Kevin Cheng Receives Backlash for Getting Angry at Paparazzi

Not too long ago, the Hong Kong media encountered Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) with their son Rafael (鄭承悦) outside. Although the three of them all wore masks, Kevin got angry when he caught the reporter taking photos of his family.

The reporter came across the trio in Causeway Bay, where Grace was browsing stores. Afterward, they walked along Victoria Park, and Kevin continued carrying Rafael in the front, as the floor was slippery from the slight drizzle. Eventually, they stopped by a bakery to buy some bread, and a fish stall to buy fish.

Although Kevin avoided walking into crowded stores and waited outside for his wife most of the time, he did not pay attention to his son’s mask. It only covered his mouth, so his nose was exposed. At the time, there were many people on the streets, so there’s a certain degree of risk involved.

Later, the three of them went into a snack shop that wasn’t too busy. He was still not aware that his son’s mask slipped, but after a while, Kevin discovered that a reporter was taking pictures. He suddenly became angry and pointed his finger at the reporter. Kevin asked why the reporter was taking pictures when a child is present. Even though the reporter indicated his intention, Kevin still angrily turned around and left.

Grace hurriedly went over to the reporter and said, “Don’t take pictures when there are children present. Let’s respect each other!” before quickly leaving to catch up with her husband.

Some Hong Kong netizens criticized Kevin’s big reaction. “The child already wore a mask; you can’t see his face. You know you’re a public figure, but you still expose his face on social media regularly. The reporter is just working, it’s not easy,” a netizen expressed.

Another Internet user wrote, “Stars should be expected to be photographed when they’re outside. If no one takes pictures of them, then that’d be really sad.”

Although Kevin and Grace typically share photos of their son on social media, they might be particularly worried about Rafael’s safety during the current situation in Hong Kong.

Source: Sohu

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  1. Overreacting. If he doesn’t want to be photographed then don’t go out in public. It’s a public space.

    1. @m0m0 Yes, exactly!! This is 1000% true. “Stars should be expected to be photographed when they’re outside. If no one takes pictures of them, then that’d be really sad.” If no one cares to take your pictures then you should really be pissed. Don’t take pics when there are kids involved? Then why did you bring him out? One of them stays home then there wouldn’t be any headlines and if you are really care about the current situation then you really shouldn’t be group shopping anyway.

      1. @wm2017 I don’t understand why people need to go group shopping. This is a global pandemic and social distancing is extremely important. Either he or his wife could have gone to buy the stuffs alone and the remaining one just take care of the kid at home.

  2. I was really surprised to see his son’s photos assumed the parents circulates them….birthday photos etc….so its a bit hypocrite to react like this to the reporter now!!

  3. Just because they are public figures, doesn’t mean they should willingly let paps take pictures of their kid, they are parents first and foremost!
    Grace and Kevin are only protecting their son with not wanting his photos taken, I’m sure if it was just the adults, Kevin’s reaction wouldn’t have been so strong. (Isn’t there like a law or something regarding taking photos of children?)
    While yes, they may have put some pictures out of their son on the internet, there really isn’t that many, and its THEIR SON for goodness sake! As if people are really kicking up a fuss about them uploading pictures of their own kid out like its a crime haha!
    Imagine some stranger suddenly taking pictures of you and your family when out and about, how would you feel?
    You have no idea what that person is going to do with it or put what narrative surrounding the pictures, and for all we know, the paps could’ve followed them a longggg time, and he’s just had enough stalking from them for one day.

  4. The biggest question still is: why did they go out shopping together? Couldn’t Kevin just get the bread and fish.

  5. Kevin was pointing to welcome the photographer to take more photos la…hee. the photographer got angry because he wanted the masks taken off… So he reported fake story la

  6. YOW BO LA!! tell him to P***S off.. who does he think he is…a Paedophile???
    He will be sorry if no one wants to photograph them…
    Like ur saying he shouldnt even be out as a family if he wants to stay safe from the Virus!1

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