Jay Chou Holds Beach Wedding Celebration in Australia

Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) got married in a lavish church ceremony in England in January. He followed with a circus-themed wedding banquet in Taiwan, to enable his grandmother to attend the celebration. To allow Hannah’s grandparents to witness their joy, the couple held a third wedding celebration in Australia.

Although Jay is currently busy with filming Hollywood movie Now You See Me: The Second Act, he flew to Australia to visit Hannah’s grandparents, who were unable to attend the couple’s earlier wedding celebrations due to their old age.

Jay organized a third wedding reception on Australia’s beautiful beaches. Hannah wore a sky blue ruffled gown to match with Jay’s suit. Jay invited Taiwanese variety show king, Ken, and his dance tutors Snow (雪糕) and Mai (小麥) to entertain the guests. After lunch, the family posed for photos on the beach.

Jay Spent Fortune on 3 Weddings

Known for his lavish tastes, Jay reportedly spent 34 million RMB on the three weddings.

Netizens were quick to criticize Jay for his “wedding world tour”. While some said, “It’s wonderful to have money,” others commented sarcastically, “After such lavish weddings, it would be a joke if the marriage doesn’t last even two years.”

Jacky Wu Hints That Jay is A User?

With three lovely wedding celebrations, Jay and Hannah received many well wishes from their friends in the entertainment circle. However, Taiwanese entertainer Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) hinted at Jay’s traitorous behavior since the start of the wedding. As Jacky was not invited to any of the wedding celebrations, he angrily implied that Jay is someone who tosses a senior aside after rising to fame.

As Jacky led Jay into the industry to jumpstart his career, Jacky angrily said, “My parents taught me to always remember the friends who have helped you in the past. You always have to remember to go thank them at the very least.”

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan wedding 7  Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan wedding 13  Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan wedding 11

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan wedding 10  Jay Chou hannah Quinlivan 3

Sources: Oriental Daily; Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. flooded with too much money… it seem like Jay Chou is having a wedding world tour right now… lol

    1. Vodka,
      Their church wedding in England likely matches their wedding vision the most.

      They held additional celebrations in Taiwan and Australia to include family members who couldn’t travel long distances. I find it sweet that they held additional celebrations to include more family members.

    2. U know wat happens wen u “overlove”? It’s like an amusement park, u can’t let her ride all the rides at once and expect her to stay or come back. She’s already bored w him and will be looking for a new amusement park. I give it 6 months tops!

  2. Love the colors of Jay and Hannah’s wedding celebration in Australia. Among Hannah’s bridal gowns, love this blue one the most!

    Jay still looks like a pop star king with his shades on.

    1. Aside from prettiest gown of them all; this wedding also looks like the prettiest, more down-to-earth enjoyable celebration too, of the 3. (to me anyhow)

      Runner up would be the circus ringmaster one – that one must have been a hoot of a party.

      Weddings that are uncomfortable formal pageants are just well …

      Their wedding planner, hair and makeup entourage, photography team and florists etc must be laughing their way to the bank.

  3. The pictures at the beach is so beautiful lol. Lovely

  4. Lol. How many times they wanna get married?? It is SUPPOSED to be sweet of them to consider their elderly who cannot travel. But do they need to be made PUBLIC for every marriage they went through?????

    1. for the first and actual wedding ceremony, one can understand that lavishness…but the subsequent 2 are for the elderly…wouldn’t a private dinner be sufficient? a wedding is for show, but can their marriage last after all these displays?

      1. Hi Janet, fully agree. Too much money n also want to show off

  5. with the amount of wedding it wouldn’t be funny if they walk their own way couple years later.

    1. It might not be funny to him, but she got to enjoy the weddings and will enjoy 1/2 of his fortune. He’ll look so funny to her when that day comes.

  6. Are they going to celebrate their marriage around the world? Well…nothing is impossible for a super wealthy guy like Jay.

  7. It is great, beautiful and sweet but it must be exhausting…

  8. should invite Jacky Wu. Jay is a nobody without Jacky. on the other hand Jay is a dream guy to get married. respects the wife. announces his marriage. never hides anything. not like LeeHom. anybody seen his wedding photos? imagine getting married like this…like not married at all.

    1. But every couple has their own expectations and wishes as to how they want their wedding to be. Like Jay and Hannah, they think it’s right to make it as grand and big as possible, but I wouldnt be at all surprised if celebrity couples want it to be as low profile as possible to avoid all the media etc. I wouldn’t blame them.. Afterall, marriage is personal, as long as their friends and family know what’s going on, then there shouldn’t be anything to frown upon.

  9. Want to pay my medical bills while you’re at it, Jay? lol. “wedding world tour,” lol. If that’s the case Jayne, it’s very sweet that they’re accommodating relatives who couldn’t make it.

  10. haha def world tour for their wedding. Jay is such a show off!

  11. Does anyone know where they held it in Austraia? There are hundreds of beaches across australia lol. Curious as to know where she’s from.

  12. may they showered with happiness after so many of grand wedding.

  13. It’s their wedding not a business function. If Jay doesn’t want to invite Jacky Wu then he doesn’t have to lol

  14. You should only have a big wedding party every 10 years of marriage because any fool can spend money on a wedding without knowing if they’ll even last 10 days.

  15. Well, he must have his reasons not to invite Jacky.Didn’t jacky sold him off cos he said he will NEVER make it as a singer bcos of his looks?.

  16. Without his mentor, would he have succeeded?
    Hope the marriage is for good and have another bash in 10 years time.

  17. Well he has the money so why not?

    Am I the only crying because she’s walking in the water with that beautiful dress?

  18. I feel like they treat wedding as a game. They can host it whenever they want which I found it degraded the value and meaning of wedding.

    1. A wedding in England as prince and princess. Make up circus theme in Taiwan and another one in Australia for her paternal grandparents…when babies arrive, it will be full month party one after another…just like a circus.

      1. …just like a circus …

        And a fecking bloody waste of $

        Seriously, there are so many needy people with valid needs out there.
        By all means, enjoy …spend … but curb wasteful overboard extravagance.
        Nothing wrong with spending $6 on yourself, and the other $4 on better charitable causes that will go to benefit MANY.

      2. nomad 822, are you spending 40% of your money on charity? I see you here all the time criticizing how celebrities spend their money or judging their characters, are you donating? Are you donating your time and money to charities?

  19. I just took a look at her Ba Zi using the birthday from online. It does show she will marry a wealthy and powerful husband. Marriage life will be a little bumpy in the future but it will still be a happy one. Congratulation. 😀

  20. won’t last long. she just turned 21 and no prenup. yikes.

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