Lin Chi-ling Denies Pregnancy, But Wants to Have Twins

Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chi-ling (林志玲), who tied the knot with EXILE member Akira last June, is excited for her future. At a make-up function she attended in Taipei on Sunday, the newly married 44-year-old shared with reporters about what she plans on pursuing in the future, as well as addressing her pregnancy rumors.

“I’m not pregnant!” she said with a laugh. “I’ll definitely let everyone know if I am!” That aside, Chiling did say she would like to have twins, preferably a boy and a girl. “I had been wishing for that my whole life,” she said. “I’m sure the heavens know it by now.”

As for her future with the Japanese star, Chiling said both her and Akira will split their time between Japan and Taiwan. She will also consider purchasing property in both Japan and Taiwan. “The marriage came suddenly, so I haven’t properly planned it out yet,” she said.


Chiling plans on lessening her workload in the entertainment industry, and will focus on caring for her family and her charity organization. “Everything has been wonderful,” said Chiling when reporters asked about how she’s been feeling. “I’m still adjusting to marriage life. I hope I’ll become an irreplaceable good wife.”

The 44-year-old announced her marriage to Akira, 37, on June 6, 2019. Chiling said her Akira had been old friends, but they did not start their relationship until half a year ago. “We’ve always felt good about each other,” she said. “The timing was right.”

As for how the Japanese star proposed to her, Chiling said, “I’ll save that secret for myself.”

The marriage came to a surprise, as Chiling was in an on and off relationship with Jerry Yan (言承旭) for nearly 20 years. In 2017, Jerry implied that he has rekindled his relationship with Chiling, but  there was no follow up.


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