Shirley Yeung and Andy Ng Broke Up After Dating for 3 Months

Earlier in June, Miss Hong Kong, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦), was willing to bear cheating charges by dumping her boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪) and dating former Hong Kong diver, Andy Ng (吳帥). It was later revealed that Andy was in fact not a rich man. The always frugal Shirley finally could no longer tolerate it and asked to break up with Andy Ng. Dumped by Shirley, Andy lamented on his blog, “Today was a very sad day!” Shirley and Andy mutually canceled the following of each others’ blogs.

Despite Shirley’s pretty appearance, she can change boyfriends without even blinking her eyes. Since dumping Gregory Lee cold heartedly in June, Oriental Daily exposed that Shirley was dating Andy Ng. Shirley was suspected in dating two men at the same time. Despite being harshly criticized by Gregory’s family, Shirley was willing to take the “cheating” label, continuing to love Andy Ng and did not mind openly dating him.

Recently, there were rumors that Shirley and Andy’s relationship had advanced to the stage where they were discussing wedding plans for next year. According to a reliable source, the couple were often separated long-distance. Let alone seeing each other, speaking on the phone became an increasingly rare occurrence. The worst was that Andy was not the wealthy second generation as initial rumors suggested. When he visited in Hong Kong, he asked Shirley to act as a chauffeur and pick him up.

An Explosive Break Up

Due to the personnel turnover changes at TVB, the station’s fadans were becoming increasingly less. Realizing the danger, Shirley professed earlier that she was willing to film even rape scenes, as possessing money was even better than having a man by one’s side. Since breaking up with Gregory, she recently dumped the “empty-pocketed” Andy Ng. Realizing that he cannot find another “hot property” such as Shirley, Andy tried to find ways to reconcile. Unfortunately, Shirley’s heart was set upon breaking up.

Although Andy has not updated his blog in a long time, he suddenly posted desperately on his blog last night, hinting of the break up. “Today was a very sad day. Hopefully this does not mean that all is lost forever!”Andy’s words revealed his infinite regret. At the same time, it was discovered that Andy and Shirley had stopped following each others blogs.

Shopping With Mother in a Saddened State

Andy went to Hong Kong to see Shirley earlier. Shirley had the habit of wearing a matching ring set on a chain around her neck. However, on September 20th, Shirley deliberately covered her neck area while shopping with her mother in the Jordan district.  Her matching ring was not apparent and Shirley carried a worried frown and appeared preoccupied.  Shirley deliberately did not want to speak about the break up issue. Both Shirley and Andy did not return the reporter’s phone call regarding the matter.

Andy’s friend, Yu Yue (俞越), initially indicated via text message that he possessed no knowledge of the break up. After repeated questioning, Yu Yue said, “Andy said there is no such thing.” The turn of events added to the confusion of whether Shirley and Andy had indeed broken up.

Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: We’ll see whether Shirley confirms the break up or not. Not enough details have emerged to paint the full story.

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  1. 3 months relationship? I thought unofficially it was.. how long was it? 2 years? 1 year?

    Anyway this article is highly suggestive. So when she knew he is all talk and no substance (called cash), she dumped him? Will she go back to Gregory?

  2. My off topic personal attack^_^
    Shirley Yeung is not a big deal – she cannot acts for sure. Is she beautiful? or does she own a model body? NO. She is pretty when she wears dress and markup.

    I watch TVB dramas mostly by reading English subtitle. When I listen to Shirley voice I feel it is annoying. Her appearance in all drams are BAD, especially in early modern period.

    she won many awards in Hong Kong beautiful contest – Miss Hong Kong Pageant and lot of people supported her back then. Probably because she pretended to be nice?

    Back to the story
    If she does not love someone, it might not feel right, but I support her action: breaking-up. However, because of money, then ….bad, bad, bad

    1. I don’t think it’s because of money, if so, she would have dumped G long time ago.

      1. My country has a saying: “It is a big lie if you are living in a lie” – so yes, when problems occurred between them, they were unable to resolve these problems, breaking-up was her right decision. How could have they faced each other everyday if they had decided to continue the relationship? Not very comfortable of course.

      2. But she broke up with Gregory when she noe she can’t be with him? So it’s a good action after all?

    1. she is probably asking Gregory to take her back but seriously i hope he is over her 4ever.

      His father will beat him up for considering that cheater.

    2. If I were her, I wouldn’t go back to Gregory either. I still think she can do better than Gregory and his family.

      I hope she is able to focus on her career now, and worry about relationships later. At this point in time with the new stations, it may be opportunity to make some money.

      1. she can’t do better no rich man would consider a cheater that is not that good looking. Time is running out on her and TVB is a sinking ship as well.

