Louisa Mak and Ada Pang Are Not Going to Sign With TVB?

With several top artistes leaving TVB in recent years, the station is said to be lacking a number of fadans. In order to train a new generation of actresses, TVB has been trying hard to promote its Miss Hong Kong Pageant winners. However, of the top three finalists from this year’s pageant, only the second runner-up Karmen Kwok (郭嘉文) has signed a contract with TVB. Winner Louisa Mak (麥明詩) and first runner-up Ada Pang (龐卓欣) reportedly have second thoughts.

According to tabloids, Louisa and Ada are hesitant about joining the entertainment industry. Despite the heavy promotion of former Miss Hong Kong finalists such as Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), the girls seemed to have received much criticism from local viewers. Already portraying lead characters in dramas, Grace and Sisley have been criticized for their acting skills. Netizens claimed that all they knew how to do properly was scream.

In addition, TVB allegedly asked Louisa and Ada to sign a lengthy 10-year contract in order to keep them at the company. Ada expressed that she needs some time to think about what she wants in her future. Louisa has reportedly not yet made a response, but tabloids claim she understands that TVB is currently not in its best state.

Source: Yahoo.com

This article was written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No offense to either but IF they sign up, I wouldnt watch their dramas as 1. not going to waste time watching a drama with HORRIBLE acting and 2. these two are not stunning enough for me to watch for and pretty much got popular off their academic background. cute looking, maybe. not stunning.

  2. “the station is said to be lacking a number of fadans. “

    They should look among their acting training class graduates to find new fadans. Give these girls some chance. They might succcessfull groom another Tavia or two.

    1. @kidd winning the Miss HK titles doesn’t mean they can act…throw new winners into acting class. thank goodness I am not the only one who thinks that all Grace & Sisley can do is scream. it’s really horrible watching them scream and shriek.

  3. Chen Xiao signed 10 or 11-year contract with Yu Zheng Studio but at least, YZ helps boost his acting career and his popularity rises. As for TVB,…idk

  4. These 2 girls have rich family background so they don’t care and don’t appreciate the early chances in life that a lot of TVB actors wanted anyways. Pretty arrogant I would say. Before people would die for a contract with TVB but these 2, especially Louisa, are being smart (a**) to deny such a contract. Good for them. And I understand they don’t need to take it. Put aside all the issues inside TVB, you have to have a passion to do something, and to do it well. They show that they don’t have it. Look somewhere else TVB. Maybe in your training classes?
    And YES, thank you for not signing. Grace and Sisley are enough haha. I really really really hope Loiusa doesn’t sign. It seems like she’s acting like a diva right now. She’s probably thinking if she’s too good for TVB with all her A’s.

  5. 10 yrs contract with failling tvb??? Go sign with China company is better!!! (well, provided China wants them, of course).

    But Ms Hk doesn’t mean they can and will act. Tvb management sucks. Once they sign, they have to play politics and choose sides first. Damn, tvb is poisoning itself!!!

  6. Won’t be a lost if they don’t sign.. and if they do, please put them through acting class! What Grace and Sisley need! All the newbie at TVB are lacking.

    1. @happybi why doesnt TVB give acting classes for Sisley and Grace? I havent personally watched a drama that stars them as I’m threw off with the fact that many people complain about their poor acting skills. honestly, these two arent that outstanding in looks so it wont be much of a loss like you said.

      1. @akinu I wonder if these newbie can reject a role? I mean when they said, hey Grace, you have only been in 1 other drama but we are going to make you the lead on COD, did she even think that maybe she’s not ready and reject it? Or was “no” not available? or do they want to be the lead so badly that they took the role when they know they are not ready?

        Watched a bit of COD and even though I like Ruco, I can’t continue it. Grace and Tony was bad.

        I find Grace to have a beautiful face but her body to me is too skinny. As for Sisley, I do not find her pretty at all.

      2. @happybi i agree that Grace has quite an unique face with pretty features (i dont like when she smiles though, her cheeks look drastically smaller and it makes her look unhealthy) and sisley looks like the average person you’ll meet on the streets. About Grace’s body figure, i have no comment as I recently only found out about this site so she’s completely new to me and all. I was going to watch COD because of the buzz of Ruco but was completely turned off when I read about people complaining about Tony and Grace. I have free time but i dont like watching things that will make me feel “wow, why am i even watching this?”

      3. @akinu lord you can skip COD!!!! Ruco wasn’t able to save it. Poor guy always stuck with these bad female leads. I wasn’t a fan of Ruco until “Every move you make” where Bowie Lam was the lead. Ruco was only in a few episode but it was the first drama where he stood out to me and since then I enjoy watching his drama. I like him in ‘the other truth” but since then all his other drama was only “ok” where he always does well but the story line are either bad or the female leads are terrible.

        Yep sisley is very blah.. but then that can apply to the Miss HK these days. I do like the way Grace speak too as she speaks well for a newbie. but as an actress….. she really need some acting class.

      4. @happybi “lord you can skip COD!!!! Ruco wasn’t able to save it.” lol with that, im totally going to pass then. TVB definitely fails at life then for not providing classes for their newbies and causing immense stress for them.

