“Love Like the Galaxy” Premieres July 5

Starring Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) and Leo Wu Lei (吳磊), historical romance Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛> is airing on July 5. Receiving a favorable broadcast time slot, Love Like the Galaxy is expected to become of one summer’s biggest hits.

Love Like the Galaxy revolves around Cheng Shaoshang (Zhao Lusi), who lost her parents at a young age and was forced to mature early because of her scheming aunt. With no one to rely on but herself, Shaoshang grew to become pragmatic and observant as she strongly guarded her heart from others. However, she finds herself in great emotional turmoil when it is time for her to get married. She encounters three men, the emperor’s adopted son Ling Bu Yi (Wu Lei), Bailu Mountain’s Yuan Shen (Li Yun Rui 李昀锐), and a noble’s son Lou Yao (Yu Chengen 余承恩). Among them, Shaoshang feels a magnetic pull towards Bu Yi, and unexpectedly gets entangled in his personal affairs involving his family and real identity.

Love Like the Galaxy is rumored to consist of 56 episodes, and the story will be aired in two parts.

According to sources, Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Ren Min’s (​​任敏) The Longest Promise <玉骨遙> was originally supposed to air right after A Dream of Splendor <梦华录>. However, its release got delayed due to incomplete dubbing by Xiao Zhan and other post-production tasks. Xiao Zhan had been busy filming youth inspirational drama Where Dreams Begin <夢中的那片海>, which had only just wrapped up its shoot.

Some netizens felt that Xiao Zhan suffered a huge loss as summer dramas generally rake in high ratings. However, the actor’s fans think otherwise, as they believe Xiao Zhan’s series would trend even without the prime-time slot.

“Love Like the Galaxy” Trailer

Source: Upmedia

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I thought they had chemistry in that previous drama between Wu Lei and Dilreba. I hope that chemistry resumes in this one!

  2. I sincerely hope Wu Lei will do well in this drama… Not a fan of Zhao Lusi but her dramas are generally very popular..

    1. It’s not common to feel that way towards ZLS. Netizens generally think she is cute.

      Not sure if will watch this drama. Quite like WL but not so much for the leading actress. I don’t think they look good together but I think the issue is with WL, he still looks very tomboyish and leading actresses of higher popularity mostly look older than him.

  3. Well I’m on episode 4, so far so good. The drama is slightly on the slow side, but that’s good for story development. I think @BearBear is right that WL feels a little juvenile for these main lead roles, but ZLS is doing good. WL needs one of those dramas where they start him off as a young person, so it’s more convincing when he enters a maturity phase instead of right smack into adulthood at the beginning. I think he was fine in Fight Break Sphere for that reason.

    Chemistry wise, there’s not one full scene where these two have met face to face yet, but I can feel the air sizzling just from their non-contact meeting. Here’s hoping it keeps getting better!

      1. More happened in episode 5 and 6 than from 1-4. So it is moving along now. I think these first 10 episodes are to establish ZLS’s upbringing and why her personality is so different from the rest. Two things that do currently annoy me is that 1) WL is already attracted to her, but the rationale is so vague and unlogical that I’m confused. 2) We have met suitor #2, who is also attracted to her, but again, no specific reason other than she figured out his riddle and she doesn’t seem interested in him? The way they write these love plots have got to do better

      2. @Coralie I personally find it hard to decide before watch a Novel/Webtoon adaptation, should I read the original first? There are pros and cons… as we know many dramas are now limited to how many eps they can air… thus the script writing may just go be edited to fit the drama.. and there are some unexplained parts. Reading in advance can be helpful… On the other hand, if the adaptations are badly produced.. it can be so magnified and even more disappointing.

  4. @Hohliu oh! I didn’t even realize this was adapted from a webnovel! They actually managed to explain why she’s so unruly really well! In the novel, apparently she’s a time traveler. But in the drama so far, she’s just a regular girl who grew up wild because nobody really cared for her and worse yet, ppl tried to harm her, leading to her personality. It explains a lot why she appeared so 21st century to me lol!!! A lot of cdramas try to write fierce and strong FLs, but I always felt like they miss the mark. In the first few epis in this series, the FL never allows people to mistreat her without punishing them back. Or speaking her mind. And I thought it was so refreshing. Turns out it’s because it was adapted from a novel AND she was supposed to be a time traveler…oh boy. Now I gotta read the book!

    1. @Coralie oh I didn’t know the FL originally is a time traveler. Hmm…. I try to avoid this theme these days after reading some obnoxious (at least to me) yet multi talented FLs who could impress others in poetry, dancing, soap making, fragrance making, medical expert, even weaponry making in some.

      1. Btw, did anyone read that LJL lost the court case to LH? Haven’t got the chance to read more. Is it true?

      2. @BearBear in this series, right off the bat ZLS doesn’t know how to read. So that’s a clear disadvantage, but she did learn some craftsmanship from her time toiling in the family. The smarts she display for the time being are all based off intuition, educated guesses and past experiences, so they’re very valid.

      3. I am currently reading a webnovel on a time traveller and the products she is “inventing” really makes me laugh…

      4. @Coralie not knowing how to read? This production sounds more reasonable. Think the weaponry making was the last I read, couldn’t take it anymore. There was no mention of the FL being trained in physics, applied mathematics, chemical engineering or any related acad background and suddenly she could understand the weaponry drawings and made impressive improvisation. And that is after displaying her other multi-talents.

        @Hohliu what did she make? I thought toothpaste or was it toothbrush making and becoming rich because of that was the one of the mildest “invention”. I prefer reborn theme where the FL was treated horribly before death and reborn to her younger days. However, there seem to be a pattern in some as well (the reborn FLs would self train in medicine and become an expert/ top notch physician) that I question the logic.

    2. @BearBear I was referring to the “invention” other time travellers FL makes in webnovels. But most of the time travellers genie books I read FL do become medical experts.. Some are better written then others.

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