“Ip Man” TV Drama Asks Fans for Casting Decisions

New television drama, Ip Man <叶问>, is one of the most high-profile projects announced in mainland China this year. Vincent Zhao (赵文卓) was reportedly invited to appear in the Ip Man TV drama. In addition, the production team of the drama has reached out to fans in the Weibo community, asking for casting suggestions!

Netizens were excited by the upcoming Ip Man TV drama. Fans suggested that Han Geng (韩庚), Wu Chun (吴尊), Wallace Chung (钟汉良) and Wallace Huo (霍建华) be considered for roles in the drama. The production team of the Ip Man TV drama promised to consider fans’ casting suggestions, in order to create a martial arts series that would satisfy the taste of young audiences!

Vincent Zhao Praises “Ip Man” TV Drama Script

In May, it was reported that Vincent Zhao was invited to appear in the Ip Man TV drama. Vincent later denied the news. Director Fan Xiaotian (范小天) indicated on Weibo that Vincent Zhao had read and praised the TV drama’s script for its “majestic atmosphere and superb level of detail.” Vincent’s praise led to the speculation that his participation in the Ip Man TV drama was highly possible, although final casting decisions have not been announced yet.

Unlike other martial arts series which focused on fulfilling only adrenaline rushes, the Ip Man TV drama aims to portray the makings of a true hero. It will present the story from the perspective of martial artist, Ip Man, while living in a turbulent era.

Director Fan explained, “We intend to create a new era of martial arts. Through the perspective of one person facing a turbulent era, he continuously seeks answers to questions in life. Finally, he  (Ip Man) was able to become a great martial arts master.”

Source: Eastday.com

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Jayne: The fans have suggested some good choices for the male cast, such as Han Geng, Wu Chun, Wallace Chung, and Wallace Huo.

I would like to see Wu Chun in more action roles as he possesses an intensity that fits martial arts roles quite well. Saw Wu Chun in “My Kingdom” and while the movie did come across as “popstar meets opera-martial arts,” he is still very promising. 

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  1. I’m not a fan of martial arts movie/tv seris but the suggested casts sound good to me and i will watch it if Wu Chun and Han Geng is in it 🙂

    1. I am the opposite of you since I love martial arts/ancient series. Sadly, many of them aren’t so great these days. I hope that Vincent will still be in it. It would be great to see any of the wallace’s, Wu Chun or Han Geng in it too since I have not seen Wu Chun or Han Geng in an ancient series yet so it would be great to see them. However, I watch a series for much more than just the cast because the storyline, script and many other things are much more important…

  2. I love martial arts series. Love the fighting or chinese kung fu from ancient times. My fave one was Lethos Weapons of Love and Passion. I know I might get disliked for this, but I would like to see Raymond lam in this drama just cause I haven’t seen him in an martial arts drama in a long time and this one is not really really ancient. I know it’ll never happen though. Aarif Lee isn’t bad either. I saw him do a few marital arts movies and he did a pretty good job.

    1. You might like the Saving general Yang movie because it’s an action movie, judged from the first trailer. There are a lot of fight scenes.

      1. Yah, I saw a few of the trailers and behind the scenes and that movie looks really promising. The scenes are so real altough I felt sorry for the real horses.

  3. i think vincent would be a good fit for the titular character if the story was focused on ip man in his 30s. however, if it’s going to be an earlier time frame, i’d like to see someone younger and kinda hot, with a good looking female costar for him.

  4. will Vincent Zhaon play as Ip Man in this drama?

  5. Wallace Huo as one of the guys beaten to a pulp by Ip Man because his fans love seeing him beaten to a pulp with half a shirt left!

    Vincent Zhao. Can he act?

    1. Vincent is a good actor from what I’ve seen over the years.

      1. Of course Vincent Zhao is a great actor, based on what I have seen and personal opinion anyways. Have you never seen him act before Funn?

      2. Yes I’ve seen but like his arch rival I thought he was expressionless aka wooden.

    2. Vincent is not too bad and of course his kf is ok too but I don’t like Wallace. Why not Nicky Wu….the complete package….will certainly deliver the action.

    1. Much as I like Ron, he has no martial arts background. I prefer Nicky Wu who is as natural as Vincent in the action dept. Nicky can speak Mandarin and cantonese. Even Wu Jing is good.

      Besides leading actors, I hope veteran kungfu actors will be included to make it realistic. I wonder if there’s space for Kara Hui. It would be great to see her executing those Wing Chun movements.

      1. Yea, it would be great to see Nicky, Jason Wu and others who truly know martial arts in real life to be included in the casting. That would make this into a great martial arts series. It would also be excellent if Ching Siu Tung is Kung fu chereographer too.

      2. Talking about actor with martial art background, how is Shi Xiao Long?

      3. Shi xiao long is another good choice. Max Zhang(Ada Choi’s husband) and Yang Jun Yi both know real martial arts too so they would also be good choices as well.

      4. Ron does have some background. When he was interviewed on the VIP show on TVB, they said he took “HUNG SAU DO” when he was a teenage. He did pretty good in Forensics III. Lets cast both Ron and Raymond them. Best buddies.

  6. WALLACE CHUNGGGGGG!!!!! Handsome man!!! YESHHHH!!

  7. So many good choices that I really wonder how they will decide?? This really reminds me of when they had to cast for ROCH 2006. There were so many people that auditioned, but then Liu Yi Fei and Huang Xiao Ming got the roles. I heard that they were already pre-selected so I wonder what was the point of having auditions for? I think they did it just to show that it was fair when it really wasn’t.

  8. Rose Chan! Rose Chan! Rose Chan!

    And dun invite Benny Chan and Joe Ma if Rose is around.

    1. Why not?? You need the kind of perverts like Benny Chan and Joe Ma and the bitcch like Rose Chan to add more spice to the kind of boring martial art series like Ip man! These gossip magnets have a very huge commercial value and a large growing base of “adult” fans in China.

  9. After watching quite a number of Wallace Huo drama, he will be able to portray his role in a fairly good manner however I have only seen him in historical and modern drama , so I’m not that sure.

    Also, I wonder why Nicky Wu ain’t in this ?
    His cold personality portrayed in bu bu jing Xin adding on with some martial arts will be good to go…. Also, I seen him in Xiao shi Yi Lang and Liu zhi qing mo , both of which being martial arts are really good.

    Third, I have only seen wu chun in Tokyo Juliet, X family, Tokyo Juliet etc … His handsome no doubt but I have no idea if he can portray a good character of ip man?

    If they want viewership, wu chun or hangeng will do but if they want good portrayer of character, Nicky wu or Wallace Huo will be good.

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