory Lee (李泳豪) on her own accord and got together with Andy Ng (吳帥), she often went to mainland for performances to “dig for gold” whereas Andy Ng has always been rumored to be in deep debt. In reply to this, Shirley expressed that she didn’t give it much thought and declined to clarify things publicly together with Andy, “When you see him then ask him yourself lahs, since the topic is not talking about me.”

Asked whether her romance was stable, Shirley responded, “You guys will be informed if there’s good news. Also, I am not hitched yet. In recent days, my schedule is busy due to filming a pet program, such that I have been seeing them (pets) more than my own family.” (Are you treating your boyfriend as your family?) “Huhs? What?” (You have a better eye for choosing property than choosing a boyfriend?)  “You cannot compare things like that!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Hmm how come the paps haven’t been able to get a photo of andy and shirley together yet? Have they even met since the scandal or is he a coward and in hiding?

  2. Oh and I forgot to comment that Shirley Yeung’s hair look like an aunty here! I mean no offense Shirley fans out there but her hairstyle really looks rather bad in this pic! :X

    1. Ah K,
      Shirley’s hairstyle is not too bad, but it just doesn’t suit her and the angle is not too flattering. The style actually would look very nice on Myolie.

  3. ““When you see him then ask him yourself lahs, since the topic is not talking about me.”

    I found this an odd way for Shirley to answer questions about Andy’s debt situation. Her response seems to draw so clearly between Andy and herself, instead of simply saying, “No comment.”

  4. I’m worry for her. She’s always getting herself into sticky situations!

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