        She is not a hot property even worst than some veteran artists. Her present value is not worth much…

      2. Doing better doesn’t mean it has to be a rich guy. It can be a good guy that makes a stable income, treats her well, and is someone she is able/willing to start a family with. To me, Gregory’s income, seems to be decent but is it stable, can’t really say. I think he no doubt treats her well probably, but seems like a lot of issues going on with his family whom each individual seem to be a bit loony. Is he able to start a family with her, probably not, since they were in a relationship for so long, and either he isn’t able to convince her to marry or she is not willing to marry him, so that takes that part out.

        Honestly, I don’t think Shirley is a great actress, but she isn’t terrible. I think she did a good job in The Brink of Law, so some potential is there, not completely non-existent. Roles can be a factor as well. If she plays the strong career woman or villain, it may be better than the usual tomboy, young girl, pitiful characters she usually does which can get so very annoying. And guidance from seniors help too, since Michelle Yim seems to help her a lot in Brink of Law.

        She may not be hot property to rich suitors, but still ok with audience since she is known to the audience and is a Miss. HK, with publicity (although negative but any publicity is better than no publicity) recently, so some value is there for other stations to consider. She also hasn’t been in any series for a year or so, so she would be considered a fresh face on tv if her series gets aired. Again, not totally non-existent value.

        It’s really to early to judge whether TVB is a sinking ship since the other three stations have not actually broadcast any series yet. I’m not saying that TVB is that strong that can weather any storm, but it’s still early. I do hope that TVB would get hit with some heavy competition though so that they can finally wake up and make better series.

      3. Why would an average joe that has a stable income that is doing better than Gregory even get involve with her? Those guys are hot property and there are lots of young girls chasing and a cheater that is about to expire won’t be considered.

        Im not sure how the audience viewed her dumping Greg in search for gold, however i believe most people don’t care about her.

        Believe me only soft rice eaters will get involved with her the others maybe a hit and run…

      4. If guys only want to have so call ‘hot property’, then they aren’t guys worth having in the long run anyway. Who is to say they are not going to cheat and go with other younger “hot property” girls in the future? Better for all ladies to depend on oneself then! I seriously hope there are guys out there who go for qualities beyond these superficial things or else it’s sad world we’re living in.

        I also believe she still has some good qualities that are attractive. Just because a mistake was made (Assuming it was true she cheated), doesn’t mean she can’t or wouldn’t have a good relationship in the future. Sometimes it depends on timing and place.

  3. Good for her. Although many people may think she deserves it because she is a cheater, she is still too good for that guy.

    I hope she does emerge herself in work and works on her acting. Do I believe that she was a great actress? No, I do think she over-exaggerated a lot but at least she has a good grasp on cantonese which a lot of fadans lack (ex: aimee chan, christine kuo) lol.

    1. Of course she is not a good actress. She was once promoted by TVB, leading actress in a few dramas but her “super-potential” turn her into an supporting actress and now I do not even know where she is

      1. She’s been doing a lot of hosting which I do think she does do well in. Maybe they should develop her in that area instead.

      2. I do not know if she is good as hosting rule. TVB does offer a small cable channel in my language but it only broadcasts old series (at least 2 years-old, most of the time like >10 years-old ^_^ I still see Andy Lau) + some news, no other programs yet (this cable channel is not cheap $10-$15/month).

        But if she is good at it, then keep doing it, trying to be in music or acting seems not to be good for her.

        She lead and “nearly-lead” several dramas a few years ago but

  4. Gregory had the last laugh 🙂 as predicted. Her quest for gold failed and she is done!

  5. I really can’t stand this woman and thinks that she is nothing but a cheat and a greedy liar. I hope Gregory never takes her back. She deserves to be left in the cold and I wish her all the bad luck in the world. Sounds harsh I know but basically she is just a rotten person and has no feelings for anyone but herself. I very rarely dislike any of the artists like that but she and Cecilia Pak I really dislike to the core. I also hope that she loses some of her fans. If any man is willing to marry her then he must be the most stupid man on earth!!!

    1. Cecilia is still better than Shirley despite the racy photos. Ceci at least never cheated on Nic, and never married him because of his fame and fortune. She even made more money than he did. She did it all for love. When Ceci’s insanity is cured, I will have some respect for her again.

      1. Wasn’t there news about Cecilia meeting with Edison on the plane and even taking pictures together? There were rumors that perhaps something was still going on with Edison and Cecilia after the scandal.

        Nothing against Cecilia though but just saying, I do believe Cecilia is a good mother and does love Nicolas Tse very much but that’s only my belief.

      2. @Jadedreams,

        The meeting on the plane was a coincidence. They didn’t do anything on the plane besides taking pictures with clothes on. I don’t believe there’s anything going on between Edison and Ceci. I saw an interview clip of Ceci’s former manager, Mrs. Heung, and she said Ceci got into a relationship with Edison when she was having clinical depression after the breakup with Nic. She even went to see the psychiatrist and took prescribed medications, but all of that didn’t work for her. So, she finally resorted to drugs and alcohol, which made her do stupid things. Ceci is crazy and needs help.

