Jackie Chan Won’t Give a Cent to Help Elaine Ng

Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) conceived her daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林), in 1999 after having an affair with Jackie Chan (成龍). Married to Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), Jackie initially denied that he had impregnated Elaine until she demanded for a DNA test. After Etta was born, Jackie remained an absentee father and was not involved in Etta’s life. As Elaine fell into financial troubles in recent years, Jackie’s coldhearted attitude towards his ex-lover and own daughter has been criticized.

The frequent tabloid reports made it hard for Jackie to ignore Elaine and Etta’s struggles. Jackie admitted that he had caused Etta pain, “Yes, I have hurt her,” but did not reach out to help her even when she had suicidal tendencies. He said casually,“If I see her, I’ll see her. I’ll do whatever!”

Initially, Jackie said that when he dies, he will leave all his money to charity. In 2015, Jackie changed his mind and set up a new will to give all his assets to his son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), who was released from prison that year. Possessing a net worth of over 9.8 billion RMB, Jackie said Etta would not be included in his will. He said, “I don’t think she needs my money!”

In 2017, Elaine hit rock bottom when 17-year-old Etta ran away from home. Losing her radio hosting job, Elaine reached out to Jackie through a middleman for help. Jackie’s response was, “I won’t give a cent to help you!”

Although Jaycee is Etta’s half-brother, he rarely spoke about her over the years. He was concerned that his mother would be unhappy. Recent rumors circulated that Jaycee gave Elaine money to help pay for Etta’s international school tuition fees and living expenses, but Elaine denied that she received assistance.

To get through financial difficulties last year, Elaine had to rely on help from a Buddhist charity and borrowed money from her friends.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. why so many articles about this news? is this the top ET news as of current?!

    1. @m0m0 yes it’s a hot topic, which I think it is worth exploring because it touches upon many valuable areas, such as: raising kids in a single-parent family, teenage rebellion and irresponsible behavior, and a father’s absenteeism.

  2. The more drama, the more he resists. All these dramas tantamount to emotional kidnapping. I am not feeling sorry esp. for Elaine. In fact she is a lousy mother. Etta is being used to get back at Jacky. I was wondering why Elaine brings Etta to HK and create dramas there knowing that the PPRZs will have a field day.
    The moment Jacky gives in she will ask for more. Well, for Jacky it is lesson of a lifetime.

    1. @mangotango Elaine made a lot of mistakes in parenting Etta. If Elaine were so clear-minded, she would never had an affair with Jackie, let alone have the child under such circumstances. Elaine seems like a very impulsive person, and Etta is a reflection of her mom. It’s going to be a very tough journey for both, as Etta doesn’t seem to understand what leading a responsible life means.

    2. @mangotango With Jackie’s wealth, giving a little money to Elaine and Etta would make their lives a lot easier. However, even giving money to Etta now seems too late, as she is showing irresponsible and suicidal tendencies. Even money wouldn’t really help her emotional problems. Only when she finds her own self worth and truly let go of her past (father’s abandonment). She needs a lot of counseling….

      1. @jayne If I am Jacky I would resist. Once you give in to ransom, history repeats itself. As for Jacky, this is no big thing since it us out in the open. We can call him names it will not affect him. Like he says, I will do what I want! Meaning … emotional ransom and pressures will not work on him. Elaine using her daughter to indirectly blackmail Jacky will backfire.

        Why is Joan Lin still Jacky’s official wife all these years? He could divorce her any time since with his wealth many women will fight for him. Joan is a good person and very low key. She appears the opposite of Elaine.

      2. @mangotango you don’t have a clue about certain things do you.?. You think Joan is with Jackie because she is so madly in love with him and can’t do without him?. Well my dear, think again. After putting up with so many years of Jackie’s infidelities, his blantant disrespect for her and their son. You think Joan will just walk and let him off the hook that easily? The longer she stays, the more she is entitled to, and she will deserve it and then some. Oh, and if Jackie divorces her, he will have to split everything down the middle. Joan will be a billionaire. Reading your comments, I wonder if you are trying to make Elaine the villian and Jackie the victim. He and Elaine are both cheating, disgusting immoral scoundrels. The only victim in this is Etta. Even Etta needs to put her big girl pants on and go seek the help she so desperately needs. She wsnts to be an adult in an adult relationship, then she needs to start acting like the grown-up that she is. Seek mental help, get back in school and esrn a degree, form healthy friendships, dump this Andi woman, and slowly build a relationship with her mother. Jackie is not guitless in this situation, not at all. If he was a man, a real man, he would acknowledge and care for his flesh and blood. In spite of the circstances under which she came into this world

      3. @bubbletea

        Etta has to be a very strong person to get pass her abandonment issue. She has to overcome her senses to be able to make a life for herself. She needs to learn that she has only one parent and not hoping that jerk will do anything or giving her any money. All she has is her mom. They need to stick together and helping each other moving forward.

