Jackie Chan Admits Playing with Teresa Teng’s Feelings: “She Hated Me”

Jackie Chan (成龍) may be an international superstar, but his private life has been marred with multiple affairs despite his marital status. Most notorious was his affair with Elaine Ng (吳綺莉), with whom they share an illegitimate daughter. He also broke the heart of the late Teresa Teng (鄧麗君).

When Jackie was younger, he was a proud playboy that often surrounded himself with different women at bars. Reflecting on his dating relationship with Teresa, he regrets treating her so poorly decades ago and wrongfully playing with her feelings.

Jackie and Teresa’s personalities were vastly different – he was someone who flocked to crowds and enjoyed being the center of attention, while she was quiet and very reserved about her personal life.

A Terrible Boyfriend

During the times where Jackie brought Teresa along to hang out with his friends, it was said that the actor often pretended she didn’t exist and shunned her. Taking advantage of her quiet nature, he would flaunt the fact that he could make her wait by his side without saying a word.

Teresa had the last straw when she stood on the side for over an hour, while Jackie casually talked to his friends, completely ignoring her existence. After that outing, Teresa called him later that day to say, “Jackie, it looks like you don’t even need me. You can be together with your friends.”

Although the two broke up shortly afterwards, Jackie’s manager at that time ended up going to Teresa’s concert. The pair grabbed a drink together after the event, and Teresa secretly expressed her deep hatred for Jackie. Her hate never truly subsided – not even when Jackie presented her with an award on stage. Teresa initially refused to accept the award at all from Jackie, and he had to plead her to accept. Finally relenting, Teresa took the award and walked off stage without saying a single word to Jackie.

Regrets Not Picking Up Teresa’s Call

Ignoring Jackie for years after their split, Teresa shockingly tried reaching the actor just days before her death in May 1995. Unfortunately, Jackie was working at that time and missed her call, only finding out about her death days afterwards. Feeling remorseful about not calling her back, Jackie admitted that he was in tears when he heard about the tragic news. Since then, he made a vow to call back anyone if he ever misses a call again.

Source: QQ

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Since then, he made a vow to call back anyone if he ever misses a call again.

    Is this true?

    1. @mike it’s so BS lol! And I would not be surprised if she tried to reach out to him and said: even in hell, I would curse you lol! (Joking I think she’s a much better person than he is, JC at his deathbed possibly still an ignorant A hole!)

    2. @mike Its just irresponsible reporting to include something they know cannot be true in their news article…

  2. Eh, she wasn’t missing out on anything by ditching him. And good on her, too, for doing that. Most people stick around way longer than they should’ve in bad relationships. Granted, how much she hated him reflects how much she must’ve liked him at some point, too.

    Glad Jackie learned his lesson…better late than never, I guess.

  3. The deeper the love, the more intense the hate. It must have been completely demoralizing for one as beautiful, talented and well loved as Teresa to have been ignored and mistreated by jackie. She was and still is a national icon. To this day, cannot name a singer with a voice as sweet and beautiful as hers.

  4. He is not good looking at all, but must get by on his vibrant and humourous personality. Shame he doesnt treat women well.

  5. JC is such a terrible person. How he treated Teresa Teng was so cruel. He still hasn’t learned to be a better person even after that. People like him will never change. It was a blessing for her that she ended her relationship with him.

  6. So sad to hear that Teresa Teng was treated by that lousy Jackie Chan so badly. She was such a glamorous singer with such a beautiful voice.

    So shocked to hear that she died from a severe respiratory attack while on vacation in Thailand in 1995, at the age of 42.

  7. He may be a great actor but he’s definitely a terrible boyfriend, an unfaithful husband and unreponsible father

  8. After her death, Jackie vowed to return missed calls? How about vow to be a better person and not an a**hole??

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