Jolin Tsai’s New Album Tops Taiwan Charts!

Jolin Tsai’s (蔡依林) 12th album, Muse, has debuted to raving reviews. Jolin’s new album was in first place on both Taiwan’s “G- Music” and “5music” charts. Jolin was also nominated for the MTV European Music Award’s Best Asian Act under the Worldwide Act category and she has been invited to participate in MTV EMAs.

While she was in China shooting a commercial, Jolin was told of the popular success of the album. Jolin said she had exposed her true feelings and her inner side in this album. Jolin joked, “When I heard about the good feedback, I thought about wearing a bikini to celebrate. Unfortunately, I have an image to worry about, but I am extremely ecstatic and truly want to thank everyone for their support!”

It has taken Jolin two years of her time to produce Muse. Money was no object when it came to the making of Jolin’s Muse album. From the selections of songs, musicians, costume and image design, to photography and filming of the music video in Europe, Jolin hired the best professionals from every field. Jolin has been in the music industry for twelve years, and this is the first time she had put in her little known negative personal feelings into the songs. Jolin said, “Every time I sing the song,’I’, I get so emotional and tears start rolling.”

In her spare time, Jolin has been learning how to cook. Jolin recently became the media ambassador of the Star World channel, and she even had a chance to showcase her cake decorating skill on the spot.

Enjoy Jolin Tsai’s “The Great Artist”

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  1. I think she has the most successful PS operation after Angelababy. her PS enhancement really made her look good and managed to get a handsome and young bf lol.

    1. Veejay,
      I think Fan Bingbing’s plastic surgery is more remarkable. Viann Zhang’s is pretty amazing too. Although the plastic surgery is apparent, they look beautiful in a mesmerizing way.

      1. Fan Bing Bing may had PS done but her makeover wasn’t something major right? I mean she used to look like now except with bigger eyes? and taller nose? but Jolin looks so much different with her before PS, she used to have a flat nose and flat chest.. and look at her now. I bet she did major Operation lol..

    2. Veejay,
      We had once debated on JayneStars to have a “Best of Plastic Surgery” poll, but not sure if fans will feel offended by such a topic.

      I vote Fan Bingbing and Viann Zhang!

      1. Fan Bing bing had a doctor to certify she didnt have plastic surgery. When I watched the video of her going to the doctor, Ican see that her face without make up is very similar to her HZGG days.

      2. @Nicole,

        if you examine closely, Fan Bing Bing did have some minor surgeries done on her.. i mean no one on earth would have such a perfect face. I think she did have PS done on her nose bridge and eyes and something about her chin which does look fishy hehe

      3. The video even showed her x-rays of her face, so I believe they are real. unless you think she fabricated x-rays of her face to show that there are no scars or inserts in her face.
        She always have a small heart shaped face. Weight loss and losing baby fat makes it looks even smaller.
        Nose looks the same. Contouring makes it looks straighter. Eyes look bigger but eyes are easier enlarged with false eyelashes and eyelid tape.

        Veejay, search for fbb’s plastic surgery video, and you can see that without make up when going to the doctor, she really doesn’t look picture perfect at all. her eyes look small.

      4. Veejay,
        Agree that Fan Bingbing had some minor work done to her eyes and possibly nose bridge to make it higher and straighter.

        It’s usually the perfect symmetry in the facial features that is a giveaway sign of plastic surgery. Symmetry is considered more pleasing to the eyes and more beautiful.

        Whether actresses wish to have bigger eyes or more pinched noses, they are trying to achieve greater symmetry to their features. And plastic surgery is a craft of precision, where the procedures are planned with symmetry in mind.

      5. she really has a very good stylist and make up artiste, to make her face and outfit look so perfect all the time.

      6. Fan Bing Bing definately had things done, however, they are minor compared to Viann, Angelababy and Jolin. At least for the most part, she still looks like her old self unlike the others. About the doctor to prove things, well she can easily hire a doctor and he/she will just do what they are told to so. THerefore, I don’t really believe it even with a doctor. FBB has plenty of money to do that… I have seen some photos of FBB with no make up and some of them sort of scared me, while some are ok. I guess it just depends on which photos we see…

      7. I guess the ones that lie about their PS will have to face the truth when they have kids. They can change their outer appearance to what they want, however, their genes and DNA cannot be changed and that is what will pass on to their kids.

  2. She looks like the bygone Joey Wong of Taiwan from the picture. Very retro look make-up, bushy eyebrow and dark eye shadow, what a mess!

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