      4. @dramas4me very well said. Yep, Etta only has her mom. They need to fix their relationship and start communicating and being there for each other.

      5. @dramas4me
        Well said and Etta needs to be strong and get over the fact that her father abandoned her. She needs to know that there are others in this world who have it worse. At least she still has her mom while there are others who are orphans but yet still make something of their life. She needs to get a lot of counseling, get a job or go to school so she can get her life back on track. She also needs to get away from Andi as she seems to be a bad influence.

        Anthony Wong was abandoned by his father but still became successful. He had a hard life but never gave up. I am sure Etta can too. Vivian Chow lost her father before she was even born. She had a rough relationship with her mom growing up too. It was not until after she had a stable career that their relationship grew close since her mom was very stressed raising her as a single mother due to her father’s death. Hope things end up well for Etta too.

    3. @mangotango it takes two to tango and make a baby. Jacky is to blame as well. Elaine was very wrong to have gotten ptegnant for Jackie Chan in the first place. From what I know she deliberately got pregnant after they discussed that Jackie does not want more children. She had an ulterior motive that backfired, big time. However, Jackie likes to poke his wedding tackle in every chapel. Is he not afraid he will pick up some unholy STD and take it home to Joan? Then again, he obviously does not respect his wife to think about her health. Another thing, it is not always up to the woman to provide and use protection. It is a man’s responsibility as well. With the amout of wild oats sowing that Jerkie does, he should have been fixed a long time ago. I would be not one bit surprised if more women came ford saying he fathered their children. My only statement would be the question….. “what took them so long?”

      1. @bubbletea Yeah that is why he got Elaine pregnant. Jacky should give away his monies before he dies. Otherwise imagine the mayhem with Elaine and Etta fighting over his fortune. Drama even after death. Seen it all in real life.

      2. @mangotango Are you making fun of the situation. Are you trying to paint Jackie as a victim who has been wronged? Forgive me if I am wrong, but somehow I get that that impression, and I wonder why……..

      3. @bubbletea
        Yes they are both at fault. I actually feel bad for Etta as she cannot pick her parents. However, she should not feel sorry for herself but should try to work hard to get her life back on track. She is lucky to at least still have her mom. There are many who are orphans but still manage to be successful. I heard Shu Chang is an orphan but is successful regardless. Do you know Chinese actor and singer Ray Ma TianYu? He had a very tragic life. He lost his mom when he was only 5 and his father was a jerk and absentee. His grandparents were the ones who raised him and his sisters. His little brother got kidnapped when he was a child. He had a very very hard life but he never gave up and is now successful due to his determination and hard work. He has a heart of gold too since he forgave his father inspite of being abandoned and neglected by his father. I saw some photos of him in loving poses with his father and sisters. I guess he knew that that is all he has left now since his mom passed away to suicide and his little brother was kidnapped. I truly hope that Etta can find success in her life and learn to treasure her mom like Ma TianYu. However, what she needs to realize is she is not alone since there are people who suffer even more compared to her.

      4. @hetieshou Totally agree with you. That is the right attitude for Etta to overcome her obstacles and cherish her mother who is her only immediate family. Work hard and get herself a job or go back to school. Her future will be a lot better than to ask for financial help from that Jerky Chan.

  3. Did Elaine orchestrate this to extort money from Jackie?

    Its his money. He can give to whoever he wants.

    I somehow feel Jaycee will make right what his father couldn’t do.

    1. @funnlim I don’t think Elaine orchestrated this one. And it is such a pity when anyone is trying to make Jackie look like the victim and Elaine the villain.

  4. How come Jaycee Chan last name in Chinese are written in a different way from his father? I have to say Etta had nothing looked alike her dad but Jaycee looks so much alike his dad. I don’t even how they meet the first place? Were they in a movie together that’s how they get together? Hopefully Elaine can find a better man and move on with a new life forget about that Mr. Looser!!

    1. @cutie777 according to a documentary, Chan is Jackie Chan’s mother’s surname. Apparently his father was wanted by the communists due to supporting the Kuomintang. Jackie’s father and his mother fled to Hong Kong and his father took on his wife’s surname. When Jackie’s son was born in Taiwan, he had his son revert back to his actual last name.

  5. My two cents is that everyone needs some sort of closure. Elaine needs some parenting help and Etta needs to realize that life has ups and downs, but family is family and both Elaine and Etta have to respect each other. I wished that Jacky Chan stopped getting all that attention and praise from Hollywood because he’s a major reason why both these people turned out the way they are.

