Koni Lui on Her Divorce: “Crying is Useless”

Earlier this month, Koni Lui (呂慧儀) announced the end of her seven-year marriage with fellow actor Dickson Wong (黃文迪). Despite the shocking turn of events, Koni is holding strong and focusing on her career. Even when she accidentally injured her elbow while shooting TVB sitcom Come Home Love: Lo And Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞>, she insisted on continuing filming. Keeping herself busy, the mother of one believes it’s useless to mope around.

Yesterday, she wrote a golden message on her Instagram: “Smile because crying is useless. Understand that people who love you don’t want you to cry, the people who hurt you will let you cry, the kind-hearted people will worry that you are crying, and the evil-hearted people will make fun of you crying.”

Netizens really resonated with her post and expressed their approval by leaving messages like “[she] said it very well, we need to learn together” and “you are not only a celebrity that I like but also someone I can learn from. I am learning from you on how to become a better mother. Love you, Koni.”

Posted along with the heartfelt caption was a full body photo of Koni posing against a colorful wall taken by costar Angela Tong (湯盈盈). She used the hashtags #nomatterwhathappens #it’sgoodtosmile #ifyoucan #everythingwillbegood #ifyoucan’t #cryanditwillbegood.

Since her divorce announcement, Koni often publishes meaningful thoughtposts on Instagram, encouraging people to face everything head on. Following that motto, the actress didn’t cease filming even when she hurt her elbow while on the set of Come Home Love: Lo and Behold. She just shared a photo and video of her injury on social media and continued shooting afterwards. Fortunately, it was not serious and the crew accommodated her situation by making some changes to alleviate any unnecessary suffering.

Source: Topick

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I think she’s much happier now that she announced her divorce. I saw a couple of clips of her before she broke the news and it was so awkward when she was asked questions like “how will you celebrate Valentine’s Day” and “when do u intend to give your son a sibling “? She was already divorced at that time but had to continue her charade. She has a very positive attitude that’s admirable.

  2. Crying helps you to grieve and allow yourself to express hurt feelings. It’s unhealthy to bottle up those emotions and never relieve them. The problem doesn’t come from crying, but from wallowing in misery. I have a feeling Koni already passed that phase since Dickson is dating someone else now. Her grieving moments must’ve been completed privately. But she still has to put on a brave face to meet the public, so she says things like smiling is better than crying…it’s true, but only once the crying is done.

  3. crying makes you look weak and doesn’t change a single thing other then people having pity on you. in the past, women would play victim just to get people’s attention and hope to get the man back. but nowadays, with women being more independent, we don’t depend on men financially so we can just let things go and moving on by ourselves. applause for koni standing up an out as independent woman instead of playing victim.

    1. @m0m0 i don’t agree only because i think pain is pain. emotional pain is still pain. it hurts just as much as physical pain, maybe even more. no one would call a crying person weak after getting into an accident. no one would call a grieving spouse weak for crying over their departed loved ones. crying is an outlet, for whatever reasons.

      1. @coralie
        Yeh. Some emotional pain can last forever and is saved deep inside you Maybe after having her 5 minutes of fame, she should grieve privately if neccessary..

      2. @coralie Id say emotional pain hurts more than physical sometimes. Im not the emotional type, but in times of grievance and tragedy, Id cry if I feel like it. I wont hold it in, certainly not for appearaces sakes.

    2. @m0m0 “Crying makes you look weak and doesn’t change a single thing other then peopler having pity on you”?
      Crying is not weak… Crying can actually change things…
      Crying is not useless or weak. Crying is to express their self, so they can feels better… Crying makes you realize something that you never realized before.
      Man and woman nowadays are equated, but it doesn’t mean that they dont have feelings…
      Everyone in the world is independent whatever genders or races. Because of our modern society everyone have right to express them self, and say what they are thinking. No one in the world “playing victim”, its their choice. except gold diggers of course…

      I hope you understand it 🙂

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