Jay Chou to Refuse Monetary Gifts at Wedding Banquet in Taiwan

After a luxurious wedding in England last month, Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) are ready to celebrate their marriage once again.  Although the couple was exhilarated to have their wedding ceremony take place inside the beautiful Selby Abbey church, they would also like to include more family members in celebrating their happiness together. Since Jay’s 80-year-old grandmother was unable to travel to England, the couple plans to hold a wedding banquet on February 9  in Taipei.

Aside from having a close relationship with his mother, Jay also deeply cherishes his grandmother. In the past, Jay composed a song dedicated to his grandmother and starred in a commercial together with her. It is thus unsurprising that he would organize another wedding banquet so his grandmother can be part of the wedding festivities.

The banquet will be intimate in nature, with less than 200 guests invited. The guests include Jay and Hannah’s families and friends, seniors from the entertainment industry, colleagues from Jay’s music company, and selected members of the press.

As Jay is currently busy filming in England, the wedding will be organized by his mother. It was reported that Jay will refuse all monetary gifts from guests, hoping that they attend only to have a good time at the banquet.

Source: Chinayes.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jay really good character. Young people with good upbringing. Thanks mama Jay, granny Jay.
    Respect, care for elders, those who help his success journey. Those who give him chance, didn’t give up on him.
    Some people just keep taking, but Jay chose to give back especially to elderly, seniors. Let them just attend, enjoy dinner like a big family.
    Jay also refuse sponsors for his wedding overseas, even foot bill for travel, accommodation to guests invited. Salute.

    1. The thing is, if you’re as rich as Jay, you wouldn’t need monetary gifts or sponsors. He’s rich!

      1. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many rich people who hope that the angpau they get will cover for the wedding expense, which is very annoying.

        The party is to celebrate your wedding, not to get ‘break even point’ or even net income.

      2. Not all rich ppl are generous. Some rich ppl are real misery.

  2. Less than 200 people is intimate lol. It’s impressive to refuse monetary gifts, but I would have been even more impressed if he had just donated them to a good cause. His friends can afford it.

  3. he should still accept red packets, but donate to a charity. This way, throwing the dinner will not only be a gathering but also for charitable cause.

  4. is more blessed to do charity unannounced, unnamed, unknown to people. more blessed do charity with own effort money, earn by himself, rather than use other people money. that’s the spirit of charity.
    many rich and famous donate in such manner. they don’t tell the world, held news conference that they donate to this and that. they do quietly. that’s more blessed. that’s why they are getting wealthier. it’s theory of universe. anything done otherwise effect will be halved or otherwise.

    1. Yes I agree too. Use own money. Jay is kind. God Bless him & family.

  5. Well, my guess to why he refused Monetary Gifts is because the attendees are mostly his close friends and family friends. They might be pressured to offer him nice and expensive gifts at his wedding so it’s REALLY nice of him to refuse them ahead. What’s the nonsense about donating the Monetary Gifts/money to charity? There are other occasions to do that….not your freaking wedding.

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