    1. @bubbles23 well said, totally agree. The man has the Hollywood population fooled to the core. Then again, they are just like him. Come to think of it, he still has a lot of the Asian masses brainwashed too, how sad.

  6. Honestly, in this day and age, how can child support not be obligatory?

    I mean if Elaine is too prideful to accept money, that that’s her idiocy. But if Jackie, who probably gives hundreds of thousands a year to charity, refuses to – that’s heartless. Even if it’s a matter of principle – if he has the nerve to cheat, he has the nerve to pay the risk.

    Jaycee might be kind enough to right Jackie’s wrongs, but mama Joan is obviously not very happy with her existence. Who knows if Jaycee even cares?

    1. @coralie I think for Jackie, he probably still can’t get over the fact that Elaine dared to go against his wishes and then subsequently exposed him for who he truly was. Remember that for rich and powerful guys like Jackie, having affairs is part of the lifestyle – to him, it’s not a “risk” because that’s what “all men in his position” do…in a way, it’s as natural as talking or breathing. And of course, his wife Joan Lin knew of his many affairs, but she turned a blind eye to them as most women from her generation and in her same position would do – after all, no matter how many women he has affairs with, she is the only one who legally bears the title “Mrs. Jackie Chan” for one, and two, she bore him a son, so her status was already guaranteed in the family regardless of what happens.

      I actually don’t believe that Elaine never accepted any money from Jackie or someone from his team. My guess is that they did settle for an undisclosed amount at some point and that’s why Elaine took Etta and raised her outside of HK…..but then as Etta grew older and could think more for herself, she probably became more rebellious (and Elaine probably ran out of money too) and so they had no choice but to move back to HK. And that probably fueled Jackie’s anger even more because, assuming they did settle at one point, Elaine moving back to HK with Etta meant that she was defying him once again, plus the “annoyance” with being bothered by reporters constantly, with Etta being brought up in some way in every single conversation (we all know how relentless the HK media can be). While I don’t believe that Elaine orchestrated Etta’s disappearance (come on, it’s obvious that Etta has a mind of her own and Elaine has no control over what her daughter does nowadays), there’s no doubt that Elaine shares in the blame by deciding to hook up with Jackie in the first place many years ago. In essence, Etta is now paying for both her parents’ mistakes, which is the saddest part of this whole mess….

      1. @llwy12 very well said. Being the male chauvinist pig that Jackie chan is, how dare Elaine defy him by exposing their affair to the world. Men from his generation are like that. They will punish you for defying them. I believe he is angry and refuses to acknowledge or financially support Etta due to that anger. Unfortunately, his wife puts up with his immoral habits because these women are programmed to believe that if they are the wife, or secretly living with the guy as the underground woman, then he can have as many affairs as he pleases. Joan Lin and a lot more HK wives fall under that category. Why Elaine would want to have an affair with, and become pregnant by this vile, wretched creature is beyond logic.

      2. @llwy12 I think the fact that Elaine got preggo and refused to abort was the trigger for Jackie. He doesn’t want responsibility, so he probably outright told her that he won’t give a dime to her or pressured her to abort. That’s when Elaine exposed her pregnancy to the media, to protect herself and to hold him accountable, further enraging him.

        Well, that’s true about not considering cheating as a risk. But he still has to brave the consequences. He refused to, which is basically eating without wiping his mouth.

        I’m not saying Elaine has no fault here, just that child support should still be obligatory, whether he wants to or not.

        On the matter of money…maybe I’m naïve but I really don’t think Elaine received any sort of financial support. If she did, Jackie would’ve said something already. She always denied it and Jackie never openly said anything. There could be a couple of reasons for this – 1) he has other children outside of his wife & Elaine, so his fear is that if he exposes his child support, other women will come a’knocking; 2) Jackie (or his family) did give them money to go away or 3) Elaine never got any financial support, just like she’s stated.

      3. @coralie I agree with you that child support should be obligatory regardless of who was at fault, but I doubt that HK, with its backwards system, has any laws on this so guys like Jackie can get away with not paying a cent even if paternity is proven.

