Lynn Hung Delivers Twin Girls

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Lynn Hung Delivers Twin Girls

Happily married to businessman Ken Kwok (郭可頌) for nearly two years, Lynn Hung (熊黛林) announced she was pregnant last November. Although the 37-year-old model did not share the gender of her babies, it was reported that Lynn was carrying twin girls. Lynn was allegedly induced and has already given birth to the twins.

An inside source revealed that Lynn was admitted into a private hospital in Hong Kong Island the day before. Lynn was under the care of a renown obstetrician who had also delivered sister-in-law Kenix Kwok‘s (郭可盈) daughter. Since it is difficult to carry twins full-term, Lynn selected an optimal date to get induced labor.

When the media reached out to Lynn’s husband Ken, he said he was busy and quickly hung up the phone. Lynn’s manager, Kim, replied, “Thank you everyone. As soon as there is good news, I’ll be sure to announce it.”

Lynn practiced yoga throughout her first pregnancy and was in great shape as an expectant mother. She will likely bounce back to her former fit figure very quickly after giving birth. As Ken loves children and Lynn really wants to give the family a male heir, it is expected that she will try for a second pregnancy.


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Lynn Hung Delivers Twin Girls

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      Now these are nice maternity photos. Congrats Lynn

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      beautiful indeed!

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      I too prefer these type of pregnancy/family portrait. It’s classy yet still sexy. I’ll be accused “old fashioned or prune or whatever ,” but half naked photo shoot of pregnant mommy to be is still creepy af to me xD

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      Wow, this was fast! Congrats to her and hope she will share more later when ready.

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