Leanne Li is a Relaxed Mom

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Leanne Li is a Relaxed Mom

Being a new mother is certainly not easy, but Leanne Li (李亞男) has enough experience to comfortably enjoy motherhood. Since welcoming Gabrielle last December, Leanne has been busy focusing on taking care of her daughter. Sharing her parenting values, she revealed that her husband Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and her are not Tiger parents, and believes that a child having a good personality is more important than earning good grades.

With her mother’s poor health, Leanne had taken an active role in watching her little sister who is 11 years younger. Possessing experience with feeding, changing diapers and burping a baby, Leanne describes herself as a relaxed mother. She is not anxious in leaving her baby to go for a trip, and wouldn’t call to check up on her every five minutes either. But Leanne wouldn’t take a trip longer than a week away, as she would miss Gabrielle dearly.

Prioritizing Family Over Work

Too busy looking after her baby, Leanne has taken a hiatus on acting and finds it difficult to work while being a mother. She has decided to wait until Gabrielle grows up and can take care of herself first, before returning to acting.

Leanne is driven to ensure her daughter can grow up in a happy and carefree environment. She said, “I won’t force her to excel academically, but rather have her attend an international school and build some good childhood memories. I think personality is more important than education. Knowing how to treat others with love, cherish people, and be grateful.”

When asked if either of them will take upon a stricter role when teaching Gabrielle, Leanne said, “We’ve discussed this and since I don’t yell at people, he may have to become the mean one. But knowing him, Cho Lam probably won’t have the heart to do this either.”

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    Wong Cho Lam seems quite insecure about his natural looks. Always has to pull a face or act stupid in photos…

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    raising a child with a kind heart is important. there are enough nasty-hearted people on earth to ruin people’s days. wouldn’t it be nice to have a smart and kind child.

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    Lord!! Like he doesn’t look weird looking enough. haha lol..OMG that face…

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