        What you said about the money piece makes sense – it definitely could be any of those 3 scenarios, though I also think that if money did change hands, it most likely wouldn’t have been Jackie who did it directly. Jackie’s former manager (whom he broke ties with in 2008 after a 37 year collaboration), the late Willie Chan, had revealed in interviews previously that when the whole thing with Elaine occurred back in 1999, there were actually a lot of people trying to help Jackie work things out (even Jackie’s official response to the public had been written out for him back then, though somehow he managed to screw that up too because what he ended up saying at the press conference wasn’t what they wrote and of course it backfired on him, since we all know Jackie sucks at public speaking and so the garbage that came out of his mouth not only offended every woman in HK, it also put all men in a bad light as well). Knowing that Jackie had a vast network of “support” back then, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did end up paying Elaine behind the scenes. Also, Elaine has talked about her relationship with her mother in the past and it is understood that her mother was quite a character – she apparently was abusive toward Elaine her entire life (i.e. she called Elaine “worthless whore” all the time) and basically used her as a “money tree”….Elaine never came right out and said it but it was implied that her mother had a hand in the relationship with Jackie going south because she “did some things” where money was concerned that caused Jackie (and his “team) to hate her (reading between the lines, it sounds like the mother may have tried to extort money from Jackie at some point). Elaine had also said that after Etta was born, there were many times when her mother would chase them around the house with a meat cleaver demanding that Elaine go back to Jackie and ask him for money. So it’s possible that Elaine may not have gotten any money but the mother might have. At the end of the day, it’s hard to say what truly happened because there were obviously other people involved on both sides aside from Jackie and Elaine….

  7. Jackie Chan was and still is a heartless person. When Joan Lin got pregnant by him (way before marriage) when she was young and popular, Jackie wanted her to have an abortion. It was a former Shaw Brothers’ executive, Ho Kwun Cheung*, who persuaded Jackie to keep Joan’s pregnancy resulting the birth of Jaycee Chan.

    If Jackie never wanted to have a child even when he was unmarried, why would he want to have a child of his with Elaine (labelled as the person who trapped him having Etta)?

    Jackie Chan is totally a person with NO heart and NO love.

    I do feel sorry for Elaine for “trapping” Jackie Chan to have Etta who has now brought her all the scandals ever since she was born.

    *何冠昌 (Leonard Ho)



    Ho formed Golden Harvest in 1970, with Raymond Chow, after leaving Shaw Brothers. The first film he produced was A Man Called Tiger from 1973. In 1989, he was nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award for best picture for the movie Painted Faces, which was released in 1988. Later productions credits include Armour of God and Rumble in the Bron

  8. The more news about this the more it makes you hate Jackie Chan… i’m glad I haven’t supported he movies in recent years it’s been trash and he a trash.

  9. There’s no doubt Jerkie hates this mother-daughter pair. Being the male chauvinist pig that he is who treats women as nothing but playthings to satisfy his lust, i think Elaine would have better luck in getting some sort of support from him if Etta had been a boy. Too bad for this wanna-be gold digger that she gave birth to a girl. Etta better wake up to the fact that her dad wants nothing to do with them and stop expecting a handout just becos she’s Jerkie’s daughter.

  10. I have trouble believing that Jackie is not paying Elaine for Etta. Any good lawyer can file a paternity suit, forcing Jackie to undergo a DNA test and pay up.
    Elaine is protected by HK law no matter what Jackie said.

  11. I have been following the story on Chinese websites. Elaine never received any money from Jack Chan. She confirmed that openly on a press conference and Jack Chan and his people never openly said that he did, so I believe it. Some people said her mother used her as a money tree and asked for money and that is totally wrong. Her mother was a character and was powerful, because she was a successful business woman. She was wealthy and she was the one who supported for Elaine and the grand daughter. Elaine’s parents divorced when she was one, and her mother raised her. Being a single mother, her mother was strong and powerful and made money and provided Elaine a rich childhood. While Jack Chan had a poor childhood and is illiterate, Elaine and Jack’s background were not on the same level. It is understandable when Jack said he was not going to pay her a dime, she didn’t sue him for alimony just because of pride, although she was advised to. Her mother was power but also abusive toward Elaine all her life. And that was the reason she moved back from Shanghai to Hong Kong with Etta in 2011. She borrowed 5 millon HK $ from her mother to buy a property to settle down, which she said she never paid back to her mother. It was those years in Hong Kong that she had financial difficulty, because she had to provide for their living and she didn’t get much work. Etta was going to an expensive private school. Her mother died late 2015 and probably left her some money and she is not saying she has difficulties now.
    Jack was the one who chased after Elaine, and many people confirmed that. Elaine was young and pretty at the time, and for Jack Chan, chasing after pretty girls is part of his life. I don’t know if Elaine’s pregnancy was a plot or accident. Elaine’s story was when she told Jack she was pregnant, he changed his face so fast and was furious. I think she was hurt and wanted to keep the child as a revenge. She said she got permission from her mother so she could keep the child.
    Jack Chan is a self centered, uneducated moron. Moral, dignity and responsibility are things he is never taught. He donates to charity because he gets pay backs from the Chinese government. They give him all kinds of honors and political positions which he lacks in his background. Those are more important to him than his children. He acts too much that he acts in his real life. It is so sad to be born as his child.

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