Karry Wang Saves Airline Meal

TFBoys member Karry Wang (王俊凱) is one of China’s biggest idols, with an estimated worth of 248 billion Chinese yuan. When he was only 17, Karry was already ranked as one of China’s top ten most wealthy people born in the 1990s. Despite his wealth, the 20-year-old was raised by his family with strong values and continues to practice frugal habits.

When Karry was spotted leaving the Beijing airport recently, his assistant was carrying four boxes of airline food which contained remaining bread from the meals served on board the flight. Not wanting to waste food, Karry thought his staff could help themselves to the bread later should they get hungry.

Born in a middle-class family, Karry understood the difficulties of earning money at a young age. When he entered the industry at the age of 11, he joined with the mindset that he would not have to invest any money into his training and would get paid instead.

It was said that Karry let his parents manage his income, and only received CNY 200 as a weekly allowance. He mostly uses the money for food and a little bit of shopping. In order to save money for haircuts, he prefers to just have his mother cut his hair for him.  The most expensive purchase he made was a laptop that cost CNY 10,000.

Many fans complimented the young millionaire for his talent and good habits.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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  1. Very good and admirable traits to have. It is always good to be frugal but not selfish and stingy.

  2. That’s good for him, not to waste and I am sure his staff would be appreciative of the food. He’s improved a lot and is a decent singer

  3. Is the net worth correct? 248 billion yuan is about $34 billion dollar. I think it’s 248 million yuan instead? If that is correct, he would be 1 of the world’ youngest billionaires.

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