Kenneth Ma Searches Everywhere For Script

The previous night, when Kenneth Ma (馬國明) appeared in Tai Hang to film, he unexpectedly had a little incident and it unfolded like a scene out of a comedy. To facilitate filming, Kenneth Ma, who was donned in filming attire, left his script on the ground. Unexpectedly, the security guard of the apartment nearby mistook the script as trash, picked it up and threw it into the dustbin of the apartment block.

After shooting a line of dialogue, Kenneth Ma came back and was astonished to find the script gone. He then searched everywhere furiously for the script. Upon knowing that it had been thrown away by the security guard, he immediately ran into the apartment building and requested to be let in to retrieve his script. The scene was indeed rather comical.

After that incident, Kenneth resumed his professionalism, continued filming and practiced dialogues and which position to stand in with his co-star. Because the weather was very hot and humid, as soon as there was a break, the crew quickly stepped up to wipe his sweat and touch up his makeup.


This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. Lucky him it’s script not gold. Keke, consider gold price in the market now. Crazy.

  2. kenneth looks kinda cute in the pic above and funny looking too. Kenneth is quite clumsy and careless in a cute way 🙂

  3. Read this news yesterday somewhere! Kenneth is super cute! Hope he found back his script

    1. He did, and was sweating a lot! in that humid weather.

  4. I watch it online . . . very funny.

    If he lost the script & pick up by someone… What will TVB do to him? hmmmmm. . .

  5. If more actors starting to lose their script, TVB might charge them a fee. LOL

  6. Such a small news get reported. This shows that his popularity is rising. Good thing for him though.

  7. I’ve always thought of Kenneth as being a very funny man and never very serious. This business with the script is definitely tops and I do like the picture of him as he seems to be laughing!!!

  8. the best thing about him is that he is good natured. despite all the hassle and trouble, he still has a BRIGHT smile on his face. that’s something i really admire about him!

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