Kathy Chow Films “Sniper Attack 2013” Trailer

Kathy Chow (周海媚) filmed a trailer for Sniper Attack 2013 <神鎗狙擊2013> for TVB’s upcoming sales presentation on October 15. The announcement of Kathy joining Eddie Chueng (張兆輝) and Michael Tse (張兆輝) in the new law enforcement drama was met with public enthusiasm, but it turns out that Kathy has not yet signed an official filming contract with TVB.

Asked whether the issue was the remuneration, Kathy replied, “The problem is not due to the money, but rather other details that need to be discussed. I can sign the contract once the matters are worked out.” Sniper Attack 2013 is scheduled to start filming in December.

The 45-year-old actress retained her youthful looks and was well remembered by fans for her prolific TVB drama output in the 1980s and early 1990s.  Despite Kathy shifting her career to mainland China in the past several years, TVB continued to extend filming offers to her each year. Her last TVB drama was 2009’s E.U. <學警狙擊>.

The good quality script of Sniper Attack 2013 attracted Kathy’s interest, as well as the ability to reunite with her former costars, Eddie Cheung and Michael Tse. Kathy also expressed that she preferred to film modern dramas instead of ancient dramas, due to the convenience of not having to spend long hours putting on her makeup and costumes.

Source: On.cc

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  1. Kathy Chow (周汶錡) the model is 38. Kathy Chow (周海媚) is 45. She still look so good.

    1. i tend to get confuse when the name kathy chow is mention as i always think about the old kathy chow…. maybe should include the chinese name to avoid confusion LOL

  2. She looks pretty for her age, used to love watching her back in the 80-90’s! Hope the storyline would be good!!

  3. Kathy looks gorgeous in that photo. I’m happy to see Kathy acts in TVB series because I rarely watch mainland series.

  4. It is Kathy Chow Hoi Mei She looks young at age of 45. Still looking good. Can’t wait to see drama. Hope she will soon sign contract to start film this Dec. glad to see more veterans coming back to TVB. We need them to get the cast be strong.
    I wish Tiger Cubs 2 will resume soon with Jessica hsuan back


  6. Definitely look forward to seeing Kathy Chow come back to film for TVB. I loved her back in the early 90s. Cherished Moments, Looking Back in Anger, and The Breaking Point were my favorite dramas. 🙂

    1. I hated her in Looking Back In Anger and I still do. I guess I hated her all these years because of Looking Back In Anger. Not the performance, but the association with the character, oh how I hated her!

      1. I don’t remember her character much… Was her character that bad?? Why did you hate her Funn??

      2. Oh I remember because it was the very first series I watched that made me a TVB fan and also debatable ending, Deric Wan was awesome and that sort of stuff and my very first villainous female character I hated with a passion. Until now even my friends hated her.

        How hateful she was? Killing herself on the wedding day of the 2 main leads. Hateful.

      3. Also because Malaysia was featured prominently there like a travelogue and I remember how funny it was that Deric and Maggie I believe went dating and walked from KL to Malacca which is very very far apart (2 different states by the way).

      4. “Looking Back in Anger” had many dramatic moments. Although the story of how they became orphans (Yammie’s death) was a bit draggy.

        Deric Wan was a bit stony-faced in his first villain role. However, his villain role was memorable due to the remarkably dramatic script. Wai Ka Fai likely cast Deric due to this certain coldness he has.

        I remember that he killed Maggie Shiu by shoving her off a moving train. One of TVB’s most memorable murders. And Kiki’s death via alcohol poisoning was very memorable as well.

        The drama is heartbreaking to watch. But “The Greed of Man” was more interesting in the characterizations.

        Both dramas are on my favorite list. With such carefully told stories in the past, this may be the reason why we’re lifelong TVB fans.

      5. Greed of man was too dramatic and lawless. Looking Back In Anger was more elegant and I remember Yammie’s death was heart breaking. It remains my most favourite modern series from TVB. Deric was very good. He always looked that way but his performance back then could have trampled on many siu sangs today. Felix had this honest good guy aura. Even Carina was good. I also remember Deric and Maggie were quite the golden couple. Oh Kiki was there too! Almost forgot, she was the rich girl he married right?

        I like the ending as in for Deric’s character though. Totally deserved it and his brother spent his entire life protecting his baby brother but I like the fact at the end he had to let his baby brother go. THe story is sorta solid.

      6. Jayne, I can honestly say, I am also a critic of TVB but everytime I feel like giving up on TVB, I remember my generation of great series such as Looking Back In Anger, the Stephen Chow series, my all time favourite JTTW. And recently Safe Guard, Rosy Business and the likes. Yes for every 10 series about 1 will become a classic, another 3 good for repeated viewings, but look at ATV who had better storytellers in their heydays and look at how messy they’re now. Of course between ATV at their best and TVB at their great, ATV wins for storytelling. But TVB is still here. So for all the big talk about other TV stations running over TVB and TVB is ruined, I feel those are just nothing. TVB is here to stay because as long as there are chinese anywhere, TVB exists. I remember hearing this somewhere. But TVB needs a bit of humility.

