Leehom Wang Announces Wife is 5 Months Pregnant

Leehom Wang (王力宏) announced today that he will be a father and that his wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) is five months pregnant. Wearing a loose silk shirt, Jinglei is alreadyshowing a baby bump.

Leehom married his “Forever Love” Jinglei in New York on November 27, 2013. Leehom and Jinglei’s parents are friends who have known each other for years. Since Jinglei was 17 years old, she had already worshiped Leehom as her idol, but they pair went through separate dating relationships before discovering that they suited each other best. Leehom’s friends in the industry were surprised by the sudden wedding last year and many fans quietly wondered if Jinglei may already be pregnant.

Turning 38 years old on May 17, Leehom celebrated his birthday and concert success with fans in Xian today. Grabbing Jinglei who stood beside him, Leehom said, “I’m very moved that Jinglei is willing to be on stage to celebrate my birthday with everyone. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful birthday gift. Everyone present is our close friend. Let’s take this opportunity to share our great news.” Leehom said he looked forward to their “upcoming 1+1=3 life” while fans congratulated them on Jinglei’s pregnancy.

Although Jinglei is already five months pregnant, the couple is still in suspense and does not know whether the baby is a girl or boy yet. Leehom promised to love to baby regardless of its gender.

Growing up with two brothers, Leehom was the middle child who loved to take care of his younger brother. “I helped him change diapers and prepare his milk bottles. Afterwards, I supported 20 [orphans]. I’ve always loved children!”

Video News Coverage

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Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Not really surprised that Lee Jinglei is already pregnant, although her baby bump looks very small.

    1. Isn’t it the baby bump too small for a 5 month-old? Both of them look so awkward lol. And it looks like it’s being done by purpose to convince the media he is not gay. I’ve known some gay men who are so sure that Leehom is one. I can only assume that he is very much concern with his public image that we would go all the way to hide anything from his fans.

      1. Isn’t it the baby bump too small for a 5 month-old? Both of them look so awkward lol. And it looks like it’s being done by purpose to convince the media he is not gay. I’ve known some gay men who are so sure that Leehom is one. I can only assume that he is very much concern with his public image that he would go all the way to hide anything from his fans.

      2. Honestly,what is the big deal if he is gay? It is not easy to come of the closet if he was because the Chinese/Asian is still very taboo about gays,lesbians,etc… Being an artist/public makes it so much harder to come out if he is gay. What if he wasn’t gay? It really should not matter if he is gay or not.

      3. I guessed her bump was 5 months by looking at the pictures. She’s very slim and this is her first child, which is why her bump is just right for 5 months

  2. Most likely not his baby. Remember he has a boyfriend!

    1. I think it is his baby but she probably got pregnant by IVF. The awkward smile/gesture of when he pulled her in for a side hug is so noticeable…

    2. Possible.

      Also explains why he can find a convenient gf/wife for his requirements.

      That way, he can keep his bf, and she can find a dad for her baby.

      Win win for both of them.
      Or another possible, he rocks both ways. They share! And marriage is for his parents, his fans and the world. 😛

  3. I don’t know why but they really doesn’t give me the “couple” feel. They look awkward when they were posing for pictures. In one of the pic Lee Hom even had both of his hands clasped behind his back while his wife had this awkward smile on…hmmm…..

    1. violet
      I agreed. Maybe they being forced to marriage.

    2. Some Asians are still reserved about showing intimate emotions in public.

  4. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I think the dude is pretty unattractive to me. I can’t believe Shu Qi used to date him. yuck!!!

      1. She said Lee Hom is unattractive to her, and I find that hard to believe :O. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

      2. Oh he may be attractive to u and others, but I don’t find him attractive myself.

    1. Corrections. Shu Qi never dated him. They were more like buddies, galpals.

      1. Trini
        Oh really? the public mentioned they were dating, I read it somewhere on the internet. Maybe it just a rumoure

      2. Gays make some of the best gfs to talk to.

        They have that sensitive, touchy-feely side, very good taste for fashion and interior decor + yet know how guys feel too.

        In Lee Hom’s case though – I see none of that fashion sense or styling, sorry.

      3. @Sarah, Yes, it was all over the place that Leehom dated shu Qi, but they were just super friends, more like good girlfriends who even vacationed together. It was said he also dated Ah Mei is one of the most non judgemental, down to earth Taiwanese celebs you could ever meet, and she has no problem befriending gays.

        She even attended the gay wedding of two Taiwanese Ebiz men recently.

