Joe Ma Hosts Party for “Smooth Talker” Cast at Luxury Home

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Joe Ma Hosts Party for “Smooth Talker” Cast at Luxury Home

With a newly renovated home, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) could not think of a better way to celebrate the occasion than to invite his colleagues from Smooth Talker <以和為貴> for a barbecue at home.

Smooth Talker debuted with 25 ratings points. Instead of his normally serious roles, Joe portrays a mediator who often crosses the line to get his job done. Joe generates good chemistry with Kate Tsui (徐子珊), as their comic moments together helped the series maintain its 25 ratings points in its second week of broadcast.

As Smooth Talker is Joe’s last TVB drama before his contract expires, he invited his colleagues to his newly renovated 2000-square-feet house. Spending $5 million HKD on renovations alone, Joe’s house is furnished with a European flair and features an outdoor pool and patio.

Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and Quinn Ho (何君誠) brought large bottles of liquor to the party. Even Virginia Lok (樂易玲) and her son showed up on time, ready to enjoy the lavish barbecue feast Joe planned for the guests.

As Joe is earning 150,000 RMB an episode in Mainland China, he will focus on the expansive market while balancing his time in Hong Kong.

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5 comments to Joe Ma Hosts Party for “Smooth Talker” Cast at Luxury Home

  1. yanyankong says:

    Really Really enjoying this series. Both Joe and Kate did very well. I thought the latest 2 eps felt kinda like old fashioned TVB dramas, especially the part where Joe Chugs the bottle of beer ready to take action, then Kate stops him and they kiss in the night before he leaves. The humor is so funny in this drama without being dirty. If only Kate could win best actress for this, but too bad it’s comedy.

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  2. dramadrama says:

    Arrgh… really hated the last few episodes. The part where the police women mum and dad are rogether again. The back together part is ok, as the dad is changed, and taking care of mum now. But I hate that part where johnson lee is telling his gf that out for love, u should even endure being beaten up by hubby, and just have to endure with a hope that he will change!!! I wanna puke at that part!!!! I dont find the madam was wrong when she called police at that time. Just that they can showed she forgive her dad after so many years. But it seems like tvb trying to show madam was wrong in the first place!!!!! pui!!!

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  3. alluka says:

    The series ends ridiculously. It starts well but ends up quite bad. However it is still watchable. Maybe this is why its rating is higher than the previous ones. For acting, Joe is pretty good but it isnt a hard role to him. Kate improves as the series goes and can see her pass out of her safe zone. Tracy is different, she is good in the beginning and goes down after that. Overall, I can finish it.

    Btw, when TVB can get rid of those so-you-are-my-mother/Father-but-not-who-I-grew-up-with?

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    • funnlim replied:

      @alluka was it that not good? I thought togehther with romantic repertoire it was one of the best series in recent tears. It has its issues but for the most part I love the way the characters are written. Yes what Kai said about the father mother is wrong but it is the mother who is warped not him.he is trying to see from her point of view. Blame the mother. I think everyone did well but I must admit Johnson Li was impressive towards the end. Very memorable characters and well a ted. Kate was funny too even if sometimes too fluffy. But it is better than most give this series credit. It ended well in its own confines. Didn’t like the last scene but before that it made sense. I really love Kai and his fathers relationship. One of the best depiction of father and son even if obvious father doesn’t love his son the most . This is a different tvb and like romantic repertoire where it ended not quite good but I feel for the most part both series were excellent .

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      • alluka replied:

        @funnlim I dont say it is bad. It ends rushly as other TVB series but overall watchable. I think Johnson’s chac changed his mind too fast. His chac is actual inconsistent. Sleepy BB is a chac out of Kate’s safe zone and I think she is fine.

        RR is excellent as a series except the rush ending as well. The change of Duncan is just weird. Why he suddenly betrays his bbf was a mystery. But the series is so plesant to watch and I just like how Joyce plays her role. Good acting *my two thumb up.

        So although both have flaws, They two are best series up to date in 2015 of TVB. Definitely two gets TVB back to track.

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