Kevin Cheng’s Newborn is Driving Him Crazy

Last month, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) welcomed their son, Rafael Cheng (鄭承悅). The first six weeks of a newborn is always hardest for the parents. The first month of birth is a vital period for the newborn to learn how to adjust to a new environment beyond the womb.

For Kevin, the first month of fatherhood felt like a battlefield to him, like he was a general working under the commands of an “emperor.”

“There is no organized schedule,” said the actor. “I just know that I must focus my time on my family now. Without an extra pair of hands to help, it’s going to be impossible. We do have postpartum helpers, each with a morning and night shift, but that still isn’t enough. My emperor is really demanding. He cries a lot. You have to be fast. If you’re any slower he’s going to cry even more. And there’s no tears! Just his voice.”

Kevin added that his son is also very fussy and difficult to please. Sometimes he would get irritated when an adult is trying to burp him. Because he still doesn’t know how to express his discomfort, he would resort to kicking up a fuss and cry even more.

“You really don’t know what to do,” said Kevin. “He’s getting angry, and you’re getting irritated. I can now understand why the wife gets postpartum depression. I think I’m getting depressed! He’s really driving me crazy. He’s so difficult. (More difficult than filming?) Of course. Much more difficult than filming. That’s 100 percent more simple.”

Asking Kevin if he plans on chasing for another child, he laughed and said, “Let me get through this one first! The first month is definitely the most difficult. I need to calm myself first. To be honest, he is always on my mind. My entire life, mindset, and line of thinking have changed. He takes the number one spot, while I am in last place.”

Fatherhood has also changed Kevin’s way of approaching his career. Whilst in the past he would take on whatever job that was offered to him, Kevin has now become more decisive in accepting jobs.

The TV-turned-film actor has recently been promoting his upcoming action film P Storm <P風暴>, which opens in Hong Kong on April 4. In the film, Kevin plays an ICAC officer investigating Raymond Lam’s (林峯) character. Recalling the many action scenes in the film, Kevin said the most unforgettable one was a chase scene which he called “the marathon.”

“I ran from a sports ground, to an office, to the street. I’ve never had to run for that long before. It really felt like I was doing a marathon.”

P Storm is Kevin’s first collaboration with Raymond in 15 years. Their last work together was the TVB drama, Yummy Yummy. “It’s my first time doing an action scene with him. We all still go it in us!”

Kevin didn’t want to critique his own performance in the film, but did say that he shot every scene with his best effort. “Every skill requires build up. If you’re telling me to carry this entire film on my own, of course I’d be worried. A movie is different from a TV drama. Coming across new movies to do are hard, while you get more opportunities in TV, as long as you’re willing to sign a long contract.”


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  1. He sounds whiny. And oh lucky him that he has ppl to help him but unfortunately there are many people who don’t get enough postpartum support and can’t afford night nurses.

  2. Lol, actually the first 3 months are the hardest. Baby can have colic and cry for 2-3 hours a day. Surprised that he is venting so much. With post-partum helpers, either he has a super low tolerance or he isn’t using them much. Having 4 people take care of 1 baby would be a dream for most families.

    1. @potatochip I think many first time parents just don’t know. I first thought the first 6 weeks was hard, then once it passed, and come the tantrum for hours from 6pm onward to 10-12pm, in the first 3mo. Looking back, that first 6 weeks were a breeze. Plus the sleep deprived kick in, and the longer you go, the harder it gets.

      And he possibly like my husband, as soon as the baby cries, he would just get up and couldn’t sleep. My husband is more baby oriented than I am (baby cries/distress, he would be up and running after him, doesn’t matter if there is help).

      I think I would put Kevin as naive xD I’m sure he’ll complain more once he hit that terrible 3mo time xD

      Same with the crying, first few month of crying is actually easy to deal with, no tears. After that, it gets louder, harder, and longer lol! Plus many tears, some parents can’t stand the tears at all lol xD!

      1. @littlefish Yes, and 3 months if you are lucky. I had one baby who was such a terrible sleeper even at 5-6 months old and I was so sleep deprived. I am a night owl and use to working nights, but even that didn’t prepare me for how miserable it was.

      2. @potatochip lol, my little one was a bad sleeper until 10mo, and he would sleep through the night and follow his routine for 2 weeks, then he either got sick or we have to go away (to in law or oversea or holidays), and his sleep is out again. And even now at 22mo, he still wakes up once a night (after a month of good sleeping through the night). So yup…. night owl is what we are lol!

  3. Kevin is not a easy to please either…like father like son. Prefect!!

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