Shirley Yeung Suddenly Changes Behavior And Buys Luxury Goods

After changing a boyfriend, Shirley Yeung (杨思琦) seemed to have completely changed in character as well and bid farewell to her thrifty former self, buying branded goods as of late. After purchasing a branded pair of shoes, Shirley continued to shop leisurely in other branded shops.
After Shirley Yeung heartlessly cut off her 9-year relationship with Gregory Lee (李泳豪), she announced her romance with new lover, Andy Ng (吴帅). As a result, Shirley’s career dipped and hit a bottomless pit.

Yesterday afternoon, Andy Ng, who has yet to emerge from hiding, sent good friend, Yu Yue (俞越) to accompany Shirley and her mom for some shopping. Astonishingly, the usually frugal Shirley Yeung actually shopped for some new goods at a branded shop. After the identity of former HK national diver, Andy Ng, was exposed, there were several negative rumors about him. Although Shirley expressed her full support for him, amidst the development of matters, Andy has yet to appear in the public eyes. Even accompanying Shirley and her mother for a shopping trip was done through someone else’s help and that someone else was none other than his ex-teammate and best friend, Yu Yue.

Attacks Expensive High Heel Shoes

Yesterday around 4 PM, Shirley who was donned in a black outfit, appeared in Central district together with her mom and Yu Yue. Shirley, who was notorious for being thrifty, surprisingly browsed through many branded stores. This was a great contrast from her usual frugal self, in fact, it was like they were two different persons! After some time, Shirley spotted something she liked and after discussing with her mom and Yu Yue, she decided to purchase it.

The reporter later contacted Yu Yue and asked why wasn’t Andy Ng with them on that day. Yu Yue replied, “Andy wasn’t in Hong Kong but still in mainland.” (Andy asked you to take care of Shirley?) No, he didn’t but we are familiar with each other in the first place.” (You paid for Shirley’s purchase?) “We bought and paid for our own stuffs, she paid for her own purchase.”

S-style Driving to Avoid Reporters

In other news, yesterday, after attending an event, Shirley drove herself and her mom to a hair salon at Tsim Sha Tsui to do their hair. On that day, in order to avoid the interview team that was tailgating them, Shirley disregarded her and her mom’s safety and turned left and rightwards on the expressway, it was indeed very dangerous!  Shirley who failed to shake off the reporters, finally entered the carpark. When asked whether she was meeting her boyfriend, Shirley smiled and replied, “Thank you” before walking into the hair salon.


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. What do you think that made her to change 360 degree drastically? after breaking up Gregory.. Shirley used to be a stingy person who save for raining days but she just changed to a big spender within few months after her broke up with Gregory? Wonder what make her change drastically..

    1. @Veejay:

      …Probably brainwashed by Wu Shuai, lol!

      Haha just kidding, I think it’s a fact that people do change. Someone whom you know to be strong in the past could turn out to be vulnerable a few years from now and someone like Shirley Yeung probably changed her thinking and priorities from the past, who knows? Maybe she experienced some near-death experience refreshed her thinking and made her realized that she can’t bring the money into the coffin with her anyway and decide to spend it as it comes? Afterall, Shirley is still young and pretty and hasn’t aged yet so she can still afford to spend now and save later for a few years.

      Cause seriously, if the previous articles about Wu Shuai are to be believed, doubt that she can rely on Wu Shuai to be her mattress in life and will have the wealth to spend Wu Shuai’s money since Wu Shuai was already exposed to be an empty shell in real life.

      And honestly, the way this drama unfolds and if Wu Shuai continues to evade from the public’s eyes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shirley dumped him for Yu Yue since he’s the one who has been accompanying her and her mom now. Feelings grow over time manx and maybe history might repeat itself again (For ex, Shirley allegedly dump Gregory for Wu Shuai and now Shirley might dump Wu Shuai for Yu Yue?) Karma is always two way, dude!

      1. lol, just like us..when we got fedup or had experienced somehting which made us realize that money can’t bring to the coffin..maybe we will become like Shirley too? (provided our bank account is loaded like Shirley too) 🙂

      2. You right Veejay, money cannot bring to my coffin. Just like I don’t want to hug money to sleep. I want to bring good memories of my husband and son to my coffin, die and have my family by my side.
        Veejay, when you at work, do your mother in laws take care of your daughter?

