Jackie Chan Debuts In Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities List

The Forbes magazine has released its annual Celebrity 100, a list that shows the highest-earning celebrities in the past year. Jackie Chan (成龍) made it into the cut, coming at number 38 on the list. Earning an estimate of $50 million USD in 2014, Jackie is the second highest-paid actor in the world after Robert Downey, Jr., who took the number 8 spot. Jackie is the only Chinese among the list of 100 richest celebrities.

Jackie’s debut in the list came at no surprise. Affectionally known as the “Mickey Mouse of Chinese culture,” Jackie’s unparalleled work in action cinema has propelled him to a worldwide phenomena. Although it has been five years since he last starred in an American film, he still remains to be an important figure in contemporary Asian action cinema. His most recent film, the 2015 historical action movie Dragon Blade <天將雄獅>, grossed $120 million USD after only one month of release in Mainland China.

Despite his superstar income, Jackie maintains a frugal lifestyle. In an interview with Forbes magazine, he showed the interviewer a used bar of soap that he took from the MGM Grand in Macau, saying, “This soap follows me around the world.” An environmentalist, Jackie encourages everyone around him to be eco-friendly, including his coworkers. He shared that he would often pick up trash on the film set. To conserve water, he would tell his coworkers that they should go to the bathroom a few more times before flushing the toilet.

Top 10 of FORBES Celebrity 100

Coming on top of the list highest-paid celebrities is American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., earning $300 million USD the past year. His opponent, world champion Manny Pacquiao, came in second with $160 million USD earnings. Third is American pop singer Katy Perry with $135 million USD, and fourth is English-Irish boy band One Direction, earning $130 million USD.

Fifth on the list is popular American DJ Howard Stern, with assets totaling $95 million USD. Sixth is American country singer Garth Brooks with $90 million USD, and seventh is American author James Patterson with $89 million USD. Iron Man and The Avengers star Robert Downey Jr., came in eight with $80 million USD, making him the highest-paid actor on the list. He is tied with best-selling artist Taylor Swift, who also made $80 million USD. Professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is at number 10, with $79. 5 million USD.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Happy for him about his income !
    But I find what he tells coworkers that they should go to the bathroom a few more times before flushing the toilet to conserve water is unreal. Just after 10 minutes after doing the business, the smell strikes into the air terribly, how to stand its smell ??? And it takes a few hours for a man to release the water, multiply a few times then ppl must endure 9-10 hours to save a little water, the toilet nowadays is designed for saving water already. Besides ppl may get sick because of unhealthy smell and bateria and it may make toilet spoiled faster which cost ppl much money to repair. Hehehe he cares so much of environment that’s out of our imagination !

  2. Money doesn’t buy happiness. He should be a better and responsible father especially to his own daughter who has suffered enough misery because of him. I think fans should boycott his movies until he recognizes his daughter.

    1. @afan202
      I agree with you. I have been boycotting him. I haven’t watched any of his movies/work for a long time. The way he treats his children – he will be a lonely old man later in life.

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