  5. her smile seems awkward lol it like she is forced to smile. i also think hes unattractive lol

  6. They look very awkward together especially when he pulled her in for a side hug. I never doubt Lee Hom’s marriage before but the video did suggested that that most likely they aren’t really in love or a couple.

  7. Awww. <3. Congrats to the couple! 😀 <3. God Bless! <3.

  8. Standing so close but body language so far. He doesn’t seem to be touching her.

  9. lots of gay chinese married and have children to hide their sexuality.

    1. @Shokenchi

      how true. Like HTS said, the gay lifestyle is frowned upon in Asia, causing mzny men and women to live a lie. Many of them, especially men are married to continue the family name, save their families honor, and protect their careers. LeeHom is in that category. It must be said lying to your fans, the world, your family and spouse, but most of all, yourself. Can’t be a happy life.

  10. why I have a feeling his wife doesn’t look happy. She should look glowing and happy. But the above video she look awkward and doesn’t show that she is happy.

  11. Its normal that she looks awkward. She probably feels uncomfortable in the spotlight and isn’t used to so many people looking at her.

    As for Lee Hom this is the first relationship he has made public. Natural for him to also be uncomfortable showing affection in public.

    1. Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. I have seen some awkward moments when the guys try to propose to their girlfriends in the public. It’s exactly like this. Her wife is probably just shy.

    2. Yes,I have known many couples who are very loving in private but awkward in public.

  12. is it awkward? i don’t think so.
    weren’t there some tell that they actually have been dating long time ago and spotted them together before everything come in light?

  13. honestly i think its normal they look awkward since 1. she’s nto a celebrity and lee hom hasnt always been the really outgoing/public affection type. if you see pictures of them when it’s not obvious in your face media type, they look natural.

    there’s pictures of my boyfrienda nd i and we can look pretty awakard on camera bc we’re not used to it esp when it comes to public affection

  14. It is not about being dovey dovey in public. Some men do look very awkward in the company of women. Show Lou, Hins Cheung, Jeff Chang, Wang LeeHom, Li Yundi and especially Zhou Chuang Xiong. There is a reason for that.

    1. Trini,

      You forgot one more name: Trini.

      And while I agree with the others, why you used Show Lou as an example?

      1. Yes, I forgot your name too, QWERTY. Hi Auntie man, Totie lover, wide receiver, buller, sausage lover. All these names I forgot. OOps, They belong to qwerty. WOW!!1., hahaha.


  15. Congratulations to Leehom and Jinglei, all the best to their new family. Whether it’s fake or not, a child is going to be brought into this world, so I hope, the child will be truly loved and happy.

    Anyway, from watching these clips of different events, I find Jinglei’s personality quite odd because her personality is totally opposite of her background. I don’t know all of the technicalities, so please, feel free to correct me, and this isn’t out of hate, just out of curiousity, don’t know if anyone else would agree but isn’t she supposedly a business grad student from Columbia University who used to work for one of Chase’s top executives? In other words, for someone to obtain such a degree and such a work title, isn’t she supposed to be more confident and solid than this? Yes, she’s not a celebrity, but she’s a grad student who has worked under pressure in the most competitive and dog eat dog world of business. She’s probably met with the most intimidating intellectuals in her career, so the media and fans shouldn’t even be an obstacle YET her demeanor is of a child. She’s so timid, always hiding behind Leehom, always asking Leehom on what to say, showing uncertainty, her eyes are never stern, her voice wavers, her body language is so off. I would have never believed that she was a grad student who worked under Chase. Yeah, yeah, different people have different personalities, but I just find it odd. I mean, Mark Zuckerberg’s wife isn’t a celebrity, she’s around the same age, but when faced with the media, she has grace and elegance, not awkwardness and unprofessionalism. For all we know, Jinglei’s background could have been made up because no one really knows who she is. Just saying. It just doesn’t add up.

    Or perhaps she’s trying to be a perfect Mrs. Wang, so she’s trying too hard to be sweet and gentle that it comes off weird. I don’t know, since she doesn’t have a clean image…who knows, just wanted to throw that out there.

    1. Methinks it all doesn’t add up.

      On one hand, she supposedly had a party queen background.

      So now she’s also shy?!?

      But yet this couple also has no qualms trying too hard with baked cookies and all, and feeding each other in public. How cringeworthy is that public display of affection?

