Kay Tse on Louis Cheung’s Performance in “Come On, Cousin”

Participating in the HMV 20th Anniversary Concert, Kay Tse (謝安琪) was teased about her husband Louis Cheung‘s (張繼聰) topless scenes in TVB comedy Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!>. Desperate to make a name for himself, Louis’ character often uses his muscular figure to tempt women.

In one scene, Louis even bounced his pectoral muscles while playing a drinking game. Asked if the married couple plays similar games at home, Kay laughed it off and said, “I don’t know how to play such games.”

Asked to comment on Louis’ sex appeal in the series, Kay giggled and said, “I don’t find [his muscular body in the show] very sexy. It looks very oily, and he was covered in oil for a long time.” Kay felt that Louis sacrificed his body in the name of art and was not bothered by his intimate scenes with Mary Hon (韓馬利). “We respect each other’s work. When Louis has intimate scenes, he’ll let me know beforehand. So I don’t mind at all.”

Making a guest appearance in Come On, Cousin, Kay is also an avid fan of the series, tuning in regularly, “It’s what Hong Kong society needs at this time, to relax and find happiness. I know many people also care about societal issues, which this series also cleverly incorporates.”

Louis Cheung Admits Keeping Figure is Hard Work

The first week of Come On Cousin‘s ratings averaged 26 viewership points and peaked at 29 points. Louis Cheung was not discouraged by the ratings performance and believed that the viewership will continue to rise, as the series has generated good feedback.

Louis also joked that viewers should “enjoy [his topless scenes] while they last” as he will cover up his body in the second half of Come On, Cousin. While his figure earned praise, Louis said, “I’m not at my fittest right now; it’s very hard to maintain.” Despite his busy filming schedule, he exercises on a regular basis to stay in shape.

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That was a funny scene! Oh what a body!! Did he train specifically for this series?

    1. Funn,

      I think Louis Cheung has always had defined muscles…but may have worked out more consistently due to the frequent topless scenes in “Come On, Cousin”.

      1. But he looked so skinny in the past. Am surprised he packed a punch. I do believe one scene he was trying hard not to laugh whilst Mary Hon also had such a moment. Roger looks like he is enamoured with his hair. I think everyone seems very happy to be in this series.

    2. I saw an interview with the cast and they said he trained and ate the right diet to get that body. He said he was eating steamed chicken breast only while the othe cast ate proper food.

      1. You can train as much as you like but without good diet you won’t get results like Louis.

  2. One of those rare couples that you just find perfect for each other.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know Kay’s hubby is Louis cheung…her voice is good.

  4. ok so the first time i saw him, i was like who’s this gangsta-looking dude? But he left a good impression on me (acting-wise) in Brother’s Keeper. However, I don’t think i can bear to sit thru an entire series with Louis as the lead; he’s just not pleasant on the eyes. As supporting actor I don’t mind. Same with Nancy. I like her in supporting roles but she’s boring as the female lead role in TUA. Just my opinion.

  5. I dont find Louis attractive at all in this series maybe im not so into muscular men but i do wanna say this i think he looks beta with facial hair he looks weird with a clean cut

  6. I thought he’s pretty talented. He can be either funny or serious. Hope to see more of his shows on tvb.

    1. I love Louis! The series is silly and annoying because of WCL but Louis is the best! His body is hot!

  7. Louis is so cute and funny in this series compared to his role as Marco. I like him! He’s a good actor

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