Housewife Duties Take Heavy Toll on Andy Lau’s Wife, Carol Chu

Being a housewife is a lot harder than it sounds, and it’s even more stressful if you are a wife of one particular Heavenly King from Hong Kong.

Throughout most of last year, Andy Lau (劉德華) was in recuperation mode due to a serious fall injury he sustained in Thailand. The 56-year-old finally made a full recovery after eight months of rest, and he officially resumed his activities last month. His speedy recovery was in part thanks to his wife Carol, who made it a priority to visit Andy every day while he was still in the hospital. In addition to raising their young daughter Hanna (劉向蕙) and caring for Andy’s parents, Carol did not have time to rest.

According to a paparazzi report, Carol was very worried and concerned when she heard the news of Andy’s fall. She flew to Thailand immediately after getting the call, and was by Andy’s side when he took the emergency jet back to Hong Kong. During his hospitalization, Carol took charge of Andy’s meal preparations and would go food shopping nearly every other day. At Andy’s fan meeting last September, Andy openly thanked his wife in front of his fan: “Many people say my wife is really strong. When I was injured, she held herself very well, like everything was fine, but… every single day, she was there to help me stand back up again… she waited…”

Paparazzi said the 51-year-old former beauty queen looked noticeably more tired and drained when she was spotted at a humble cosmetics clinic recently, shopping for deals. Carol had no makeup on, with dark, sullen eyes. Now that Andy is walking and well, Carol can finally take a breather and treat herself to a good, yet affordable, facial treatment.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. she has one job. Andy Lau is a full time job. of course she is haggard. Also comes with the burden of his fans.

    1. @funnlim “Also comes with the burden of his fans”……….

      That sentence makes no sense. Why would Carol looking haggard be attributed to the fans. Yes, Andy has some sick ‘fans’ who are nutty but all the other three from that group have nutty fans too, and their wives do not go around looking haggard. The fans or the media do not harass or abuse Carol in any way. Well, there have been a few, one in particular, who wrote horrible things about Carol cause they wanted Andy for themselves. That is still not an excuse to blame the fans for Carol looking haggard.

      Carol simply is tired from looking after Andy full time, not that she is, or should be complaining. He needed that as his recovery was a very delicate and prolonged process. She also has his two elderly parents to care for. Add a young child as well, and that would wear out any superwoman. Hope Andy appreciates the special and wonderful wife he has.

  2. I don’t think we can use the excuse or need any justification that Carol is looking haggard just because she is looking after Andy and her family. It is very normal for a wife to look after her family. She is just getting older and looking her age. Maybe people take it for granted that 50+ year olds should look youthful because of many of lead actresses are looking young due to surgery, botox, makeup or just looking after themselves well.

  3. Puleeze she’s 51!

    Not every female (even those in showbiz where looks matter) ages naturally gracefully. Quite normal to look like this, at 51, even among society tai-tais. Compare the better looker guys of yore (including Leon Lai) – not everyone ends up aging like chiselled Jacky Cheung too.

    Skin loses elasticity, metabolic rate drops – easier to put on weight (or develop double chins/eye bags, jowls) etc. Unfortunately.

    One cannot please everyone. Do some tweaks and PS will come up, stay au naturel and folks will say haggard. 😛 I just came from the Cecilia Cheung thread where she was looking gorgeous, and there PS was raised. LOL! Cecilia never had all the time to look like that either, when she was married to Nic.

    1. 4@nomad822 I have no problem with men and women getting PS, especially the folks in the public’s eye. It seems to be an unwritten law for such requirements for celebs.I like Cecilia too, and if it makes her happy, more power to her to get some work done. Come on, anyone with eyes can see she had work done, good for her, she was always a naturally good looking woman, but she looks great. Once she does not look like Priscilla Presley, Iil Kim or Jocelyn Wildenstein, nothing wrong with getting it. These women who look wonderful and refreshed after PS should be happy with their looks cause wise folks with eyes know they had the work done. Why be like a certain celeb who threatens lawsuits and made an of herself on national TV.

      Yes Carol looks a bit run down because looking after her *perfectionist* husband is a job in itself whether he is sick or not. Add the painful, long healing delicate injury he had and that is three jobs in one. Add a small child and elderly parents and Carol should not be envied. She is a couple weeks away from turning 52. Yes, she is aging. What is amazing is Carol seems content to remain simple, which is all good, but hubby spends endless money on sheep cell injections to look good. I guess because he is the public figure and she is not.

  4. I don’t know her.
    But I observe people, a lot. And women who tend NOT to focus on themselves tend to be more selfless. They care for others more than themselves.

    Bs the (me, me and MY self care) – ie immaculate painted long manicured nails, having the perfect skin without one sun spot or blemish – it warrants a visit to the doctor to zap, and always perfectly cut hair. These are often also the types who either manipulate their men like little doting loving birds (stroking egos making him think he’s King) … Or control like the Dowager with an iron first. Or can be a trophy wife.

    But commonality – focus is on SELF. They would throw burgers and buns at their kids, but think nothing about spending 4 h ‘saving money’ – ie getting their own nails done instead of at a manicurist. Stingy with kids clothing – cheapie $5 market Hello Kitty 😛 but decked in latest trends or designer brands. They’re worth it. SELF CARE can have an underlying trait too – selfish.

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