      7. Greed of Man made me want to shot rifle toward Adam Cheng & his onscreen sons, rip the electric cord and thrown the TV set out of the window. It was that dramatically good series. Plus I was rooting for Sean & Vivien and the ending was damn cruel! >_<

        Looking Back in Anger, the most memorable scene was Deric pushing Maggie out of the moving train.

      8. My favourite TVB series in the 90s is ‘Blood of Good and Evil’. I think this is the series that made Maggie Shiu and Deric Wan a golden couple, right?

      9. Argh. I hated Kathy’s character as well, forever getting in the way between Felix and Carina.

        Tha amusing thing about Greed of Man was Adam Cheng’s character; he was completely in his own little bubble, had his own (twisted) set of morals and he always stuck by them. There wasn’t the typical switch where, oh, so many terrible adversities the character has had to face, so s/he went from good to bad. Ding Hai simply was. He believed in “righteousness”, however skewed that was.

      10. Oh my, you took the words out of my mouth! Looking Back In Anger is one of my all time favorite TVB dramas (the other being Blood of Good & Evil), and it’s because the whole drama was so gripping, intense, and well made. I really started to appreciate Carina Lau’s acting after that. Of course, Felix and Deric were the best actors – both were perfect for their roles and gave utterly believable performances. Greed of Man, like you said, was a bit OTT and unrealistic with stock market thing. It was a bit too loud and crude for me.

      11. Yup, absolutely adored LBIA, though BOGAE was technically my most favorite series. Regardless, both were great series – very well-written and well-acted! It’s no wonder that LBIA was the highest rated series of all time back in the 90s – I still remember that moment during the 1995 Anniversary Gala where they paid tribute to the Top 10 highest rated dramas of all time (up to that point) and LBIA was #1 – not only that, but the main leads (Felix, Kathy, Deric, and Maggie) actually went on stage to accept the ‘award’ on behalf of the cast / crew. It was one of my all-time favorite Annivesary gala moments!!

        Here’s the link to the post I did on it a few months back for those interested:


      12. @Funn: And yes, I disliked Kathy too in LBIA, primarily because I loved Felix and Carina as a couple in that series and hated how Kathy’s character kept getting in the way (the ‘sympathy card’ thing that her character did especially annoyed me cuz I hate characters like that). But overall, I like Kathy as an actress – she was one of my favorites back in the day…

      13. Ah, Deric and Maggie – my all-time favorite 90s ‘golden couple’!! Even though Maggie’s character always meets a tragic fate whenever she’s in a series with Deric (she gets killed by him in both LBIA and TBP, she goes blind because of him in BOGAE, and she ends up in jail in Conscience), I still LOVE the two of them!!!

  7. She looks great in the photo above.

    She was never a classic beauty. She has in fact that sort of beauty that the more you look, the less pretty she is. But undeniable she looks good for her age. Like Ray Lui, Like Michael Miu. All these people, what do they eat? I swear Michael Miu looks not much older than Raymond Lam when I see on screen. Maybe make up.

    1. I don’t think so and think Kathy is a great and endless beauty…But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I feel sad now that I look at Yammie since she is only 2 years older than Kathy, but looks way older due to her hard life..

    2. Gao Yuan Yuan really looks like her. They both have this sad look to them.

      Maybe eat some botox? hahaha

    3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      She was my 1st (TVB actress) love.

    4. Gotta agree with you! Both about hating Kathy Chow forever for her despicable character in Looking Back in Anger, and not finding her a great beauty. She ages well, I’ll give her that, but I never found Chow Hoi Mei to be very pretty. My friends said that she was crossed eyed, with buck teeth. Her voice also irritates me.

    1. listen teen u ppl have no education dont put negative on here to make u like disrepect person goodluck be good hear person that all ican tell

  8. Ray Liu looked good in “Born Rich” a few years ago, but recently I saw his picture when he went to Rosamund Kwan’s dad’s funeral, he looks much older than when he was in the serie, “Born Rich.”

  9. I thought she was well known in Time Before time, though it’s maybe just me since I was born in e mid 90’s, I remember watching that show on rerun so it was considered a classic to me along with Journey to the west. I only saw The Breaking Point a couple yrs ago which was also enjoyable but Deric shined in there then I watched E.U which was pretty good. I like Kathy though

    1. I remember her from her dramas with Alex Man, one of which Lawrence Ng was the villain. (Don’t know what they’re called in English.)

      She’s still as pretty as ever~

      1. @skinnymocha: The Alex Man / Lawrence Ng series was The Feud Between Two Brothers (I think that’s the official English name?). Kathy played Alex’s sister who gets ‘used’ by Lawrence (the villain in the series) – Kathy’s character was a pretty tragic one if you ask me. Never been a fan of Alex Man, but have to admit that a lot of those series he was in back in the 80s/early 90s were indeed classics – and that particular series was truly quite good (except for Alex being paired with Carina Lau in the beginning – he matched Dodo way better!) Also, I hated Lawrence’s guts after that series (haha…luckily he ‘redeemed’ himself in the 90s after he stopped playing those ‘baddie’ characters)….

      2. ^ Haha! Lawrence was just too darn good at playing those baddie roles.

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