Jackson Wang Breaks Down in Tears at Fan Meeting

In the entertainment industry for four years, GOT7 member Jackson Wang (王嘉爾), broke down crying during his fan meeting in Mainland China. Debuting in South Korea as one of GOT7’s Chinese members, Jackson has shifting his career back and forth between Korea and China, leading to his exhausted collapse in April. Although he has accumulated a massive fanbase in both countries, he was also subject to a lot of hate and criticism among the public.

Recently, Jackson released an official statement that he will start taking legal action against all defamatory news and rumors. Although it seemed like the statement would scare off some anti-fans, Jackson spoke about how deeply hurt and tired he has been in the last four years.

Jackson revealed that he has been labelled a “variety show bounce” for the number of shows he has been hosting instead of focusing on his singing career. Jackson’s music was also pegged for plagiarism. Becoming emotional, Jackson cried to his fans, “Besides you guys, everyone looks down on me! I know who’s been by my side and supporting me all along. I’m not blind.”

Seeing that Jackson began sobbing on stage, and unable to continue his speech, the host of the fan meeting quickly came over to comfort Jackson and urged his fans to cheer him on. Heartbroken for their idol, Jackson’s fans told him not to worry about what others are saying, and that they will always be by his side.

The video of Jackson breaking down went viral. After watching the heartfelt speech, many offered their support and understanding – stating that the road to stardom is no easy feat.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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