    2. I agree with u, Pineapple. I hope Gregory will not take Shirley back after what she had done to him. She was not too nice to his family either and it would be extremely hard for the Lee family to welcome her back now. I am on the same wavelength as you about Cecilia too.

      1. Lacey : Thank God there are still people like you with the same wavelength as me. Its strange that although I don’t know either Shirley or Cecilia personally, but even by reading all their news and seeing them on TV all these years is enough to tell me what sort of people they are. That is why I am very surprised that there are still supporters out there. Oh well, maybe I am just old fashioned with old fashioned ideas…

    3. Not sure if Gregory will take her back now, although I hope he won’t. Being outsiders, we don’t know what led to their break up. But during their break up, I get the impression that Gregory loves her a lot, to the point of shedding tears in public, and wanting or “begging” to reconcile with her. A bit too much, I feel… he seemed overly sappy and emotional and I can understand why Shirley found it hard to break up with him if he was clingy…

      But Shirley did harden her heart and carry out her decision to leave Gregory for Andy. The break up was messy, with dirty laundry being aired from both sides, from Shirley and Gregory’s family. To his credit, Gregory only weeped and cried, but he didn’t badmouth Shirley.

      If Gregory takes her back now, I mean, come on, you’re a man. Show a bit of spine…

      But of course, since they were together for so many years, their love must be deep.

      As for Shirley, one word comes to mind: desperation. Her actions smacks of desperation when she broke up with Gregory. She couldn’t stand him anymore. She just ran and grabbed whoever was available to help her go through the break up easier. Andy was there and good for her if he was Prince Charming. But unfortunately he wasn’t – her eyes must have been stuck by stamps then, so she bailed out quickly. Her next move?

      She is now aging and her star is not exactly shining bright. So if she wants to land a big fish, competing in the pool of other talented and beautiful stars and starlets, she has to grab one quickly…

      1. If talk about beauty, Shirley is still can be considered as a pretty girl. So her chance to find a big fish is still pretty high. Who care about her acting when dating her?

  6. Shirley and Linda ,they are a good friend good sister but seem like both of them big different….

    1. I could’ve swore I read some news/rumors about Linda Chung being a third party. Surprising how there wasn’t much coverage on that compared to the Shirley & Gregory break up. Supposely, Linda didn’t know she was a third party though…

      I think people in the entertainment circle at the end of the day are still people with both positive traits and flaws. Just because we see something bad doesn’t mean it’s the whole big picture. On the other hand, if so call ‘bad traits or actions’ are not brought to light, then we would never know about it either.

      1. @Jadedreams,

        Yes, Linda did not know that the guy already had an official girlfriend and still went out with her. Thus, it makes Linda look like the more innocent party and there was more sympathy for her than people seem to have for Shirley.

      2. Yeah. Artists wear masks and tell lies all the time :). Most of the “good girls” turned out involved in sex scandals, being the third party, pregnant b4 marriage, etc.

    2. @Kim: Yeah, Shirley dare to make her relationship with G public despite the negative impact it placed on her career, Linda did not. He old boyfriend just leave secretly 🙂

  7. I think Shirley made some bad decisions and handled the breakup badly but she has a lot of other things going for her. She’s obviously a very filial daughter… and someone as filial as she is can’t be that bad of a person. She’s a very hard worker, a good hostess, and a decent supporting actress. Many TV stations could use her talent.

  8. She can move to new station, she is kind of veteran with her aging, she is great actress.

    1. Her acting isn’t good and she’s also losing her youth soon. I don’t see any big future for her in acting

  9. She deserves better. Dumping Greogry & Andy is not all bad. We dont really know what happens. Most of our information comes from the media which is known for lots of untrue.
    Hope things will turn out better for her soon.

  10. its called karma. she’s always frugal and a goldigger. and if her bf cant look after her, well you’ll know where they’ll end up. karma cause her career is crap anyway these days. playing these stupid kelerfare roles. she has such a “mui ghay deng” face. not class or expensive worth at all. looks like a cheap sh*tface selling fruit at a market.

  11. I do find it amazing that there are some people who thinks Shirley Yeung is absolutely marvellous; i.e. a good actress and a good person, been hard done by because of the break-up of her relationships etc…. and then there are some who really dislike her to the core (like myself for instance).

    Sushiroll : I really agree with you that she is a golddigger, not a good actress at all and strangely enough I find her face annoying. I never thought about her selling fruit at a market though but that is not a bad idea. She’s probably better off there since her career seems to be plunging downwards from now on.

  12. Well she is in a pinch now. Betrayed the man who loved her for 9 years and maybe still loving her for a person who she deemed was better, she made the greatest mistake of her life. Who will take her in besides those who want quickies?

    1. Andy said he loved her for 11 years and still loving her. So you can’t sure Gregory and Andy, who loves she more.

  13. Funny, from the article, look like Shirley dumped Andy and Andy still loves and waits for her, but ppl here make like Shirley is dumped.

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