Joey Meng: “Bobby Au Yeung’s Jokes Are Giving Me Wrinkles!”

Almost all TVB artistes are quick to agree that veteran actor Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) loves to crack jokes non-stop and is a delight to work with. He and With or Without You <東坡家事> costar Joey Meng (萬綺雯) earlier filmed a promotional clip for their upcoming anniversary series. Bobby brought so much laughter on set that Joey complained of developing wrinkles.

While shooting some stills, Bobby moved around in slow motion and deliberately opened his eyes extremely wide. Joey could not stop laughing and spilled that Bobby is a negative influence in many ways. She exclaimed, “He would eat half a box of snacks at midnight! I can’t do that because I don’t want to end up like him.” Joey added that Bobby would sometimes fall asleep while filming and start snoring on set.

Bobby quickly defended himself, “That time, I filmed a scene in which I was in a coma. Joey was crying beside the bed. She pinched me every time she thought I fell asleep.” He also clarified that the large box of snacks was meant to be shared among the cast and crew. Joey laughed and pointed out that it was weird how Bobby could have fallen asleep on such a hard bed. Bobby then exclaimed, “Of course it’s uncomfortable for you since you’re so skinny, but I’ve got lots of fat!”

In terms of how Joey has been laughing so much, Bobby remarked, “Her eyes are so squinty when she laughs, and even her husband told me to look after her because she might not be able to see!” Joey jokingly retorted, “Well, my eyes aren’t as big as yours because I have inner double eyelids, whereas you have outer ones!”

Bobby also spilled that Joey is frequently clumsy and once left a heating pad on her feet until she developed blisters. He added, “She also has pronunciation problems, because ‘eat rice’ becomes ‘shoot rice’!” Joey exclaimed that if she has to collaborate with Bobby again, he would have to buy her cosmetics to treat wrinkles from laughter. Bobby joked once again, “I’ll recommend you getting some Botox!”


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