    2. Great points about Lee Jinglei. I do not know what she is trying to prove with the manufactured shyness.

    3. I may be wrong but there are people who are outgoing when with people he/she knows but shy with strangers

      1. That’s me too! I tend to talk non stop, go crazy and blab a lot with my friends and when it comes to strangers…. I’m a completely different person xD

    4. She is a psychology grad student , the information says that she is business grad student is totally wrong. She also has never worked for one of Chase’s top executives. I have no idea where those mislead information come from.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. Gee, no wonder why she comes across as having no confidence, timid, and quite childish in the clips, a contrast from her photos prior to becoming Mrs. Wang, bit that’s her business. LOL

        Yeah, even though, at times they may seem like an odd pair, but let’s all just be happy for them.

  16. I still can’t believe they’re a married couple. Is there such thing as unfit? Perhaps they don’t have that “couple look”

  17. They probably just feel awkward posing around like that.

  18. The funny thing is, no matter how many pregnancies Jinglie has,and no matter how many awkward public appearances they make, LeeHom is not fooling anyone, except for fie hard fans of course. 90% of all Asia is more shocked than anything about this marriage.

    1. I didn’t even watch him in lust caution so I really don’t know anything about him but every time I see this marriage, I go whoa and then I laugh. Maybe she is a Chinese on both sides and her japanese parent just purchased authentic japanese paperwork.

  19. Can’t we just be happy for them? Yes, they don’t act like a typical newlywed couple, but their life really is anything but typical. No matter the rumors or suspicions, I honestly wish the very best for this young family–for Mr. and Mrs. and baby. I hope the baby has Leehom’s incredible music talents!

  20. I don’t understand what is with the mean comments. You guys need to remember that Leehom is a talented singer songwriter.. And he deserves better support than what people are giving them right now!
    Congrats to them both! and wish them well!

    1. @…Say

      I do not see any comments here that are mean. If you think the comments here are mean, you would cry or die when you see mean comments.

      And just because Leehom is a talented singer and song writer, it does not mean we have to bow down to him, kiss his behind and live in delusion about him.

      1. Calling some gay when he’s already married to a woman? (personally I think that’s a bit rude)
        And what is the living in delusion about him?
        Btw It’s not really about bowing down to him because he’s a singer songwriter, it’s more about the support they deserves besides we should be happy that a baby is on its way (:

      2. Well said… Says! What is the big deal if he is gay or not? A baby is on the way and I see so many negative comments. I do not even want to imagine the comments after she gives birth.

  21. The secret to surviving the 64 hands: look back. If I was half japanese I would refuse the pomegranate offered by the super rich idol who played a guerrilla fighter in lust caution. It would be disrespectful to everyone the japanese tortured. Everything is a character test from the moment you are born into the Chinese world. I would like to know the pass/fail rate for japanese hybrids.

    1. I really have to smile sometimes. Aman can be married with children and still sexing up other men. Same thing with women. It is very common in the Asian entertainment world. If anyone thinks just because a man has a female pregnant wife that he can’t be gay, then like I SAID, that person is indeed delusional.

  22. Point 1.

    Well, maybe he isn’t gay? Maybe we have misunderstood him thus far? I know there are and will always be famous/A class actors and singers who are gay in the asian entertainment industry considering its demography and population – China, Taiwan, HK, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, etc – but maybe he is really not the one, and it could be someone else or some other famous artists? Have you guys really considered this?

    Point 2.

    Even if he is gay, I don’t know why you guys are so shocked over his marriage and act like kids. Fact: he is a famous singer being widely known in the homophobic asian societies. What do you expect? While there are many famous actors and singers coming out slowly in hollywood, there is zero famous asian actor and singer that does the same thing, and based on this, even a blind person knows this is the status quo. No need to overreact.

    Point 3.

    It could also be that he is bi, and that he likes his wife sexually but not romantically. And that is why she is pregnant, and he looks awkward because he is thinking ‘the other man’.


    At the end of the day, it is none of your business.

    1. I agree with you 100%. People may be thinking way too much, yet, its none of their business!

    2. Good points and I agree with you that it is none of our business. Just let him live his life. If he is gay or whatever and is living a lie, the person that he is hurting the most is himself.

  23. Gosh the amount of homophobic people still existing these days is rather alarming!
    What you see or hear about Leehom or any other artist for that matter is all based on what the media feeds you and how much the actual artist wants to share with you. It’s just ridiculous that some people feel that just because they have read a shit tonne of articles written by money hungry media outlets that all of a sudden they know everything about the artist; sexuality included!
    Leehom and his wife are about to start a new chapter in their lives with a baby along the way, cant people just relax and be happy for them instead of supporting groundless rumours?!

