Hawick Lau Faced with Infidelity Rumors, Yang Mi: “I Believe in Him”

It’s been a pretty stressful week for Yang Mi (楊冪), who has to face the brunt of the infidelity accusations on her husband, Hawick Lau (劉愷威).

Hawick’s infidelity rumors came about when paparazzi spotted Hawick slipping into his costar’s hotel room in Xinjiang. Hawick and the costar, Chinese actress Wang Ou (王鸥), stayed in the hotel room for four hours.

At the red carpet for a fashion event yesterday, Yang Mi responded to her husband’s infidelity rumor with simplicity and grace. “I know everyone’s been very concerned,” she said. “I am feeling well. I thank you all once again for the concerns. No matter what happens, I believe in Hawick. Thank you.”

Feeling stressed about the negative rumors, Yang Mi chose not to attend the fashion awards ceremony despite attending the red carpet. Her close friend Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), previously rumored to have fallen out with her, accepted Yang Mi’s award on her behalf.

Tiffany said, “Yang Mi asked me if I could represent her in receiving this award. She said thank you.”

Hawick has already responded to the infidelity rumors with several statements.

“[…] I didn’t expect such a big misunderstanding,” he wrote on Weibo. “I can only say that in the future, when we go over a script or table read, we can no longer do it at night or at each other’s rooms. This was an experience. Thank you for making me aware.” His agency has issued a legal statement.

Source: QQ

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. sounds like one of those sarcastic jokes you hear in a comedy movie. yup, we just hang out together inside the room to go over the scripts. just us two and in the middle of the night just so that no one would notice and not stir up any rumors….

    1. @m0m0 I was actually about to accept such a suspicious reasoning…but then I heard of the lights off and changing of pants before closing the door…there is just no way on earth to convince anyone with that. Yang Mi trust him so quick, don’t tell me he reasoned with her about last time knocking of Nicolas Tse door?

    2. @m0m0 There’s no smoke without fire. Yang Mi is clearly upset. What else do man and woman do in the middle of the night in a hotel room for four hours? Reading script is BS. Savvy married actor like him will not take the risk to invite gossip by doing so, therefore the public is not unreasonable to conclude that there’s some hanky panky going on.

  2. As a married man and experienced actor, if he is so decent, he KNOWS he should not be going to another actress room alone just to ‘read script’. LMAO. Is the whole drama series only have 2 casts?? Even if it’s really need to be alone to read script, at least should have the decency to call/video call his wife while in the room. But no, the wife found it via media. Shady after all.

    I don’t believe him even a bit.

  3. Might not be true. Video was apparently cut and edited according to the crue member.

    That would explain the reason why change clothes and accessories (from watch when walk in and turn into band when walk out). Where did he get the change of clothes?

    Not saying that he is innocent. I just think a video that could have been edited is not enough. They need more evidence.

    1. @1nit Could be… because the idiot me would still have some trust when things appear so false already! But according to his statement up there, it sounds like he was alone with the lady. And then, seems like the crew just jumped in to say a different story at a later point. Yang Mi is one of my fav. actress, I cannot believe this Hawick! I used to like him too, but seems like he is forever ruined. Very bad decision! People now a day don’t know what is appropriate and not appropriate to do. Maybe I would still give them a little piece of hope that he was probably set up bc I love my Yang Mi! Peace.

      1. @davy

        Lets see what other info/ evidence they bring up.

        Yang Mi was accused of cheating few years ago and it turned out to be untrue.

  4. I personally think it is only a matter of time before they call it quits. It’s sad because he seemed to really love her during their dating period.

  5. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the explanation is kind of weak.

    On another note, Hawick can never be a great actor for me, specifically because of one thing. His eyes. I don’t know if it’s different in real life, but onscreen, whenever I look at his eyes, it’s like I’m looking into a bottomless abyss. I think that expressing emotions with your eyes is such an important part of acting; he gives me nothing with his eyes. There’s no soul in them no matter what role it is.

  6. I dunno. I don’t think HL is a cheater. He just doesn’t seem the type. Plus his company is half owned by Yang Mi, so he wouldn’t be stupid enough to do something as drastic as to cheat on her without absolute caution. The fact he walked so openly and recklessly to another woman’s room seems to infer that he really was there to work. But if truth comes out and he really did cheat, then he’s one big idiot.

    @dandan – yes, it’s sad but i don’t think hawick lau ever really improved acting-wise. he was decent in HK dramas, but in mainland dramas he seemed to lack focus and emotional range. it’s literally like looking at a vase, except on a guy’s face. i quite liked HL when he was an actor in HK, but have since readjusted my perception of him. it’s strange too because i remember yangmi used to tell the press that she fell for HL because he taught her how to act and truly be an actor…except he couldn’t do what he preached.

  7. I first saw him in one movie Harwick Lau, seemed like a very handsome, young, skilled actor who showed a lot of promise. But now to hear of this scandal as a married actor with this actress, its sad and so damaging not only to his career but to his wife if its true. If this timeline is true, even one night or one time at even 2 or 4 hours, it shows clearly if its only script reading, etc, doesn’t take that long especially if you’re an experienced actor. I feel sorry for his wife that is hurting emotionally but she is trying to take in stride, but feel it won’t be long before there’s a divorce announcement looming in the future months and she has reason to. Once a married husband does that to you, you can try to reason, try to make the marriage work, a comeback, but it’s really an empty promise since there is no heartfelt trust there anymore. If she continues in the marriage, she can no longer trust him or have a peace of mind should he even be gone 1 hour or even 15 minutes. Otherwise, thanks to him his career is damaged and more so his marriage and just as a human being which he can never get back or be trusted again. But good luck to the two of them, just don’t be fooled or be so trusting, it’s a challenge. Hate when this kind of thing happens to good people, they are both ruined after awhile, irreparable damage done. Shame on Harwick if he’s done untrust worthy activity, clearly covered up by staff, film crew, etc that really know the truth and see it everyday and yet know that that is their real job on the set as well as off. So everybody is in on it as far as protecting their infidelities. Sad but feel it’s true, too bad.

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