How Hubert Wu’s Crush Confessed with a Bunch of Bananas

At a press conference for a school beauty queen competition, Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞) shared an amusing story from his high school days. A girl in another class had a crush on him and confessed her feelingsin a unique way–with a bunch of bananas. Although Hubert ate the bananas the girl gave him, he eventually turned her down.

“Every day, I would open the drawer in my desk and find a banana there. Maybe she wanted me to be healthy. It’s a nutritious snack that you can eat anywhere. I also received a big cake–the size of a birthday cake. She gave the cake only to me, but I shared it with my classmates.”

Curious about who had a crush on him, Hubert eventually found out it was a female student in another class. He finally confronted her and said, “I asked her to not give me [the bananas] anymore because I really couldn’t eat all of them. Also, I already had a girlfriend at the time.”

Sharing his criteria when selecting a partner, Hubert said that inner beauty and talent are more attractive to him since they last longer than physical appearance. The humble 28-year-old joked, “I don’t have looks nor inner beauty, so it’s quite amazing that I ended up working in the entertainment industry.”


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