Hilary Tsui Reveals How She Keeps 18-Year Relationship with Eason Chan Fresh

Despite their 18-year relationship, sparks are still flying between Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈) and Eason Chan (陳奕迅). Hilary shared her secrets on having a healthy, long-term relationship, which include mutual support and a unified parenting style.

Hilary Tsui was scouted by a talent agent in 1993 and debuted as an actress under Andy Lau’s (劉德華) now defunct company Teamwork Motion Pictures. In her 10-year acting career, Hilary has appeared in at least 15 films and 8 television dramas.

Shortly after meeting husband Eason in 1996, Hilary began to slowly decrease her acting appearances. In 2004, Hilary gave birth to daughter Constance Chan (陳康堤) and retired from the acting industry, focusing all her energy and time to raise their daughter. Hilary and Eason married two years later.

Being tolerant and supportive of each other is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Hilary said that it is important to learn how to admire your partner, cherish the time you spend together, and maintain your own charms so your partner can be proud of you. “I really admire Eason’s talent and inner-conscience. He is very focused on providing the best for his family and kids. He also tries to stay in shape so he won’t look embarrassed next to me.”

On how she deals with Eason’s temper outbursts, Hilary calmly said, “Eason can be very mean and strict to his daughter. He can roar like a lion. Sometimes I’m scared, but I will always be by his side.”

Communication is very important between a married couple. “As time goes by, that passion dries out. We have also experienced that period before. We should always find new adventures and create new sparks. In the past few years, We’ve been working on doing things that keeps the other interested and proud. He pursues his singing career, and I pursue my fashion business and run the marathon. We feel proud of each other.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “He also tries to stay in shape so he won’t look embarrassed next to me.”
    HOLY MOLLY, like she’s that much to look at to match w/her?? Hahha LOL… my friends n I always joke that I don’t think there’s ever a weird looking pair like they are. Ahaha..the way they think they are so highly fashionable, but borderline tacky or those weird hairdos. LOL…

    1. They imagine themselves to be among the avante garde edgy.

      They also try too hard to come across as unconventional – you wonder why?
      Is it a case of truly = ‘I don’t give a ****’; or inversely = really attention seeking?

      Agree on the “weird-looking hairdos” and “borderline tacky” what they regard as avante-garde off the wall. Outfits sweatshops can put together in 2 minutes, with rejected cheap fabric overruns.

      There’s no price tag for taste or style.

      Sometimes crazed looking. Might be the effects of whatever they’re snorting.

      For the spiel Hillary spouted on their wonderful relationship – that is subjective too, what really goes on behind closed doors.

      Eason is looking like Lisa Wang’s Lau Ka Wing up there, to me anyways

      1. @nomad 822,

        hahah…Eason used to look a tiny bit better I think but ever since he’s gotten way more famous for his I don’t know how ‘SINGING’ talent, he’s just gotten wackier and wackier in fashion or hairstyle. Yes, probably both on crack sometimes to be out in public like that haha LOL…

      2. I like her fashion sense, it’s not something that I can pull off but as an aspiring designer I think she has great style. No need to put someone else down like that…

  2. Snorting coke would be a critical ingredient to this, I guess.

  3. You guys are so mean. The comments here are way too vile, it’s almost like I’m reading Youtube comments.

      1. Yeah but I doubt they will have the guts to say this in person lol Chinese whispers that’s all it is!

  4. Eason is one of those artistes in HK that don’t need looks to become successful. Sure you may not agree with his fashion style or personality but he’s one of the most talented singer, writer and composer in the HK industry. Well usually those that aren’t likebale usually are anyways.

  5. It doesnt matter how he looks like, because his singing is awesome!

    I can tell you that no other HK singer has the same satus as Eason in Mainland. They love him. I love him!

    1. Actually no other HK singer has managed to hit it big in China/HK/anywhere with Chinese ethnic people after Eason yet. I think only GEM finally catches up after her popularity explodes in I am a Singer but she has yer to broke into South East Asia or North America Chinese population.

      1. This shows how much HK music industry is going downhill after Eason’s generation, since they can’t even produce at least one big star singer. Less talent nowadays.

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