Liza Wang As TV Queen? Anthony Wong: “Definitely Her”

Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Olivia Yan (甄詠蓓), Louisa So (蘇玉華), and Poon Chan Leung (潘燦良) made an appearance together to promote the second run of their popular theatrical play, Le Dieu Du Carnage <狂揪夫妻>, the Hong Kong adaptation of the acclaimed French black comedy about two couples caught in a fierce argument over their children.

The four leads, who are all married (or in Louisa and Poon Chan Leung’s case, recently engaged), was asked if they had any tips on how to have a harmonious marriage with their partner. Anthony laughed and said, “Know how to shut up!” The award-winning actor said he and his wife rarely argue because he knows when to shut up. “And turn up the TV’s volume,” Anthony joked.

Anthony Wong is currently contending for Best Actor at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards for his performance in Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>, his first time contending for a television acting award in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Film Award-winning actor, however, said he doesn’t support himself to win.

“I never thought about it,” Anthony said when asked if he has the confidence to win this year’s TV King. “[TVB] should give it to their biological sons. I’ve always said I supported Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Damian Lau (劉松仁).”

Who does Anthony support for TV Queen? Anthony expressed, “If there is Liza Wang (汪明荃), then it’s definitely her. Who dares to take that award from her?”


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  1. Yes tvb shld give the award to biological son Ruco who fully deserves it. As for Liza i prefer her role in Master of Destiny.

  2. I am a big Ruco Chan fan, but i think that Kevin Cheng’s acting in Eye in the Sky is very underrated as well, the way he portrayed the inner sadness of seeing his brother turn evil was very good and i think he should definitely get some noise as well

  3. I support Anthony for the win too. Did you notice the guy that acted as Anthony’s bodyguard has been acting the same role as bodyguard forever? I noticed him in Point Of No Return in 2003 as a bodyguard too. I think they also have been underrated, tvb should give the veteran ‘kelefes’ chances. I don’t mean taking up lead roles but maybe supporting. I remember Fred Cheng used to act as ‘extras’ too.

    1. @alien I am very impressed with the loyal assistants in both Lord Of Shanghai and WIth Or Without You. They may be supporting or even nameless but they’re integral to the story. Poor Ah Tim. What a loyal assistant.

    1. @michael151722 Inadequate is the first word that came to mind. Depending on the role, he is these days usually mediocre. But that is a huge improvement than a few years ago. 8th prince is still his most eloquent performance.

      1. @funnlim i gotta agree tht his chracter of 8th Prince is one of his best performances to date but i felt that his role in Eye was pretty good like as the older brother he is not supposed to show weakness, in his sad scenes he managed to subdue the crying but show how broken he is due to Ruco, other than that i think Ruco should get BA this year

    1. @mulder99 Nancy is a good actress but she does not deserve to get it for Ghost of Relativity. There is not much competiton for Best Actress this year. I say Liza Wang for Limelight Years.

      1. @arc78 Yeah.Best actor belongs to Ruco, and no one else deserve more than him. Female I vouch for Liza. Nancy’s role was overshadowed by Kristin. But Kristin role was very irritating. Lol. Liza the best in the list.

    2. @mulder99: Agree !!! Ruco for the BA win hands down. Captain of Destiny would have been a flop and totally unbearable without Ruco and his palace costars. Ruco is totally loved by fans and audience but underrated by TVB. All I ask TVB is to give him credit when it’s due…

      1. @lml1977 It probably isn’t going to happen in HK, much as we hope and pray for it. The awful feeling right now is that even Astro looks quite doubtful though he’s the hot fave based on polls and news reports. Apparently he isn’t going to be at the event and we know what TVB’s usual practice is, ie, no show means no award (I’m referring to the grand prize). Still praying that a miracle will happen. Life is so dam unfair to him.

      2. @isay: So is it confirmed that Ruco won’t be attending Astro? I am still going to forums and his official fan club forum to check whether he’s attending or not. I hope they don’t rob him of the Astro BA award just because of no-show. Ruco in his interview did say he wants to attend but not sure if his BK2 filming schedule will allow. This means Linda, Edwin and Grace all won’t be attending Astro as well. is so damn unfair to him. This makes me want to support him even more !!!

      3. @lml1977 He is still in Okinawa as far as i know. Situation does not look good. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. My heart is sinking.

      4. @janet72 I’ve no doubt he’ll win a character prize but for BA, the winner is usually present. If he’s the winner of the BA prize, I see no reason why he can’t go to Genting to receive the award. Kristal and Linda will be there too so there’s no reason for him not to go. The only possibility is that he’s robbed of his BA again, which I’m praying that I’m wrong in my conjecture.

      5. @lml1977 Maybe Ruco situation would be like Kenneth Ma in 2012 when he originally busy filming for Triumph in the Skies II at Taiwan but suddenly appear in the Astro On Demands awards show in the middle and finally winning the favourite leading actor award. Maybe Ruco will show up surprisingly in the middle of the show. I think for TVB Star Awards Malaysia tomorrow, he will still get the leading actor award since it is based on voting and he is very popular. his role in captain of destiny is also the best for male this year. but for hong kong awards next month, i think he will win most favourite tv male character actor i think still no chance for him, may be Anthony Wong for hong kong one.

      6. @vinceboy: Actually I’m not hopeful that Ruco will win BA at the HK TVB awards…knowing how TVB will always rig the awards. Last year, they didn’t even show who were the Top 5 contenders for BA. They just awarded the BA to Roger Kwok. Roger is a good actor no doubt but I did feel that Ruco was just as outstanding as Carson in ROE. Ruco’s performance in ROE was also BA worthy. I bet Ruco has more supporters than Roger in HK.

  4. Sadly Did not watch Limelight years as i was in HK during the time but i managed to see Grace Chan and Jacqueline Wong at a function and got to take a pic with them, other than tht i do not know who to suppot for Best Actress as i found Kristal acting the same as in BK and Nancy was really annoying in this series

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