Kathy Chow Celebrates Baby Son’s One-Month Milestone

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Kathy Chow Celebrates Baby Son’s One-Month Milestone

In March, 42-year-old Kathy Chow (周汶錡) and husband, Julien Lepeu, welcomed the arrival of their second child, Avner Lepeu. The couple is delighted by the addition of another boy to their family and celebrated Avner’s one-month milestone recently.

Kathy’s eldest son, Jacques Lepeu, is fascinated by his baby brother. In one of Kathy’s Instagram posts, Jacques was seen curiously hovering over Avner’s crib, giggling and waving hello to the infant. Like his brother, Avner also inherited his parent’s striking features.

The family of four recently celebrated Avner’s one-month birthday. The Lepeu family basked in happiness while Kathy carried Avner in her arms. Despite giving birth only one month ago, Kathy has already shed the baby weight and regained her figure.

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Kathy Chow Celebrates Baby Son’s One-Month Milestone

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