Jerry Yan and Chiling Lin Back Together?

Are Chiling Lin (林志玲) and Jerry Yan (言承旭) back together? A few days ago, the former couple were spotted together at a hotel gym in Malaysia, signing up for a gym membership. The “meeting of the century” lasted over 40 hours.

Last Friday, after finishing an event in Kuala Lumpur, Chiling did not follow her team back to Taiwan. A few hours later Jerry was spotted at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and it was said that Chiling had personally picked him up. They stayed in the same hotel room.

The possibility of the couple reuniting topped search engines and was the top headline of the weekend. Reporters reached out to the ex-couple for comment about the possibility of a rekindled relationship, to which Jerry said, “Happy that we’re in contact again.” Chiling released a statement through her workshop, “Please give space for artists to have some privacy. If [we] do get back together again, Jiejie would probably choose to share this happiness with everyone.”

42-year-old Chiling and 40-year-old Jerry dated for four years before breaking up in 2006. Last

February, Chiling gave an ambiguous response when she was asked if she would like to be with Jerry again. “I need to see what he thinks. We still keep in contact. (Ask him out!) It’ll get photographed! Thank you for giving me the courage!” In May, Jerry responded to the same question, “It depends on how she reacts to it.” Jerry admitted later in July that he is “seriously considering” marriage in the near future.

In related news Jessica Hung (張熙恩), who dated Jerry for a few years before breaking up in 2015, appears to have known about Chiling and Jerry’s reunion. Last week, the Taiwanese model-actress posted an English quote on Facebook, “Real love doesn’t meet you at your best. It meets in your mess.”


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  1. Rolling my eyes.

    C’mon, it’s not like they’re Bieber & Gomez. They’re not kids anymore. Stop with this coy acting. It’s irksome and totally immature. Have the balls to say what’s what already!

    That aside, while it’s sweet to hear a classic couple reunion, it sounds like they’re still iffy as heck. Let it end completely and move on or do something about it -_-

    1. @coralie

      DITTO! They ARE too old to be coy. It’s just tired news.

      I read it somewhere else (on a predominantly Korean-news site no less) and yes it’s TIRESOME.

      These 2 have been on-off forever.
      Just end it, or get on with it and do something about it.

  2. Lol…. Wow, Jerry is getting desperate or what. haha….Btw, is she older than him? I guess we shouldn’t be shocked, it’s the trend nowadays.

  3. I agree that these two should stop being coy and mysterious about their relationship if they are back together. They are not twentysomething anymore, but two grown, matured adults. Either they are back together, or just drop it like its hot and get on with their lives. Sick of the childish, ancient, boorish secretive games these grown a$$ men and women try to deceive the masses with. Wait!!!!, they do deceive a good majority of the sheeple, no wonder they feel they have the right, no matter how far fetch their lame schemes and lies are.

    On another note, what is wrong with their age difference?. Chiling is Only TWO years older than Jerry, not ten. Even if she was ten, so what. That is not a vast difference. Wake up, this is the year 2017, not 1720. People need to get over their ancient jurrasic beliefs and smell the coffee. I was told by my cousin in HK that a mam divorced his wife because she initiated sex with him, the husband. Can I say the S word here????You see, the husband believed that he should be the only one who starts the ball rolling when it is ‘action’ time. What a stupid, dinosaur thinking fool.

    If they are together, leave them be, their two years age gap is not, and should not be an issue.

  4. Jerry Yan has had the same dated hairstyle for over 20 years. It’s high time he made a change befitting a 40 year old.

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