Louisa Mak Challenges Herself with International Cycling Trip Despite Injury

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Louisa Mak Challenges Herself with International Cycling Trip Despite Injury

Louisa Mak (麥明詩) was training hard for her charity TVB international cycling event, in which the team will be cycling across China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Earlier this month, the actress pulled a muscle from her fall, which forced her to rest from her training. Yesterday, she happily reported on her Instagram post that she has returned back to cycling.

During her rest time, Louisa was very grateful for her instructor and rumored boyfriend, Wu Kin San (胡健). He helped her overcome her fear of falling again, and got her back on her bike. She complimented him for being friendly and caring. On her first day back on the bike, she did comment that her hip was still hurting, but Kin San made sure to stay by her side the entire time.

In her social media post, she wrote, “It is my first day back and I could feel the pain in the hip. My instructor told me to take it easy and just heal. Today’s planned route was 96 kilometers (56 miles) long, but he suggested that I stop at 60 kilometers just to be safe. The roads and the weather were amazing so everything went smoothly. My teammates are amazing as they constantly check up on me. I can’t wait to return fully! I especially want to thank my instructor for standing by my side the entire time.”

January 30 is the 16th day of Louisa’s 25-day international cycling trip.

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Louisa Mak Challenges Herself with International Cycling Trip Despite Injury

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