Louis Koo Buys $50 Million Yacht for His Mom

Louis has a close relationship with his parents.

Louis Koo (古天樂) has always been known for being a filial son. Even at 48 years old, he still lives with his parents in order to take better care of them. He frequently takes them out for vacation, and recently bought his mom a yacht so she could enjoy watching fireworks in Victoria Harbour.

Louis splurged $50 million HKD on the “Princess 88” yacht from England, which includes three levels, four large rooms, a lounge, and a bar. Inside each room, he bought custom furniture and even spent a seven-figure sum for each set of bed linens.

Even though it is a pricey purchase, Louis purchased the yacht so he can take his parents out on Victoria Harbor, which is a perfect place to watch fireworks. Known for his intense level of privacy, Louis can also gather with friends out at sea away from the paparazzi’s eye.

Louis has a really close relationship with his parents, and his mom still wakes him up for work in the morning. He feels that it’s necessary to take good care of his parents, as they had done the same for him when he was a child. In the future if he were to get married, Loui’s wants his wife to live together with his parents.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That’s a very handsome kind of blurry looking pic of Louis Koo. lol Wow!! Still lives w/parents at 48 yo and wakes him up? Double wow!! Amazing even thou I can’t imagine still living w/parents after college. Ahahah…Lol….

  2. Frankly, it would be difficult for him to find a wife who would tolerate being #3 in importance after his parents.

    1. @msxie0714 totally agree. which woman would want to be #3 in his life? even cho lam and ruco chan put their wives first although they are known to be filial sons.

    2. @msxie0714 lol…So true. Usually overly filial isn’t a good thing either. I remember a distant much older cousin in another State. He’s not bad looking, smart & w/a good job. His mom was also a smart, righteous & strict mother and she didn’t like his g/f at the time so they kinda of broke up over that and prob other issues but mostly of her mom’s disapproval. Til this day I heard he’s still single. That’s too filial if you asked me I mean nowadays who will need 100% approval from parents for a couple to get married? It’s not like you have to live together or they must? haha So if he keeps at it at 48 yo, he might be single for life. lol hahah… I can’t imagine living w/parents still at that age I mean we have to grow up at some point no or that’s just me. lol

      1. @wm2017 Lol. Mama boy has to stick with mama forever. I mean he’s so rich he could have hired a housekeeper or a maid to take care of his parents that way he can have more privacy and more time to look for a girlfriend instead stick with his family at all the time and surprise his parents didn’t rush him to get married? If he doesn’t get married by the time he’s 50 then maybe he’s just wanted to be a single guy forever. I feel the same way for Charmaine Sheh she might stay single forever too.

      2. @cutie777 Exactly, I heard in HK even if you are not rich you can afford to hire those philly helps. lol…He’s so rich he can probably hire an entire team to live in and look after them. I guess to him it’s different and he needs to be there. Couldn’t care less if they are both single for life. haha..lol…I just find it odd that whether or not you are single that you are still living at home at that age but that’s just me. haha LOL

  3. He seems like a really filial and considerate dude. And nicely low-key too.

    Methinks Louis Koo either:
    – rocks both ways (ie female and male)
    – is gay (many are super filial to their moms too)

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