  24. @qwerty

    great points you brought up. Leehom was the one who was all over the place with his wife in public, making announcements, posing for awkward sterile photos, baking cookies and awkwardly feeding each other, making all these over the top love announcement to his wife. I actually expected him to jump on the couch, ala Tom Cruise, lol, lol. Obviously, netizens like us, will comment on his news on a public forum like this. It is not like the commenters here want to follow him home, ask him and his wife about their personal business. Now THAT would not be any of our business.

    I am not shocked he got married, I just wondered why he bothered in the first place and then HTS reminded me why in her comment. Gays are not really accepted in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Mainland China where Leehom has his biggest fan base. Even in fan base in England, America and Australia are Chinese and as mentioned, the gay lifestyle is taboo amongst Chinese.

    Gay men have children with their wives if the wife is a kept wife. Meaning she knows about his lifestyle, he gives her a luxurious life of fame and fortune in exchange for being inseminated with his babies. She can also have a discreet lover on the side. That happens a lot amongst the rich families around the world, especially in Asia.

    My point is, if Leehom married just to squash the rumors, he did not.

    1. Leslie Cheung was openly gay and accepted by fans throughout Asia. So if Leehom really is gay, I doubt his fans would forsake him. He’s a devout Christian, which may be in conflict with acceptance of gays.

      Whatever his orientation, he’s a human being first and a very nice one at that.

      1. Good point and I still do not get what the big fuss is about whether he is gay or not. It feels like sonde are obsessed with celebs whom they think are gay or have something against them. The late Leslie was gay or bi so what is the big deal? It did not make him a bad person or changed him into a bad person. People still loved him for who he was.

        I do not like it when celebs lie,but if they have good reasons for it then I can understand. But in this case,none of us know for sure if he is or not. He can bi or heterosexual,who knows? I just cannot understand why some are so sure that he is gay or whatever and knock him down at every chance they get. What is up with that? By the way,I am not a Dan of his but admire his talents and all. He also does not seem like a bad person either so why are some so determined to blast him at every chance they get? That is beyond me.

      2. Leslie Cheung always has my respect.

        Why? He had a lot of guts to come out and honestly say he was gay, to be one of the first pioneers. And to openly be seen in public with his partner.

        Yes everyone is a human being. It’s not the fact anyone is heterosexual, bisexual, gay or transexual that makes them a better/lesser person.

        I like the multi-talented Leslie – esp his voice and he was always awesome in his acting roles. In fact he was one of my few rare early idols.
        I don’t star-worship, period. But Leslie earns my respect for guts and daring to say (esp in his time when it was so taboo): “This is me, so what. Take it or leave it, f-off if you don’t like it.”

        There are some that like to lead double, triple lives; whether they’re male, female or gay … and have many identities. Like, how do people like that ever relax? They have to be on show all the time.

  25. His style is different from other celebrity husbands. Others tend to only disclose very small detail about their non-celebrity wives, let alone going to public events with wife

    1. @Nomad822

      Very, very well said. That is what I respected about Leslie too. He finally had enough of the nonsense and living a lie of denials and came out. He at first denied he was gay or that he and Daffy Tong were in a relationship when the press printed pictures of them holding hands…. he said it was photoshopped to look that way. He finally decided to stop lying to himself and to others. Of course the world already knew, just like they know with Leehom.

      There are a lot of idol worshippers who cannot stand when I say anything about their halo wearing, perfect idols, cause it spoils the delusional image of their gods. Their consolation is to write and believe that I am saying these things because I get my news from the media when nothing can be further from the truth. If they want to believe that, let them keep telling themselves that.

  26. His wife didn’t seem that happy. Her smile seem force IMO.

    1. Just because so done gas a forced smile does nit mean that they are unhappy. Some people just have a natural smile while others have a more forced smile.

      1. Meant to say Just because some have a more forced smile

  27. Everyone seems so butthurt that he got married to a woman rather than to ‘admit’ he’s gay. Seriously suck it up. They’re happily married and it’s just a picture of them smiling, i don’t see anything awkward about it!
    Congratulations to them both, they are a lovely couple!

    1. Exactly and instead of congratulating him, some are saying that this is all fake,she is a beard wife, he is gay,etc…. I wonder what the comments will be after she gives birth? Why can’t everyone just congratulate them?

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