Kate Tsui to Sign with Wong Cho Lam’s Company

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Kate Tsui to Sign with Wong Cho Lam’s Company

Leaving TVB last year, Kate Tsui (徐子珊) did not immediately sign with a management company. Instead, she launched her own jewelry collection and took on select projects. After considering for one year, Kate finally decided to work with Wong Cho Lam‘s (王祖藍) company, which is partially funded by Shaw Brothers.

Kate revealed that she will officially sign the contract with Wong Cho Lam’s company soon. The most important criteria when choosing a company to sign with was mutual respect and trust. Asked if Kate will be focusing on movies, she said, “I’m not sure yet. I have to wait until Cho Lam returns [to Hong Kong] to discuss my future direction. The length of the contract is reasonable.”

With her jewelry website launching in July, Kate hopes that she will be able to juggle her time between managing her own business and filming. Realizing that her energy is incomparable to the time when she was in her twenties, Kate will try her best to find the right work-life balance.

Prefers Masculine Men

In the recently released film Buddy Cops <刑警兄弟>, Kate Tsui sheds her beauty queen image and portrays an unattractive girl with an extreme overbite. Sharing a romantic storyline with comedy actor, King Kong (金剛), Kate said she is also not shallow when it comes to choosing a boyfriend in real life. “I never said I would choose a handsome man. Because after seeing him for a while, you will get used to it. The most important thing is communication.”

Although Kate often portrays strong, independent women on screen, she admitted that in private, she is actually a passive woman. “I am attracted to masculine men who are a bit older. I don’t mean the physically muscular type of masculine men, but the ones who are knowledgeable and can teach me a lot of things. It’s best if he can help me make decisions on everything!”

However, due to the constant media attention, Kate has no desire to date any of her costars from the entertainment industry. “I can’t handle it. I would go crazy!”

With many of TVB’s fadans getting married one after another, Kate admitted that it made her nervous at one point about her single status. “I’ve questioned myself and wondered whether I should be doing these things. After resting for a year, I reflected on many things. In the end, am I choosing to get married and have children to satisfy other people and meet their expectations? Or am I doing it to make myself happy? I realized that my happiness is not based on these things. Instead, it is being able to choose [my own path]. Due to all my hard work from the last decade, I am now financially stable enough to be able to choose my own path. I can also sufficiently support my parents. I don’t need to force myself to find someone to take care of them.”

Sources: Oriental Daily; stheadline.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

7 comments to Kate Tsui to Sign with Wong Cho Lam’s Company

  1. jayne says:

    After Mag Lam, Kate Tsui is another celebrity to join Wong Cho Lam’s company. I’m impressed by the speed that Cho Lam works! He’s established wide connections in Hong Kong and Mainland China and many celebrities seem to trust him, agreeing to appear as guests on his variety show.

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    • happybi replied:

      WCL seem to be a very nice person. Think people find him trustworthy.

      Interesting to read that Kate like guys who makes all the decision. Always thought she one of those strong type that like things done her way.

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      • lyu310 replied:

        @happybi Yeah it is interesting that she prefers a more “dominant” type of guy although I can see where she’s coming from. Not that I would call myself the strong type but I tend to do things on my own and prefer not to ask for help – but in a partner I prefer to find someone who’s more dominant and can decide for me. That’s like the only time I can calm down, relax, and not have to worry about making all the decisions. Everyone wants to feel protected and pampered sometimes, even the strongest woman.

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  2. janet72 says:

    Don’t mind having Kate back…otherwise tvb will have grace chan and Sisley choir take lead roles.

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  3. mi88 says:

    If i were in Kate’s shoes, I would too, sign in Cho lam’s comany. Small/new company can focus more on the stars than the profit itself. Beside, he has been in many positions in the entertainment industry so he knows how the stars feel. ^^
    Can’t wait to see his shows <3

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  4. bubbletea says:

    Wong Who Lam deserves all the support and success he gets, he is an honest, decent man. Many of the artists trust and respect him so I can see his company growing with some high calibre actors signing up with him.

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  5. jessehsuan says:

    Miss seeing Kate!

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