Hera Chan Will Perform Aerial Yoga in Miss Chinese International 2019

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Hera Chan Will Perform Aerial Yoga in Miss Chinese International 2019

Hera Chan, Lisa He, Stephanie Wang, and Fiona Tse at a fitness event for Miss Chinese International 2019.

The 19 contestants from Miss Chinese International 2019  Pageant are training to be in their best form for finals night. At a fitness center event, the contestants were accompanied by former Miss Hong Kong winners, Louisa Mak (麥明詩) and Toby Chan (陳庭欣). Australia’s Fiona Tse (謝曉穎) and Hawaii’s Stephanie Wang (王慧媛) won awards for their fit and beautiful figures.

The contestants’ fitness have been put to the test including yoga, TRX, and even Thai boxing to ensure best results on the night of the pageant.

Hong Kong’s Hera Chan (陳曉華) performed aerial yoga at the Miss Hong Kong 2018 pageant, which won the judges’ approval. Though her performance was okay at the training, she admired Joanne Thai (蔡麗欣) from Brisbane and Stephanie Wang from Hawaii for their fit physiques. When asked about her aerial yoga performance for pageant night, Hera shared, “I won’t be able to practice once we are at the hotel. All I can do is watch past performances and playbacks. Since I train regularly, I can just practice at dress rehearsal and I should be ready!”

On the other hand, London’s Lisa He (賀灕灑), though she was ill, loved the training experience and believes that exercise always brings her mood up. Regardless of sickness, she worked really hard and is not upset she did not receive the award. She revealed that she will be doing hip hop for the talent segment during the pageant. When asked if she excelled in other sports, she shared, “In primary school, I loved basketball and even joined co-ed basketball when I was older. I also enjoy golf, swimming, and pole dancing. I definitely need to be fitter and gain more muscle so I have been eating a lot more. In terms of winning, the support I have received has been my biggest motivation.”

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