Kenny Wong Announces Marriage to Long-Time Girlfriend

2018 has been the year of everything for Kenny Wong (黃德斌). The 55-year-old actor, who has been riding the success of his film Men On the Dragon <逆流大叔>, has also announced that he will be marrying his longtime girlfriend, 39-year-old Joyce Wong.

The couple have been dating for over ten years, and while their family and friends already see them as married, Kenny said he would only consider legally tying the knot when he finds success in his career. “Honestly, it didn’t really matter,” he said. “Even back then when people asked me when I would be getting married, I would say anytime.”

Joyce with Aimee Chan 6 years ago.

The reporters managed to sneak in a question asking about how Kenny proposed, to which he laughed and said, “Actually it wasn’t anything particularly special. It was very simple. (Was your girlfriend surprised when you showed the ring?) She could’ve hidden in her room and cried, I don’t know. We actually bought the ring together.”

Kenny and Joyce have planned a simple wedding. Though they will not hold a banquet, they do have plans for a family dinner after signing their marriage certificate. There aren’t any other plans yet, but Kenny will respect whatever Joyce decides on.

What about having children? Kenny said, “We need to think about that carefully. Having children is a huge responsibility. At the moment, that is not in our plans.”


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  1. Wow. Congratulations!! But seriously he doesn’t looked his age but if they wanted to have children they better hurry up since he’s now 50’s and his wife about to turn 40. Not sure who she is either so her last name is Wong also? Lol. She can kept her last name just like Aimee Chan.

  2. Think he is the strong silent type in real life just like most of his roles are.

  3. Kenny has that perfect face to be head of police partially because of his height. didn’t expect him to be 55. he has a tough look.

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