Lynn Hung Holds 100-Day Banquet for Twin Daughters

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Lynn Hung Holds 100-Day Banquet for Twin Daughters

Lynn Hung (熊黛林) and her husband Ken Kwok (郭可頌) celebrated their twin daughters’ 100 days of birth with a star-studded banquet attended by celebrities such as Real Ting (丁子高), Cissy Wang (汪詩詩), and actress Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), Ken’s sister. Wearing a tight-fitting red dress, Lynn appears to have lost all of her postpartum weight.

The model-actress, who dated Aaron Kwok (郭富城), married Ken in 2016 after dating for two years. The couple announced their pregnancy in November 2017. Their twin girls Kaylor and Lyvia—each taking the first letter of their parents’ English names—were born in April 2018.

Grateful for the support of family and friends, Lynn said at the banquet, “Now that they’re 100 days old, things have gotten much better. The first few weeks were difficult—I didn’t get any good sleep and had to wake up every two hours to feed them. That’s how I got skinnier!”

Asking if Ken had lent a helping hand, Lynn said, “He has, but he is also very busy with work. That’s why I believe he should focus on that. I’ll take care of the things at home.”

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      Her girls are so adorable! Lynn looks beautiful and seem to have regain her figure already.

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