      3. @Leilafan,

        My mom in law is currently looking after my sis’ in law’s daughter plus she lives far away from my home. I placed my baby girl to a nearby nanny to look after, usually will fetch her from nanny around 7.30pm (there won’t be any extra charge, maybe nanny is nice)

        My bb is kinda naughty now, she has been chewing up things she picks from the bed xD, when we told her nicely that she can’t chew them, she will throw the item away like throwing a baseball xD My husband and I always need to clean up the mess on the floor and it’s really tiring. And my bb is currently having this kind of prob (throwing out some milk after we burped her).. And everytime she throws out the milk she had, I gotta wipe the floor and this is reallyyy tiring especially you can’t sleep like normal ppl during middle of the night!

        I have been thru situation where I didnt sleep for 24/7 taking care of my bb when she was having teething issue.. I can still remember hearing neighbour’s car engine on getting ready to work and I’m still awake didnt sleep for 24/7 xD

      4. Yea, we can’t take money to our coffin. My mom always tells me and my siblings “Whatever you give and donate is not lost, but whatever you put away and save is what you will leave in this world after you die”. I actually agree with that…I wonder why Shirley changed so much?? Don’t tell me she was only pretending to be frugal all this time… I thought she should be more frugal since her career is right now not going well for her…

      5. @Veejay,
        Wait a minute, aren’t you a guy?? I thought all this time that you were a guy…

      6. @Ah k,
        I wonder if Andy will dump Shirley one day? I think that will be karma for her too.. Why is it always her that is dumping guys??

      7. @HTS,

        haha, sorry that I didnt inform you earlier that I’m always a woman xD. I know my nick is confusing as it’s picked/named without a reason when I first join JayneStar forum. I certainly never thought of announcing my gender here since I hardly share any personal info online due to various online risks. Sorry to tell you this late.

      8. @Veejay,
        Thanks for informing me.. Gosh, I can’t believe that I kept on thinking that you were a guy all this time. I guess I am just not good at judging someone’s gender online. I understand about not sharing too much about yourself online. I am usually very open about certain things but have learned my lesson about what to share. I became really sad for awhile due to others that did not know me at all but judged me the wrong way. Thanks for letting me know!

      9. @Veejay:

        “@Ah k,
        I wonder if Andy will dump Shirley one day? I think that will be karma for her too.. Why is it always her that is dumping guys??”

        Hmm…maybe? Cause if she can allegedly dump Gregory then she could also dump him too so maybe he will “jump” in and dump her first before she could take action?

        If such a thing really occurred, I would say good riddance but I’m not mean enough to wish for it to happen 🙂

      10. @HeTieShou:

        You are not alone in your thinking! I thought @Veejay was a guy too (maybe cause of the “jay” in her nick) until she shared motherhood tips with @LeilaFan lol!


        I get where you are coming from cause I chose this “Ah K” nick (from Ron Ng’s character from “OL Supreme”) to make people think I’m a guy too but my expose got revealed soon lol! Either because my nick is way too crappy or you guys are way too smart to fool lol! 😀

    2. I don’t mean to offend you but it’s 180 not 360 degrees. 360 is a complete circle, back to the starting point so there’s no change. 180 is a semi-circle so there’s a drastic change. Sorry but I mean no harm 😉

      1. No offense taken, dont worry. My maths sucksss always hehe.. the term 360 degree came from my cantonese translation to english xD

  2. I’m so sick and tired seeing all these artistes going for short hair. They really follow the trend blindly. I’m sick and tired seeing all of them going for short hair irregardless whether suit them or not. Short hair doesn’t suit Shirley at all. I personally would say that Tavia’s face can really carry with any hair cut.

    1. @bloom,

      I’m in the opposite side haha, I think artists like Charmaine, Tavia and now Shirley cutting their hair short looks refreshing and pretty. I actually have been thinking whether should cut my hair short like Tavia :). I think Shirley looks good in short hair xD probably thanks to her hairsylist.

  3. If she really change like that, I think she may realized money’s just papers in the bank account, so now she enjoy life and spend. Maybe before when she was with Greg, she didn’t feel safe as He didn’t earn real good, so she had to save money as much as possible? Maybe she’s in love now so she happy and when women happy they like to shop:)Well when women sad they like to shop too … hehehe…

    1. If that were the case, then shouldn’t she be even more frugal now since the Andy guy is just an empty shell. When she was with Gregory, at least he earned something but this Andy guy(if the rumours are true) doesn’t have anything. Her career is also at a low point right now so I thought that she should be saving even more than before. But she is now spending so much…Strange…

  4. Short hair does not suit her well, she looks much better with long hair.

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