How Moses Chan is Able to Resist Temptation in His Marriage

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How Moses Chan is Able to Resist Temptation in His Marriage

A model husband, 48-year-old Moses Chan (陳豪) has been married to 38-year-old Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) for nearly six years. Many couples experience marital problems while raising young children together, but Moses and Aimee have a fantastic marriage. Moses would never risk losing Aimee and their family by succumbing to temptation.

Among Hong Kong actors, Moses is often regarded as a loyal husband. With Andy Hui‘s (許志安)  cheating scandal sending shock waves across the industry, Moses was asked if he ever struggled with temptations as a married man. He assertively answered that there is no temptation for him, “What temptation? My life goal is my wife and three children. I already have the best [people beside me] in my life. Whenever I think about my family, I know they are the most important.”

The actor believes it is important to live life conscientiously and not hurt others. Due to his traditional views, he believes men and women shouldn’t be easily intimate with each other.

Although others may see him as westernized with open attitudes, Moses is actually very conservative and tries to avoid filming kissing scenes as much as possible.

He believes a couple with no secrets is the key to a healthy relationship. If secrets continuously build up over time, they will likely cause problems one day. The couple believes in maintaining a transparent relationship with each other from the start, so even exchanging phones is not a problem. Moses said, “When I go out for social events, I’ll bring along my wife. My friends also want to see her.”

The couple had just celebrated their daughter’s third birthday with Aimee’s specially designed and baked cake. Due to Aimee background in the arts, she has talents in cake decoration. Aimee has considered turning her talents into a business, but for now, they’re too busy with caring for their children.

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15 comments to How Moses Chan is Able to Resist Temptation in His Marriage

  1. littlefish says:

    By growing an ugly moustache x’D

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  2. sev2 says:

    Wait till you have 30years in your relationship like Sammi and Andy, then only comment. Before the scandal got exposed, Andy was ‘loyal’ too. So you never know, just live your life and don’t need to be so eager to let people know you are ‘loyal husband’

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    • asiansensation replied:

      @sev2 Nicely said. With 3 young kids, he’s has no energy to cheat even if he wanted to. Likewise the fact that AH and SC have no kids allowed him to have time and energy to add a little spice to his life.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @sev2 Thumbs Up!!

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    • passingby2 replied:

      @sev2 Agree with you. It’s so easy to take the moral high ground. All it takes is a moment of weakness to succumb to temptation . I never expected AH to cheat either. He looks like such a boring guy but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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    • janet72 replied:

      @sev2 if men want to cheat, they do not need any excuse to. prince Charles continued with his affair with camilla even though his wife was a beauty.
      it’s tough to keep a marriage going, especially in entertainment industry.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Women can cheat too and it is not just the men.

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    • babycakes replied:

      @sev2 well said Sev!

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Exactly! Time will tell all and I have known people who were married for 30+ and 40+ years still stray and cheat down the road. It is not just the guy but women can cheat too. With time you change and they change and it is hard to maintain a marriage for a lifetime. Marriages that last a lifetime are truly rare these days.

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    • coralie replied:

      @sev2 agreed. it’s too early to tell if a partner will cheat. too many possibilities & temptations involved, to say for sure.

      i definitely think the fault lies with the cheater no matter what, but since there are so many factors at play when it comes to cheating, i don’t think it’s always so black and white as to whether a cheater is forgivable.

      for example, i know a couple who has a very tumultuous relationship. the woman had her kids out of wedlock and her husband decided to marry her so that he could take responsibility and keep the family together. unfortunately, the woman has had a very awful past and as a result, is hypervigilant & anxious of people and her kids. he fights with her constantly because she’s very unreasonable. she can’t help it, though, because of her past history. even when he’s brought up divorcing before, she’d threaten to commit suicide. she’s emotionally very volatile and he’s basically the family’s only source of stability at this point. it’s very unhealthy, both for them and their kids, but he’s sticking with them until the kids are older. it would not surprise me one bit if he cheats on her in the future, as terrible as it sounds. in cases like that, even if he is a cheater, i can’t say i blame him.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Well said and it is not only cheating that causes a marriage to break down. It is many other reasons which is why I admire couples who are still happily married even after so many years. I once talked to my friend’s friend and she was married to her husband for over 40 years. They were
        still in love but she said that it was very hard and was not all smooth sailing. It is easy to say that you will cherish your wife or husband if you are newly married but, down the road who really knows? As we can see with Catherine Hung and her husband plus many other cases.

        The example you cited sounds like my former friend ‘s brother. He married because he got his girlfriend pregnant but his wife is very unreasonable. Their marriage was very unstable and had so many problems. I think they are divorced by now as she was not ready to be a wife and mother. She was like a Yang Mi. She just worked while her in law’s took care of the baby.

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  3. jimmyszeto says:

    I hate that after a scandal like this, the media seeks the assurances of other celeb couples and force them to admit that they will never cheat. What else would they expect them to say? There’s no way of knowing if they have previous not cheated nor if they will in the future. Stop putting pressure on them!

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