Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong Promote “Rogue Emperor”

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Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong Promote “Rogue Emperor”

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) attended an event to promote the currently-airing comedy series, Rogue Emperor (流氓皇帝). The drama, which also stars Niki Chow (周麗淇) as the leading actress, has aired to positive reception, which many netizens praising the comedy. Mandy shared that the first episode received approximately 23 or 24 points. “It will become even more comical later, so I am confident in the ratings!” Kenneth added, “[The ratings] are that high? That’s pretty good!”

Portraying a maid in the drama, Mandy shared that she her character will undergo a big change. “My character will experience a 180 degree change. I will perform a dance in a black silk outfit. There’s a black silk outfit and also a bathrobe! There’s a different look in each episode. I am also looking forward to seeing the episodes again.” Kenneth, who has always been known as a flirt, teased that he is also looking forward to watching the scenes. He lamented, “But all her kissing scenes were given to Hugo Wong (黃子恆)!”

When asked how they will repay viewers for good ratings, Mandy volunteered the male actors and said, “The four of them [Kenneth, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), Brian Tse (謝東閔), and Jerry Ku (古明華)] will dance in black silk if it hits 25 points, so we can all see it sooner!” Kenneth retaliated, “Leave that to Brian! His legs are long! I have too much hair!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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5 comments to Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong Promote “Rogue Emperor”

  1. chloelee1 says:

    This show is surprisingly funny…..

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  2. diana80 says:

    Now that this show is coming to its end…can someone comment how’s the overall show later? I’ve yet to start watching this series because it’s comedy…so i’m a bit sceptical to watch and is waiting for reviews about the show before I decide whether to watch it or not.

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    • megamiaow replied:

      @diana80 Its not funny at all. Everything is so forced and uncreative. Id give it a pass if I was you.

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      • diana80 replied:


        Thanks for your comment. Ya…i think i’ll just skip this drama & wait for the release of Ruco’s new drama in the middle of this month.

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  3. time391 says:

    Agreed it’s funnier than most TVB dramas and Kenneth is actually playing his Adam Cheng inspired part pretty well.

    Sometimes TVB needs to make fun of their own history of shows to make things interesting, I like the in-jokes they made referring to “The Bund”, “War and Destiny”, and its many ancient dramas.

    You don’t need to repeat the past to make a good show, laugh a bit and enjoy it.

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