Lynn Hung and Kwok Ho-chung Register for Marriage

Lynn Hung (熊黛林) has confirmed that she has already registered for marriage with boyfriend Kwok Ho-chung (郭可頌), younger brother of actress Kenix Kwok (郭可盈).

Lynn, who broke up with Aaron Kwok (郭富城) in 2013, was discovered to be in a relationship with Ho-chung when paps spotted the couple having dinner back in late 2014. Lynn subsequently confirmed the reports.

The 35-year-old actress-model shared in March of this year that her boyfriend had proposed to her with a 3 carat ring. There were rumors at the time that they would be holding a wedding in December, but Lynn said their wedding plans were postponed due to work.

Earlier this week, a reporter discovered that Lynn and Ho-chung had turned in paperwork for their intended marriage in early September. In their marriage certificate, both Lynn and Ho-chung specified that they are already living together.

This will be Ho-chung’s second marriage. He and his ex-wife had an amicable divorce back in 2013.

In regards to their pending marriage, Lynn said, “We’re very happy, but [marriage] won’t be happening that soon. There is that three-month window.”

Would their wedding be in November or December? Lynn said, “We’re not sure yet. I’ll still be shooting my movie in early November. I can’t get too excited about the wedding yet because I’m still doing the movie. It’s a stressful project and we’re rushing our scenes in Shanghai. It doesn’t matter when [we get married], as long as I have my Mr. Right. We will let everyone know if we have a date.”

Congratulations to Lynn and Ho-chung!

Source: IHKTV

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