    2. @happybi winners of Miss HK pageants should be given acting class. passing the looks department doesn’t mean they can act.

      Ruco started out long time ago, but wasn’t given much opportunities…poor guy should be given recognition and encouragement.

      1. @janet72 is ruco really that great? my curiosity is like through the roof because it appears to me that almost everyone on this site loves Ruco and claims that he is like TVB’s best actor and what not. do you have any suggestions where Ruco has like BIG screen time so that i can see for myself?

      2. @aiya that im well-aware of but here i am clueless about all the rave and buzz on Ruco while everyone else say that he really is that great of an actor.

      3. @akinu Ruco is a rare breed of actors who not only looks good but can act well too. Plus that sexy voice of his! What a lethal combination!

      4. @akinu perhaps you can start with Ruse of Engagement. He leads from start to finish. In COD he takes his performance up a few notches. Reason being that ROE was filmed in 2011 and COD in 2014/15. He just keeps getting better! Gotta love him!

      5. @akinu I believe the other reason why people also love Ruco is because he doesn’t act like a big shot. he really seem like a very humble guy that work his way up the ladder. People also doesn’t like it that even though he is a good actor, he is not given the opportunity like the other people who doesn’t even act well. Is he the best looking guy? Nope.. but he grows on you and I do find him good looking.

      6. @happybi lol im not going to bash on his looks. while i do not find him physically attractive, i will give him a chance to see if he can win me over like how Hu Ge and Han Dong did even though, i myself do not consider these to to be really physically attractive. actually, when i think about it, a lot of my favorite actors from China is not physically attractive but really great acors

  7. Isn’t Louisa Mak purportedly studying law at Cambridge and will go for the bar soon? If she does, then why on earth does she need to become a TVB ‘slave’ with low pay, low hours, and prey upon by old middle men.

    1. @aiya it depends as honestly why would she even go for Miss HK if she wasn’t thinking of joining the entertainment business? Seem like a waste of time to win and then not do anything with it as usually Miss HK is the road to having an career at TVB. Being a lawyer is not easy.. probably same low pay and hours prior to becoming successful in her field!!!

      1. @happybi

        There are many fringe benefits in winning the Miss HK title for the would be lawyer. First and foremost, scholarship money. Secondly, winning the title also earn her access and contact to all the power there is in HK, which would definitely help her in a legal career.

        Wouldn’t you say it would be more of a waste of a legal education from Cambridge University if she had opted for signing up with TVB?

      2. @aiya Yep, it’ll be a waste of $$ for sure but seem like she’s from a rich background so don’t think she’s paying for her education! I wished I had that luxury when I was in college!

  8. First, Louisa Mak is not pretty at all. Her eyes are very dull and not good for acting. I doubt that she would become a popular actress with her look in TVB. Secondly, she is a very smart girl with good educational background, and can make a good career. If she is good as a lawyer, plus her Miss Hong Kong title, she will easily get established and make good money as a lawyer. Being an actress in TVB, she needs some luck and plays politics, she cannot fully control her future herself. However, if she works as a top-notched lawyer, her future will be under her control more.

    1. @orchid123 i agree that Louisa is not really outstanding and i truly believe that her academic background was what got her the key to win. just from that picture above, i think the girl “on top” of her head and the girl with food in her mouth is prettier than both her and Ada

  9. TVB has an acting academy. Why not get your own graduates or students to debut? At least they have been trained.

    1. @ if TVB was as smart as you say, we wouldnt be stuck with these horrendous actors and actresses. While I understand to promote newbies or fresh-faces, why are they throwing so many actors and actresses off the boat and expecting them to know how to swim without teaching them how to swim? Like you said, they need to throw the likes of Tony Hung, Grace Chan and Sisley Choi back into class and promote the ones in the academy because like you said, they at least have experience and are trained.

    2. @ TVB doesn’t have an ‘acting academy’ per se – they still have acting classes, but those classes are no longer structured the way they were back in the 70s and 80s (where it was truly like going to school – those interested had to submit an application and go through a selection process, then go through a year’s worth of classes and submit a final project in order to graduate, then upon graduation, they work their way up by first playing kelefe roles).  Actually, the acting classes had already changed back in the mid/late 80s (the acting class program was restructured and also significantly shortened) and in the 90s, it was pared down even more, to the point that the content of the classes had changed as well. Nowadays, the acting classes are pretty much a “crash course” in acting and in my opinion, a waste of time….but I guess it’s better than not having anything. 

      By the way – TVB’s policy has always been to put the pageant winners/contestants through basic acting classes (not the ‘official’ acting classes but rather a brief fast-tracked version), but supposedly (according to recent reports), TVB had changed that policy in recent years because of so many artists leaving and therefore they needed to quickly ‘groom’ the next crop of artists.  An article came out a few months ago that said TVB is now having pageant winners forgo even those basic ‘fast-track’ classes and putting them directly into series because they are desperately in need of people…stupid decision if you ask me…

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