[Handsome CEO] Louis Koo Invests in Films and Post-Production Business

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Louis Koo (古天樂) has been an anchor in Hong Kong films since the 1990s. Aside from earning millions in filming fees and product endorsements, Louis is an acute investor and profited $100 million HKD from his real estate properties. The 43-year-old hoped to diversify his income further, by investing in Hong Kong films and purchasing a 50 percent stake in a post-production company.

Since last year, Louis has been actively investing in Hong Kong films he appeared in. He invested 20 percent in Out of Inferno <逃出生天 3D> as well as The White Storm <掃毒>. Although the two films only broke even in earnings, that did not stop Louis from more investments. He poured $15 million HKD for the filming of Naked Ambition 2 <3D豪情> and another $12 million HKD into Golden Chickensss<金雞 SSS>, which grossed $40 million HKD at the box office.

Louis often acts fast when it comes to choosing films to invest in. It was alleged that Sun Entertainment was the initial biggest investor in Naked Ambition and producer Chan King Ha (陳慶嘉) only wanted Louis to guest-star in the film. However, when Louis saw the script, he liked the film so much that he decided to become an investor. When he heard about TVB’s upcoming movie version of Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>, he immediately expressed interest in investing in it.

Louis Wants to Diversify Investments

An insider revealed, “Louis has been making films for a long time. He always wanted to be multi-faceted like Stephen Chow (周星馳) . In 2012, Louis invested in a friend’s production company. This January, he decided to start up his own post-production company. He’s very low key about it. Not many people in the industry know.”

The insider continued, “Actually Louis started the post-production company because he saw how Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) is monopolizing the whole market. He also wants a piece of the fat meat.” Nicholas Tse is reportedly generating $100 million HKD in annual revenue from his commercial and film post-production.

Louis and  Ng Yuen Fai (吳炫輝) bought over CG Special effects company, Fat Face Production Limited, which has handled the post-production work for films such as Cold War <寒戰>, Taiji <太極>, Dream Home <維多利亞壹號> and Bodyguards and Assassins <十月圍城>. The partners each own 50 percent share of the company.

A frequent collaborator with director, Johnnie To (杜琪峯), Louis reportedly invested $15 million HKD in Johnnie’s company, Milkyway Hairun Artists Ltd. When Johnnie learned that Louis was going to start up his own post-production company, he immediately offered him an unit in his office building. Playing with his own nickname, Louis named his office ‘One Cool’. However, Johnnie did not want to reveal much when reporters called him up to clarify about the matter.

This Louis Koo article is part of the “Handsome CEO” series at JayneStars.com, profiling the most handsome and successful Asian Celebrity CEOs! Other articles in this series include:

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  3. Louis looks dashing in those photos. 🙂 I miss him on TV since I don’t keep up with his movies.

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