Louis Koo Lives Frugally

Although Louis Koo (古天樂) has become a movie tycoon in recent years and earns an estimated HKD 400 million a year, netizens discovered Louis is still very down-to-earth. Not only is the kindhearted actor philanthropic, but he is also very frugal. A few days ago, some mainland netizens photographed Louis flying in the economy class and eating a cup noodle on the plane.

When Louis was flying to Shanghai to promote a body wash brand, he was discovered by a netizen on the plane. After the plane took off, the netizen discovered a male passenger was eating a cup noodle behind him, and when he took a closer look, he realized the passenger was Louis!

Since then, the netizen’s photos of Louis have been circulated online. Netizens praised Louis for his simple and low-key lifestyle despite being a big star. Sure, he has an amazing film career as the founder of One Cool Film Production Limited and the chairman of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, but he also invests a lot of money in film production to support new directors and the industry.

Moreover, Louis has been actively doing charity work for many years. He began building primary schools in China since 2009, and he established a total of 111 Hope Primary Schools in 2010. In addition to donating money, he arranged special personnel to oversee the construction to ensure the safety and perfection of the structures.

However, whenever reporters asked Louis about his good deeds, he always simply responded, “It is the thought that counts, I don’t want to talk about money, and I don’t have a goal of how many schools I want to build.”

Louis, who has immense kindness toward strangers, is also a filial son. It is rumored that he personally donated HKD 200 million to pray for his parents, and he splurged on an HKD 50 million yacht earlier this year to let his mother watch fireworks on it. It can be said that Louis spends all the money earned from his work on charity and his family, but he lives a frugal life himself.

Source: Topick

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t know if renting out a warehouse to store his 1:1 scale figures really counts as living frugally. Maybe it’s just me.

    1. @tinlunlau
      I think it just depends on the person and how they spend their money. For example, my brother’s wife is cheap towards her kids and food, but splurges on clothes, shoes, make up, designer bags,etc… for herself. Basically, some are cheap towards certain things like food and air flights like in Louis’ case but splurge on other stuff. However, I applaud Louis for helping others and having a heart of gold instead of just spending on himself like many would with his wealth.

      1. @hetieshou I think we have the same SIL. Does she bring home used clothing given to her from friends, while rocking Chanel and driving a Porsche as well?

      2. @pinky

        Is your SIL the same? Yes, she brings home used clothing given from her friends and siblings for her kids but buys herself new clothes, make up, beauty treatments, etc… basically spoils herself but is cheap on her kids. She rocks Gucci which is expensive as well but refuses to buy her kids any toys or games. It is my brothers and me who buy things for her kids( my nephews). She is not into cars but is only into trying to make herself look pretty. She only drives a Honda as she has no house yet and her family is living with my siblings and me.

  2. Surely Louis doesn’t have to follow your lifestyle to be considered frugal!
    Poppy syndrome very evident here!

  3. Though my opinion on it’s totally up to the celebs’ prerogative to spend their money however they choose include OTT luxurious material things and be “judge-free” (they make it, they spend it), it’s refreshing to learn Louis has a heart of gold. He helps and gives, seemingly asking for nothing in return. Add oil!

  4. Some people may think paying multi-folds for a short plane trip just isn’t worth it. That’s not frugal! That’s sensible…

      1. @megamiaow I know, no kids and yes supporting parents but I am sure you can be better to yourself. We work hard and deserve to splurge once a while and esp if you are able to. As the saying goes, you can’t take it w/you when it’s time to go.

  5. So he’s frugal because he’s eating cup noodle….did they expect him to be chowing down on caviar instead

  6. From the looks of the seat pitch, it doesn’t look like economy seats to me. Sponsors pay for all travel expenses anyways so it’s not out of Louis’ pockets.

  7. It’s already been confirmed that Louis flew China Southern’s A320 short haul business class.

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